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These charges missing from the DrawShield system, as far as I know.

  • Bowlby Debrett B136 three hinds' heads erased
  • ✓[OK] Bowman Debrett B137 bows stringed - now available as a "stringed bow" or "bow string" but not very detailed
  • ✓[OK] Bradford Debrett B141 stags' heads erased
  • Brickwood Debrett B142 oak trees couped
  • Buxton of Shadwell Lodge [1] lion rampant tail elevated
  • Clarges [2] Indian ram's head
  • Collett Debrett B250 three hinds trippant
  • Davis Debrett B304 dexter and sinister dragon's wing
  • Davson Debrett B305 stag lodged gules attired sable
  • ✓[OK] Dawson Debrett B305 bird bolts - now available as "bird bolt" or "boson"
  • Falkiner Debrett B375 falcons close proper, belled gules
  • Norton-Griffiths B455 flaming sword
  • Hall of Dunglass Debrett B464 three cranes' heads erased
  • Hall of Burton Park Debrett B465 two talbots' heads erased
  • Hamilton of Silverhill Debrett B468 a gillie flower stemmed and leaved proper
  • Hartwell Debrett B485 buck's head cabossed
  • Dalrymple-Hay Debrett B492 an ox yoke proper
  • Chadwyck-Healey Debrett B495 anchor cabled - we have "an anchor fouled", is this the same thing?
  • Hobart Debrett B519 battering rams proper colour - battering ram is available but proper colour not known?
  • Martin Armorial Families 1910 [3] falcon's head erased
  • Mill [4] three bears salient, chained and muzzled or
  • ✓[OK] Newdigate [5] three lions gambs erased - available as "lions gambe", I'll add the alternate spelling
  • Lea Debrett B615 a beaver proper, spotted ermine, holding in its mouth a sprig of willow slipped vert
  • Pym [6] a bull's head couped argent
  • Stonhouse [7] three hawks volant
  • (Stuart) Taylor Armorial Families 1930 p. 1905 a fox's brush erect or
  • Sykes of Cheadle, Armorial Families 1930 p. 1890 three tufts of grass
  • Williams 1909 B1113 buck trippant
  • Dudley-Williams B1115 triangular castle of three towers
  • Wilmot B1120, Eardley-Wilmot B1121, three eagles' heads couped
  • Wilmot-Horton [8] stag's head cabossed argent attired or
  • Wilson of Eshton Hall Debrett B1123 a wolf rampant or, gorged with a collar gemel
  • ✓[OK] Wiseman Debrett B1128 cronels - to be added shortly
  • Hill-Wood Debrett B1134 cross-bow bent