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Hello and welcome all to my user page here on Wikimedia Commons! I'm Christopher from the island of Gozo (Malta). I'm a contributor on Wikipedia, especially on the Maltese version.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so by leaving a message on my Commons talk page, or else directly to my talk page on the Maltese Wikpedia.

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Stampa tal-ġurnata
Rhenium single crystal bar and 1cm3 cube.jpg
A high purity (99.999 %) rhenium single crystal made by the floating zone process, an ebeam remelted (99.995 %) rhenium bar and as well as a high purity (99.99 % = 4N) 1 cm3 rhenium cube for comparison.  

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Fajl multimedjali tal-ġurnata
Video of the magnetic levitation and the contactless melting of piece of the metal, July 2010.  

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Problemi fil-ftuħ tal-fajl?