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Hi everyone!




China Mainland[edit]


Hong Kong[edit]






Batu Pahat[edit]
Johor Bahru[edit]
Kota Tinggi[edit]


Kuala Lumpur[edit]


Alor Gajah[edit]
Central Melaka[edit]

Negeri Sembilan[edit]

Port Dickson[edit]





Batang Padang[edit]
Hilir Perak[edit]
Larut, Matang & Selama[edit]
Perak Tengah[edit]




Hulu Langat[edit]
Hulu Selangor[edit]
Kuala Langat[edit]





Hsinchu City[edit]




New Taipei[edit]










1999 in Macau2015 in Indonesia2015 in Malaysia2015 in Malaysia by month2015 in Waldshut2017 in Malaysia2017 in Malaysia by monthApril 2015 in MalaysiaApril 2016 in MalaysiaApril 2017 in MalaysiaAugust 2015 in MalaysiaAugust 2016 in IndonesiaAugust 2016 in MalaysiaFebruary 2015 in MalaysiaFebruary 2016 in MalaysiaFebruary 2017 in MalaysiaDecember 2015 in MalaysiaDecember 2016 in MalaysiaJanuary 2015 in MalaysiaJanuary 2017 in MalaysiaJuly 2015 in MalaysiaJuly 2016 in IndonesiaJuly 2016 in MalaysiaJune 2015 in MalaysiaJune 2016 in MalaysiaJune 2017 in MalaysiaMalaysian Games and Comics Convention 2012March 2016 in MalaysiaMarch 2017 in MalaysiaMay 2015 in MalaysiaMay 2016 in MalaysiaMay 2017 in MalaysiaNovember 2015 in MalaysiaOctober 2015 in MalaysiaOctober 2016 in MalaysiaRepublic of China local elections, 1993September 2015 in MalaysiaSeptember 2016 in Malaysia


Abandoned buildings in MalaysiaAdministrative divisions in Kinmen CountyAgriculture museums in MalaysiaAmusement parks in JohorAmusement parks in MelakaApartment buildings in MalaysiaArches in MalaysiaArt galleries in MalaysiaArts centers in TaiwanArulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass TempleAutomobile dealerships in MalaysiaAviaries in TaiwanBazaars in MalaysiaBeaches of JohorBeaches of KedahBeaches of MelakaBeaches of PahangBeaches of Pingtung CountyBeaches of TerengganuBillboards in MalaysiaBookshops in MalaysiaBowling in MalaysiaBox junctions in MalaysiaBox junctions in TaiwanBreweries in TaiwanBridges in Hsinchu CountyBridges in JohorBridges in MelakaBridges in PerakBuildings in KedahBuildings in LienchiangBuildings in Negeri SembilanBuildings in PahangBus stations in Changhua CountyBus stations in Hsinchu CountyBus stations in JohorBus stations in Kuala LumpurBus stations in MelakaBus stations in Nantou CountyBus stations in PahangBus stations in PenangBus stations in SabahBus stations in TaipeiBus stations in Taoyuan CityCafés in MalaysiaCafeterias in MalaysiaCar parks in MalaysiaCastles in TaiwanCement plants in TaiwanCemeteries in LabuanCemeteries in PutrajayaCemeteries in SelangorChinese temples in JohorChinese temples in PenangChinese temples in PerakChristmas trees in TaiwanChurches in JohorChurches in Negeri SembilanChurches in PahangChurches in PerakChurches in SarawakChurches in SelangorCity halls in MalaysiaClinics in JohorClinics in MalaysiaClinics in MelakaClinics in Negeri SembilanClinics in PahangCoffee shops in MalaysiaConcert halls in MalaysiaConstructions in MalaysiaConvenience stores in MalaysiaConvention centers in MalaysiaCouncils of MalaysiaCouncils of TaiwanCountry clubs in MalaysiaCounty-controlled city halls in TaiwanCounty halls in TaiwanCosplay in MalaysiaCourthouses in JohorCourthouses in PerakCourthouses in SabahCraft centers in MalaysiaCrocodile farms in MalaysiaCultural centers in MalaysiaData centers in TaiwanDeserts in TaiwanDestroyed buildings in TaiwanDistrict and land offices in MalaysiaDistrict halls in TaiwanDistricts of KedahDistricts of KelantanDistricts of MalaysiaDistricts of MelakaDistricts of Negeri SembilanDistricts of PahangDistricts of PenangDivisions of SarawakDistricts of SelangorDistricts of TerengganuDormitories in TaiwanEducation in KinmenEducation in Miaoli CountyEid ul-fitr in MalaysiaElectrical substations in MacauElectrical substations in TaiwanElectricity pylons in MalaysiaElectric power in TaiwanElementary schools in Changhua CountyElementary schools in Chiayi CountyElementary schools in Hsinchu CityElementary schools in Hsinchu CountyElementary schools in KeelungElementary schools in Miaoli CountyElementary schools in Pingtung CountyElementary schools in Taitung CountyElementary schools in Yunlin CountyElevators in MalaysiaFactories in MalaysiaFarmers from TaiwanFarms in JohorFarms in MalaysiaFarms in MelakaFarms in Negeri SembilanFarms in TaiwanFerry terminals in MalaysiaFire stations in MelakaFishing ports in TaiwanFishing villages in MalaysiaFish markets in TaiwanFlagpoles in MalaysiaFloodgates in TaiwanFlower markets in TaiwanFood courts in JohorFood courts in MalaysiaFood courts in MelakaFood courts in PenangForests in JohorForests in MelakaForests in PerakForests in SelangorFormer buildings in TaiwanFormer factories in TaiwanFormer police stations in TaiwanFormer prisons in MalaysiaFormer prisons in TaiwanFuel-fired power plants in TaiwanGalleries in JohorGalleries in KedahGalleries in MalaysiaGalleries in MelakaGalleries in TaiwanGambling in MalaysiaGas-fired power plants in TaiwanGates in JohorGates in MelakaGates in SelangorGazebos in MalaysiaGovernment buildings in MelakaGymnasiums in MalaysiaGymnasiums in TaiwanHalls in JohorHeadquarters of political parties in TaiwanHindu temples in JohorHospitals in KeelungHospitals in Negeri SembilanHospitals in PahangHospitals in PenangHospitals in PerakHospitals in SelangorHospitals in TainanHospitals in TaoyuanHotels in Chiayi CountyHotels in HualienHotels in KedahHotels in LienchiangHotels in MelakaHotels in Negeri SembilanHotels in PahangHotels in PerakHotels in PutrajayaHotels in SarawakHotels in SelangorHotels in TaoyuanHot springs of MalaysiaIce rinks in MalaysiaIKEA in TaiwanIndustrial parks in JohorIndustrial parks in MelakaIndustrial parks in Negeri SembilanIndustrial parks in TaiwanIncense in MalaysiaIntersections in MalaysiaIslamic cemeteries in TaiwanIslamic centers in Hong KongIslamic centers in IndonesiaIslamic centers in MalaysiaIslamic centers in the United StatesIslam in TaiwanJetties in JohorKilns in TaiwanKindergarten in MalaysiaKuomintang officesLamp posts in MalaysiaLibraries in JohorLibraries in Kuala LumpurLibraries in MelakaLibraries in Negeri SembilanLittle India in MalaysiaLand offices in TaiwanLand restoration in TaiwanLocal government buildings in TaiwanLocal government in JohorLocal government in MalaysiaLocal government in MelakaLocal government in Negeri SembilanLocal government in PahangLocal government in PerakLocal government in SelangorMailboxes in MalaysiaMarinas in MalaysiaMarkets in JohorMarkets in MelakaMarkets in PerakMarkets in SarawakMartial arts in TaiwanMayors of Tainan CityMining in MalaysiaMining museums in MalaysiaMining museums in TaiwanMinisters of Agriculture (Republic of China)Ministers of Economic Affairs (Republic of China)Ministers of Finance (Republic of China)Ministers of Labor (Republic of China)Ministers of Transportation and Communications (Republic of China)Monasteries in TaiwanMosques in GuangdongMosques in PerlisMosques in ShanghaiMosques in TaoyuanMountain indigenous district offices in TaiwanMountain indigenous township offices in TaiwanMukims in MalaysiaMulti-storey car parks in MalaysiaMurals in TaiwanMuseums in JohorMuseums in KeelungMuseums in KelantanMuseums in LabuanMuseums in Negeri SembilanMuseums in PahangMuseums in PerakMuseums in SelangorMuseums in TainanMuseums in Taiwan by cityNature of JohorNature of MelakaNo entry road signs in MalaysiaOil companies of MalaysiaOil refineries in TaiwanOld streets in TaiwanOur Lady of Fatima churches TaiwanOverhead lines in TaiwanPalaces in JohorPalaces in KelantanParks in JohorParks in KedahParks in MelakaParks in Negeri SembilanParks in PerakParks in SarawakParks in SelangorPerformance spaces in TaiwanPetrol stations in JohorPetrol stations in Negeri SembilanPetrol stations in SelangorPlanetariums in IndonesiaPlanetariums in MalaysiaPolitical party buildings in MelakaPower plants in MacauPost offices in KeelungProvincial halls in TaiwanPublic toilets in TaiwanPuddles in MalaysiaRanches in TaiwanResearch institutes in MalaysiaRest areas in MalaysiaRest areas in TaiwanRestaurants in JohorRetirement homes in MalaysiaRivers of MelakaRoad tunnels in MalaysiaRural township offices in TaiwanSanatoriums in TaiwanScaffolding in MalaysiaSchool cafeterias in MalaysiaSchools in JohorSchools in MelakaSchools in PahangSchools in Pingtung CountyScience buildings in MalaysiaShopping malls in JohorShopping malls in KaohsiungShopping malls in KedahShopping malls in KelantanShopping malls in MelakaShopping malls in Negeri SembilanShopping malls in PahangShopping malls in PenangShopping malls in PerakShopping malls in SabahShopping malls in TainanShopping malls in West JavaSkateparks in MalaysiaSoils in MalaysiaSpecial municipality halls in TaiwanSpeed limit signs in MalaysiaSpillways in TaiwanSport venues in MelakaSquares in JohorSquares in MelakaSquares in Negeri SembilanSquares in PutrajayaSquares in SabahSquares in SelangorStadiums in JohorStadiums in KaohsiungStadiums in MelakaStadiums in Negeri SembilanStadiums in PahangStadiums in PenangStadiums in SabahStadiums in SarawakStadiums in SelangorStadiums in TerengganuStreets in New TaipeiStudent activity centers in TaiwanSurau in IndonesiaSurau in JohorSurau in MalaysiaSurau in TaiwanTan Sri Dato' Haji Hassan Yunos StadiumTea Houses in MalaysiaTesco in MalaysiaTicket counters in MalaysiaTollbooths in MalaysiaTollbooths in TaiwanTraining centers in MalaysiaTrain stations in JohorTrain stations in KelantanTrain stations in MelakaTrain stations in Negeri SembilanTrain stations in PenangTrain stations in PerakTrain stations in PerlisTrain stations in SabahTrain stations in SelangorTransport in JohorTransport in Kinmen CountyTraffic lights in MalaysiaUniversities and colleges in Changhua CountyUniversities and colleges in Chiayi CountyUniversities and colleges in Hsinchu CountyUniversities and colleges in Hualien CountyUniversities and colleges in JohorUniversities and colleges in KaohsiungUniversities and colleges in KedahUniversities and colleges in KinmenUniversities and colleges in MelakaUniversities and colleges in Miaoli CountyUniversities and colleges in Negeri SembilanUniversities and colleges in PahangUniversities and colleges in PenangUniversities and colleges in PerakUniversities and colleges in PerlisUniversities and colleges in Pingtung CountyUniversities and colleges in TainanUniversities and colleges in Taiwan by countyUniversities and colleges in Yunlin CountyUrban township offices in TaiwanUtility poles in MalaysiaVisitor centers in MalaysiaVisitor centers in TaiwanWater parks in MalaysiaWater treatment plants in TaiwanWaterways in TaiwanWater wells in JohorWater wells in MelakaWetlands of MalaysiaZoos in JohorZoos in MelakaZoos in Sarawak


Adenan SatemAimee SunAndrés NavarroAndrew HsiaChang Chia-juchChang Li-shengChang Po-yaChan Ting-IChao Shou-poChen Chi-chuanChen Chien-jenChen Chin-teChen Ming-tangChen Ruey-longChen Yu-meiCheryl YangChiang Nai-shinChin Chin-shengChiu Chui-chengChiu Kuo-chengCho Shih-chaoChou Hsi-weiChristina MokChristine HsuChua Soi LekChu Chen-yaoDewi ChienDiana WangDing Kung-whaEliza SamElla ChenEnno ChengFrancis LiangGeorge HuHan Kuo-yuHan Pao-tehHebe TienHsieh Fa-dahHsu Jan-yauHsu Kuo-yungHuang Chih-hsiungHung Meng-chiIcyang ParodIdris JalaIvy ChenJames TsaiJames WenJanet HsiehJeff YangJoanne TsengJocelyn WangJoelle LuJoseph ChennothJoseph YamKao Koong-lianKao Kuang-chiKarpal SinghKeith ScottKhairy JamaluddinKong Cho HaKuo Chi-chiaoLau Siu-laiLee Chin-yungLee Chung-weiLee Hong-yuanLee Ken-chengLee Shying-jowLee Sush-derLee Yuan-tsuLiu Chao-shiuanLin Chih-chienLin Chong-pinLin Chu-chiaLin Mei-chuLin Ruey-shiungLin Wan-iLin Yi-huaLin Yu-changLiu Cheng-yingLiu I-chouMao Chi-kuoMichelle ChenMika XiangMohd Rashid HasnonMukhriz MahathirNtombi TfwalaOlivia TsaoOng Tee KeatPan Men-anPatsy ReddyPink YangRene LiuSelina JenShahrizat Abdul JalilSharafuddin Idris ShahSharon KaoShih Yen-shiangShyu Jong-shyongSimon KoSubramaniam SathasivamSun Lih-chyunTony PuaTseng Wen-huiTseng Yung-chuanVanessa ShihVivian SungWang Chien-shienWang Hong-weiWang Ju-hsuanWellington Koo (Taiwan)Wilfred Madius TangauWoody DuhWu Chih-chungWu Hong-moWu Mei-hungWu Rong-iYang Ying-hsiungYau Wai-chingYeh Jiunn-rongYeh Kuang-shihYen Teh-faYok Mu-mingYu Ying-ying



Jerilderie AirportLawas AirportMarudi AirportMatsu Nangan AirportMopah AirportNarromine AirportPangkor AirportQimei AirportSenai International AirportSentani AirportSultan Haji Ahmad Shah AirportTambolaka AirportWamena Airport

Ancestral Halls[edit]

Beitun Laishi Ancestral HallChen Dexing Ancestral HallHan Jiang Ancestral TempleQuantaiwu Great Ancestral HallTaiwan Laishida Ancestral HallWukou Village Liou Family Ancestral HallYang Family Ancestral Hall

Archaeological Sites[edit]

Fengbitou Archaeological SiteHanzake SiteKakuregaoka Ruins ParkKarinba SiteNiuchouzi Archaeological SiteYuliao Archaeological Site

Arts & Cultural Centers[edit]

Banqiao 435 Art ZoneBanqiao Cultural and Creative Industry ParkBunun Leisure FarmChiayi City Cultural Center Performance HallChiayi Cultural and Creative Industries ParkDadong Arts CenterGueiren Living Art CenterHeritage and Culture Education Center of Taipei CityHsinchu City Art Gallery and Reclamation HallHualien Cultural and Creative Industries ParkInsian GalleryKeelung Cultural CenterKetagalan Culture CenterKuala Lumpur Performing Arts CentreLuodong Forestry Culture ParkMacao Cultural CenterMadou Old Harbor Cultural and Creative ParkMiaoli ParkNational Changhua Living Art CenterOświatowe Muslim Cultural CenterPier-2 Art CenterPingtung Performing Arts CenterQishan Living Cultural ParkSanying Arts VillageTainan Cultural and Creative ParkTaipei Artist VillageTaipei Hakka Culture HallTaipei Performing Arts CenterTaiwan Indigenous Story CastleTamsui Art GalleryTangbu Cultural ParkTaoyuan Arts CenterTaoyuan Hakka Culture HallYuanlin Performance HallXinying Cultural CenterZhongli Arts Hall

Beach, Coast, Shore & Bays[edit]

Badouzi CoastBaisha BayBeigan Horse Nose BayCempedak BeachCherating BeachCijin BeachKararuan CoastKemasik BeachMurni BeachNeipi BeachNew Moon BeachQidoushan CoastQinbi CoastShenmi CoastShuiwei CoastTamsui Golden ShoreTanghou BeachTanjung Balau BeachTeluk Nipah BeachXialiao Beach


Ba'an BridgeBaishihu Suspension BridgeBeigang Tourist BridgeBitan BridgeCaihong BridgeChangchun BridgeChungchang BridgeDaonan BridgeDapu Stone BridgeDashulin BridgeDong-He Suspension BridgeDongpu Suspension BridgeErcengxing BridgeFangye Second BridgeFuxing BridgeGlutinous Rice BridgeGongyuan Land BridgeGuangfu BridgeGuanpudiao BridgeGuanpu Suspension BridgeGuanyin BridgeGuchuan BridgeHongye BridgeHongye River BridgeHuajiang BridgeJianying BridgeJiaxian BridgeJilu BridgeJindai BridgeJinde BridgeJinghua BridgeJingshan Suspension BridgeJinhua BridgeJinlun River BridgeJiugang BridgeJiuluming BridgeKong Ji Suspension BridgeKongxi BridgeLiji BridgeLizejian BridgeLovers Lake Suspension FootbridgeLuofu BridgeMacao BridgeMingye BridgeMuar Second BridgeMugua River BridgeNanfangao BridgeNuan Nuan Suspension BridgeOld Bus Station BridgeOld Meinong BridgePasar BridgePinglin BridgePinglin Qinshui Suspension BridgePinglinwei BridgePingpu BridgePingyang BridgeSanxia Arch BridgeSanzhi Sanban BridgeSheliao BridgeShengkeng Zhongzheng BridgeShuguang BridgeSiguangtan Suspension BridgeSultan Abdul Jalil Shah BridgeSultan Ismail Bridge (Johor)Sultan Ismail Bridge (Kelantan)Tiger Moon Suspension BridgeWangzhe Zhigong BridgeWanshou BridgeXile BridgeXinfada BridgeXindong BridgeXinwu BridgeYangguang BridgeYongnan BridgeZhangfu BridgeZhongbutie BridgeZhongzheng Bridge

Bus Stations & Terminals[edit]

Banqiao Bus StationBatu Pahat Express Bus TerminalChanghua Bus Station, Yuanlin BusDaxi Bus Station, Taoyuan BusDayuan Bus Station, Taoyuan BusErlin Bus Station, Yuanlin BusFengyuan Bus Station, Fengyuan BusGP Sentral Bus TerminalGuanxi Bus Station, Hsinchu BusGuanyin Bus Station, Taoyuan BusHengchun Transfer StationHsinc