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Ein weiblicher Flussregenpfeifer (Charadrius dubius) sucht im flachen Wasser nach Nahrung. Aufgenommen in der Provinz Limburg (Niederlande)
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Deutsch: Ich bin eine Österreicherin, lebe aber in Helsinki. In den meisten Projekten bin ich unter dem Benutzernamen Cecil aktiv (Heimatwiki ist de). Ausnahmen sind die finnische und italienische Wikipedia, wo mein Benutzername CecilK ist.
Ich spreche österreichischen Dialekt (und ja, ich weiß, die meisten Deutschen nördlich von Bayern haben Schwierigkeiten mich zu verstehen; ich kriegs bei jedem Treffen zu hören), aber da die Kommunikation hier ja schriftlich abläuft, sollte das kein Problem sein. Außerdem sind meine Kenntnisse der englischen Sprache relativ gut (ansonsten wäre ich hier in Finnland wohl schon verhungert). Mein Französisch beschränkt sich auf vier Jahre Schulunterricht und ist eingerostet. Finnisch und Spanisch funktioniert auch noch, aber da wirds bei komplexeren Sätzen schon etwas schwer. Antworten schreib ich normalerweise auf Englisch oder Deutsch, in den anderen Sprachen wird das einfach nix.
English: I am of Austrian nationality, but living in Helsinki. Because of SUL I am active as Cecil on most projects (home-wiki is de). Exceptions are fi and it Wikipedia, where my username is CecilK.
I am speaking a Austrian German dialect, which I had to learn most Germans (except Bavarians) have problems understanding, but since the communication here is written that should not cause a problem. I am also quite fluent in English. In school I learned French for four years. I still am able to read French text, but I am not good at creating sentences, so to save me time and you confusion, my answers will be in English (or German, if preferred). I have enough knowledge of Finnish and Spanish to understand the context of a text, but if you write in that language please keep it simple.

My cameras

  • Fuji FinePix S5000: My first digital camera, bought in December 2003 with the help of Christmas money. For a compact camera it had really good results and I liked it quite a lot. On the not so good side: the camera needed AA-batteries. I at first especially picked it because of that, because I thought I could take a few sets with me and not be dependent on having access to electricity each day to recharge (no money for more than one lithium-ion battery). Over time I learned that I don't like AA-batteries; it's a huge waste and they need too much space in the bag. Also the camera itself was rather huge for a compact camera so not practical to carry around each day. In autumn 2010 I put it out of use (not yet sure what to do with it so it is stored away).
  • Olympus E-510: My digital DSRL, a goodbye-present by my parents before I emigrated in December 2007. A starter-DSRL, but wit (at least back then) quite a lot nice extra features. I enhanced it since then with good lenses (even so there always seems to be need for more). Most of the concert and vacation photography I made with it is still on the hard-disk until I finally find some time to sort through all those thousands of pics.
  • Lumix LX-5: the 'new' pocket camera, bought in October 2010. Maybe not the smallest pocket-camera, but compared to the Fuji still very small. Enhanceable high-end-camera that I carry around every day in my bag (unless I switch bag and forget to move the camera). Until now I mostly do snapshots with it during shopping (paper shopping lists never worked out for me) or use it for smaller events where it simply is too much hassle to take the DSRL with me. Also concert photography done with it (head-banging and carrying around the DSRL don't work well together, so this one is used for a few pics before I stop photographing and jump into the crowd).
  • Every now and then I also take pictures with my fathers Olympus E-300 and I recently talked my mother into a Lumix-TZ (with GPS) which I also plan on using if I ever manage to lay my hands on it.

So those are the cameras whose name you can expect to find in the EXIF-data of my uploads. Most of my pictures should still have EXIF. Only with older photos I was not always careful. With newer pics I should still have the original with EXIF on my hard-disk. So if I accidently uploaded a version without EXIF, you can ask me about it.