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Aeromodelling eventsAniManGakiAnimax Carnival MalaysiaAnime-ConAnime Festival Asia IndonesiaAnime Festival Asia MalaysiaAnime Festival Asia SingaporeAsia Comic ConCollector's HubComic FiestaComic Fiesta Mini JohorCosartCos-GenCosfun FiestaCosplay Battleground and ToysCosplay ExpoCosplay MartCosTimeForest City International Anime Game FestivalGEMA (anime convention)JunbokuKota Tinggi Cos & Toys MeetKuantan CoswalkLalaport ACG MatsuriLove Art Doujin ShowNijigen ExpoMalaysian Games and Comics ConventionRadical Anime Games ExpoSutera Cosplay Fest


2011 Young Designers' Exhibition 30AniManGaki 2015Anime-Con 2022Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012Anime Friends 2010Anime Friends 2012Anime Friends 2013Anime Friends 2015Anime Friends 2016Anime Friends 2018Asia Comic Con 2019Chingay Johor 2007Collector's Hub 2020Collector's Hub Arena Cosplay 2022Comic Fiesta 2010Comic Fiesta 2011Comic Fiesta 2012Comic Fiesta 2013Comic Fiesta 2015Comic Fiesta 2018Comic Fiesta 2019Cosfun Fiesta 2019Cos-Gen 2022Cosplay Battleground and Toys 2021Cosplay Expo 2022Costime IIIForest City International Anime Game Festival 2019GEMA 2022Kota Tinggi Cos & Toys Meet 2020Kuantan Coswalk 2015Kuantan Coswalk 2016Kuantan Coswalk 2017Lalaport ACG Matsuri 2022Love Art Doujin Show 2022Malaysia–Japan Festival 2022Malaysian Games and Comics Convention 2012Merdeka Bazaar 2020Nijigen Expo 2022NXT Cosplay Battleground and Toys 2022Pasir Gudang World Kite Fest 2011Republic of China local elections, 1993Runway on the Runway Fashion and Sustainability Show 2020Sutera Cosplay Fest 2021Weekend Car Boot Sale 2021World Library and Information Congress 2018


1992 in Malaysia1999 in Macau1992 events in Malaysia1996 events in Malaysia1999 events in Malaysia2003 events in Malaysia2008 events in Malaysia2009 events in Malaysia2010s in Malaysia by month2012 in Malaysia by month2013 events in Malaysia2014 events in Malaysia2014 in Malaysia by month2015 events in Malaysia2015 in Indonesia2015 in Malaysia2015 in Malaysia by month2015 in Waldshut-Tiengen2016 events in Malaysia2017 events in Malaysia2017 in Malaysia2017 in Malaysia by month2018 events in Malaysia2018 in Brunei2018 in Malaysia2018 in Malaysia by month2019 events in Malaysia2019 in Asia by month2019 in Malaysia2019 in Malaysia by month2020 events in Malaysia2020 in Malaysia2020 in Malaysia by month2020s in Malaysia by month2021 events in Malaysia2021 in Malaysia by month2022 events in Malaysia2022 in cosplayAnime conventions in 2021Anime conventions in 2022April 2015 in MalaysiaApril 2016 in MalaysiaApril 2017 in MalaysiaApril 2018 in MalaysiaApril 2019 in MalaysiaApril 2021 in MalaysiaAugust 2015 in MalaysiaAugust 2016 in IndonesiaAugust 2016 in MalaysiaAugust 2017 in MalaysiaAugust 2019 in MalaysiaAugust 2020 in MalaysiaFebruary 2015 in MalaysiaFebruary 2016 in MalaysiaFebruary 2017 in MalaysiaFebruary 2018 in MalaysiaFebruary 2019 in MalaysiaFebruary 2020 in MalaysiaFebruary 2021 in MalaysiaEvents in Malaysia in the 1990sEvents in Malaysia in the 2020sDecember 2012 in MalaysiaDecember 2015 in MalaysiaDecember 2016 in MalaysiaDecember 2018 in MalaysiaDecember 2019 in MalaysiaDecember 2020 in MalaysiaJanuary 2015 in MalaysiaJanuary 2017 in MalaysiaJanuary 2018 in MalaysiaJanuary 2019 in MalaysiaJanuary 2020 in MalaysiaJanuary 2021 in MalaysiaJuly 2015 in MalaysiaJuly 2016 in IndonesiaJuly 2016 in MalaysiaJuly 2017 in MalaysiaJuly 2018 in MalaysiaJuly 2019 in MalaysiaJuly 2020 in MalaysiaJune 2012 in MalaysiaJune 2015 in MalaysiaJune 2016 in MalaysiaJune 2017 in MalaysiaJune 2019 in MalaysiaJune 2020 in MalaysiaMalaysia by month by yearMalaysia in the 2020sMarch 2014 in MalaysiaMarch 2015 in MalaysiaMarch 2016 in MalaysiaMarch 2017 in MalaysiaMarch 2018 in MalaysiaMarch 2019 in MalaysiaMarch 2020 in MalaysiaMarch 2021 in MalaysiaMay 2015 in MalaysiaMay 2016 in MalaysiaMay 2017 in MalaysiaMay 2018 in MalaysiaMay 2019 in MalaysiaMay 2020 in MalaysiaMay 2021 in MalaysiaNovember 2015 in MalaysiaNovember 2018 in MalaysiaNovember 2019 in MalaysiaNovember 2020 in MalaysiaOctober 2013 in MalaysiaOctober 2015 in MalaysiaOctober 2016 in MalaysiaOctober 2017 in MalaysiaOctober 2018 in MalaysiaOctober 2019 in MalaysiaOctober 2020 in MalaysiaOctober 2021 in MalaysiaOctober 2019 in TaiwanSeptember 2015 in MalaysiaSeptember 2016 in MalaysiaSeptember 2019 in MalaysiaSeptember 2020 in MalaysiaSeptember 2021 in Malaysia




Epidemics in AfricaEpidemics in AsiaEpidemics in EuropeEpidemics in North AmericaEpidemics in OceaniaEpidemics in South America


Box junctionsEpidemics by continentKuomintang officesPetronas petrol stationsSurau




Cosplay of AirwolfCosplay of Anya ForgerCosplay of Ayaka KamisatoCosplay of BaywatchCosplay of BoBoiBoyCosplay of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaCosplay of Captain PlanetCosplay of CheetaraCosplay of Conan EdogawaCosplay of Dash! YonkuroCosplay of Jeanne d'Arc AlterCosplay of Kamen Rider 1Cosplay of Kamen Rider DecadeCosplay of Kamen Rider FourzeCosplay of Kamen Rider KabutoCosplay of Kamen Rider WCosplay of Kamen Rider WizardCosplay of Kotaro MinamiCosplay of Lion-OCosplay of Mash KyrielightCosplay of Mobile Police PatlaborCosplay of Mumm-RaCosplay of Nezuko KamadoCosplay of Nobita NobiCosplay of Plague DoctorCosplay of PlaneteerCosplay of Ran MouriCosplay of Shadow MoonCosplay of ShenheCosplay of SnarfCosplay of Sub-ZeroCosplay of Super SentaiCosplay of Tanjiro KamadoCosplay of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kunCosplay of TygraCosplay of Uncle RogerCosplay of WilykitCosplay of Yor Forger


Cosplay at AniManGakiCosplay at AniManGaki 2015Cosplay at Animax Carnival MalaysiaCosplay at Animax Carnival Malaysia 2014Cosplay at Animax Carnival Malaysia 2015Cosplay at Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016Cosplay at Anime-ConCosplay at Anime Con 2022Cosplay at Asia Comic ConCosplay at Asia Comic Con 2019Cosplay at Collector's HubCosplay at Collector's Hub 2020Cosplay at Collector's Hub Arena Cosplay 2022Cosplay at Comic FiestaCosplay at Comic Fiesta 2015Cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2018Cosplay at Cosfun FiestaCosplay at Cosfun Fiesta 2019Cosplay at Cos-GenCosplay at Cos-Gen 2022Cosplay at Cosplay Battleground and ToysCosplay at Cosplay Battleground and Toys 2021Cosplay at Cosplay ExpoCosplay at Cosplay Expo 2022Cosplay at GEMACosplay at GEMA 2022Cosplay at Kota Tinggi Cos & Toys MeetCosplay at Kota Tinggi Cos & Toys Meet 2020Cosplay at Kuantan CoswalkCosplay at Kuantan Coswalk 2015Cosplay at Kuantan Coswalk 2016Cosplay at Kuantan Coswalk 2017Cosplay at Lalaport ACG MatsuriCosplay at Lalaport ACG Matsuri 2022Cosplay at Love Art Doujin ShowCosplay at Love Art Doujin Show 2022Cosplay at Malaysia–Japan FestivalCosplay at Malaysia–Japan Festival 2022Cosplay at Nijigen Expo 2022Cosplay at Sutera Cosplay FestCosplay at Sutera Cosplay Fest 2021

Government officials[edit]

Ministers of Agriculture of the Republic of ChinaMinisters of Economic Affairs (Republic of China)Ministers of Finance of the Republic of ChinaMinisters of Labor (Republic of China)Ministers of Transportation and Communications (Republic of China)


Alumni by secondary school in IndonesiaAlumni of SMA Negeri 8 JakartaAlumni of Universiti Teknologi MARAAlumni of Universiti Teknologi PETRONASJaturawit Rodcheewan at Wikimedia ESEAP Strategy Summit 2019People at Wikimedia ESEAP Strategy Summit 2019




All Day BusAlliance Bank MalaysiaChamp MaskEconsaveGiant HypermarketHong Leong BankJohor CorporationKGI BankMatsu DistilleryMedigen Vaccine Biologics CorporationMM Vitaoils Sdn. Bhd.MydinNational Bank of LiechtensteinNew York Power AuthorityRHB BankSports TotoSunny BankTaiwan TimesTenaga Nasional BerhadYunlin Bus

Governmental offices[edit]

Alor Setar City CouncilBatu Pahat Municipal CouncilBureau of Labor InsuranceBureau of Standards, Metrology and InspectionChanghua County CouncilChanghua County GovernmentChinese Nationalist Party of AustralasiaFinancial Supervisory CommissionFiscal Information Agency, Ministry of FinanceFormer Tainan County CouncilHsinchu City CouncilHsinchu County CouncilHualien County CouncilIndustrial Development BureauJohor State Education OfficeJohor State Legislative AssemblyKaohsiung City CouncilKaohsiung City GovernmentKinmen County CouncilKulai Municipal CouncilLienchiang County CouncilLienchiang County GovernmentMiaoli County CouncilMinistry of Economic Affairs (Republic of China)Nantou County CouncilNantou County GovernmentNational Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of FinanceNew Taipei City CouncilPingtung County GovernmentShah Alam City CouncilTaichung City CouncilTaichung City GovernmentTainan City GovernmentTaitung County CouncilTaoyuan City GovernmentWater Resources Agency, MOEAYilan County CouncilYunlin County CouncilYunlin County Government


All Malaysia Malayalee AssociationChe Ann Khor Yong Peng AssociationChiang Chuan AssociationChinese Muslim AssociationEng Choon AssociationFederation of Malaysian ManufacturersFusion Wayang KulitHandicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Johor BahruIskandar Johor Islamic CenterIslamic organizations by countryJohor Area Rehabilitation OrganisationMalaysian Chinese Muslim AssociationThe Muar Char Yong AssociationMuar Teochew AssociationSanxia District Farmers' AssociationSelangor Thoy Shan AssociationShah Alam Buddhist SocietyShilin District Farmers' AssociationShulin District Farmers' AssociationSingapore Islamic HubTiong-Hua Building

Political parties[edit]

Democratic Action Party (Malaysia)Great Indonesia Movement PartyMalaysian Chinese AssociationMalaysian Indian CongressNational Trust PartyNew Party (Taiwan)Non-Partisan Solidarity UnionPan-Malaysian Islamic FrontPan-Malaysian Islamic PartyPeople First PartyPeople's Justice Party


Air preheatersAwana Skyway (1977–2014)BradawlControl LineDash! YonkuroFORMOSAT-2Hamster ballsLCR metersLion Air Flight 610Q meterScrew pilesSteam YarderSynchronous condensersTaiwania (supercomputer)Tap changersUnderwater locator beacon


Districts of Johor navboxMalaysia-by-month


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