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There is one image of 133 different species in this gallery. Hover and click on the English name to go to the Wikipedia article or click on the scientific name to go to the Commons gallery.

Papilionidae - swallowtails

Parnassiinae - apollo


Pieridae - whites and yellows

Dismorphiinae - mimic sulphurs

Coliadinae - sulphurs

Pierinae - whites

Lycaenidae - gossamer-winged butterflies

Lycaeninae - coppers

Polyommatinae - blues

Theclinae - hairstreaks

Nymphalidae - brush-footed butterflies


Melitaeinae - fritillaries

Heliconiinae - fritillaries

Charaxinae - leafwing/pasha

Danainae - milkweed butterfly

Apaturinae - emperors

Libytheinae - snout butterfly

Limenitidinae - incl. admirals

Satyrinae - browns

Riodinidae - metalmark

Hesperiidae - skippers

Hesperiinae - grass skippers

Heteropterinae - skipperlings

Pyrginae - spread-winged skippers