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Two deer at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park in Washington state.

Requesting an image


If there is an image on my site that you would like to see on Wikimedia, please let me know.

It is important to note that some of the images on my site were not taken with a digital camera. Unfortunately, I lack the proper equipment to make good scans of photographs, so many of the images look older and somewhat blackish. If the image looks very crisp, chances are it was taken by a digital camera. Unless the image is really good, I would prefer to add only images taken with my digital camera to Wikimedia. The majority of pictures that I have taken with my digital camera are from the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I have not taken any international photographs with my digital camera, though some might be suitable for Wikimedia if you do not yet have an alternative.

Image Credits


Preferred image credits: "Christopher Hollis" or "Christopher Bryan Hollis"

Other image credits that are also acceptable: "Hollis Pictures", "Hollis Innovations" or "Hollis Innovations, LLC"

Other image credits that are outdated, but still acceptable (they reflect an older name of my site): "Wdwic Pictures" or "Wdwic Networks"

Images that I have available that have a permission set to "Public Domain" may be used without any kind of attribution. (but you can of course attribute me if you would like)


If you would like to see a list of some of my favorite images I've contributed, take a look...