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  • Any content I upload to WikiMedia, that is entirely my own work, whether text or image, can be used under the terms of GFDL 1.2, or GPL 2 or GPL 3 or LGPL 3 or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 or 2.0 or 2.5 or 3.0.
    • Yes, this applies to images created by me that are currently tagged with only one of these licenses. You may update the description page for the image, pointing to this page as your reason.
    • If you use my work outside of WikiMedia, sending a message informing me is requested, but not required.
    • As a bit of friendly advice, but not a requirement; the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license will probably make it the easiest to reuse my work. The others you'll probably only want to use if you're using my work in a project that is already under one of the other licenses.
    • Make sure you have read the actual text of the license you intend to use the work under.
    • If you see any of my works used outside of these licenses, let me know so I may investigate.
    • If none of these licenses are free enough for you to use my work, contact me. As the copyright holder, I can still negotiate use of my work outside of those licenses. The standard fee for unrestricted use of an image for a person or company is $1000 CDN, with possibly a large discount for educational or non-profit use. But as long as at least one of the licenses is followed, there is no charge, not even for commercial use.

Usage of my work outside WikiMedia (or mirrors):