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Documenting America[edit]

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Lake George, Indiana

Originally, I wished to write and illustrate Wiki articles. Well, there is a conflict of personalities, over copyrights. This was after I discovered that most of my pictures would never survive me, as my family has no real interest in the visual arts, thus, I'm giving them to Wikicommons, so that whatever they may be worth, they atleast will remain available for a few more years than my private ownership will provide. Maybe, they will be used in a photo essay some 5-80 years in the future.

Began posting January 2, 2001. Have reached over 10,000 images and maps. Hope some are useful. Ca. May 31, 2017, There are about 14,500 contribution from me. Most won't be of use until 50+ years have gone by and urban restoration and reclamation have altered these places.

Relevant pages[edit]

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Glacial project[edit]

Currently working on the glacial history of the Great Lakes. Which opens numerous possibilities and many public domain maps.

More modern vector (SVG) maps would be nice, but I'm not ready to learn that technology, when I can hack out the simple visuals for my articles. --Chris Light (talk) 18:56, 14 June 2014 (UTC)

Master Project[edit]

Actually, I'm gathering information and images for a study on the Grand Kankakee Marsh. My problem is getting sidetracked into peripheral topics. I do that to insure that I've got a complete picture of the places, people, and events around the Kankakee River basin. But, it end up updating or creating articles and submitting images as I go.

Accidental Project[edit]

Looking at old books, I found an architecture book where the copyright has expired on the drawn and sketched images. It's a great reference for the field and the images add to the discussion. Thus, I've digitized them and posted them to commons. There are photos, which may be newer than the sketchs and by others than the author, which I've left alone.

--Chris Light (talk) 18:57, 14 June 2014 (UTC)