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IMA/CNMNC – Nickel–Strunz – Mineral Classes[edit]

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Frecher Fuchs (cheeky fox), Heiden AR (2008)
Dachs (european badger), Aehtaeri Zoo, Finland (2012)
Female koala at Billabong Koala and Aussie Wildlife Park, Port Macquarie NSW (2009)
Athene brama, I'll keep an eye on you... (2011)
C-130 Hercules
WP-3 Hurricane Hunter
Chorão (Trauerweide, weeping willow, 2011)
Scannography (2003)
Blutbaer (2005)
Arbedo TI (photographic glass plate, 1914-1918)
Kleiner Fuchs (small tortoiseshell, 2006)
Braunbaer (garden tiger moth, 2012)
U.S. CGS: a rodman keeping his nose holes above water in Minnesota (yellowish diapositive? 1935)
U.S. CGS: elegance in Oklahoma, Indian Territory (bow tie, white shirt and handcar; photographic glass plate? 1902)
Moored ballon, lake Biel (photographic glass plate, 1914-1918)
Members of the Swiss Federal Council (6 of 7), General Ulrich Wille and probably Chief of the General Staff Theophil Sprecher von Bernegg, Kaefigturm, Bern BE (photographic glass plate, 1914-1918)
Thun BE and Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau
Silberhorn in front of Jungfrau, canton of Bern


Bonfol JU (1914-1918)
Bäriswil BE (1914-1918)
Monte Rosa VS (1914-1918)
Matterhorn VS (1914-1918)
Monte Leone VS (1914-1918)
The fifth wheel, Muttenz BL (1914-1918)
The sixth wheel, Bern BE (1914-1918)
Mariastein SO (1754-1773)

[[File:|thumb|70px| ()]]

Münchenwiler Castle BE (1914-1918)
Χριστός, Switzerland (1914-1918)
Münchenwiler Castle BE (2011)
Basel - Lysbüchel CH/D (1914-1918)
Basel - Lysbüchel CH/F (2007)
Baslertor, Solothurn SO (inherited 1536)
Baslertor (2014)
Aarburg (1840-1860)
Spalentor, Basel (photochrome print)
Aarburg (2005)
View of Solothurn (photochrome print)
Solothurn (2014)
Nasenbaer im Wildpark Lüneburger Heide (2009)
Waschbaer, I'll keep an eye on you... (2012)
Bobcat in the cold, Virginia, US (2011)
Tree-point landing (1915)
Three-point landing (2010)
Double rainbow (2010)
African language families

'Flowers' for emergencies[edit]

Heliconiinae sp.
Junonia evarete
Hamadryas laodamia
Aglais urticae
Polyommatus icarus
Cethosia cyane
Euploea mulciber
Caligo beltrao
Idea leuconoe
Danaus genutia
Danaus plexippus
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
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