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Cicero Moraes is a brazilian 3D self-taught artist and animator. He learned his profession on the internet and is one of the great enthusiasts of Blender in the country. He has written dozens or on-line and printed articles, read in Brazil and the world. Winner of the TVCA Advertising and Video Award in 2006, he was among the finalists of the Cannes Young Lions contest, promoted by YouTube in 2009. He has spoken in a number of informatics events, such as 14 FISL (2013), Latinoware (2009 -2013), XXI Semac (SP), SolivreX (PR), Filsol (GO), II Ermac (MT) e a BlenderPRO (MG e CE). More information on his homepage in Portuguese or ATOR's blog in English.

Paranthropus boisei - forensic facial reconstruction made by artist Cícero Moraes