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Base crossings[edit]

Features (h-/t-) of the vertical line are in prefix, feature of the horizontal line are in suffixes after any suffixes applying to the vertical line, save -o/u:   (BRÜCKEa) under   (BRÜCKEl)  (hKRZahau). e- is for the horizontal line, x- is the vertical line. If extra ramps are added, see next section.
  •   (KRZhl)  (KRZha)
  •   (KRZhr)  (KRZhe)

Crossings with junctions[edit]

In these icons, the pattern established for a flat crossing with a single junction is expanded to all the others: e- apply to the horizontal line, x- to the vertical, and the extra feature is assumed to be in use unless explicitly indicated not to be. In other words, e- and x- refer to features that are in the root. -u and -o are as usual
  •   (KRZl)
  •   (eKRZl)
  •   (xKRZl)
  •   (exKRZl)
  •   (KRZxl)
  •   (eKRZxl)
  •   (xKRZxl)
  •   (exKRZxl)
  •   (uKRZl)
  •   (uexKRZl)  (uexKRZxl)
  •   (uKRZlg)  (uKRZ+r)

  •   (KRZld)  (KRZl+l)
  •   (eKRZld)  (eKRZxl+xl)
  •   (uKRZld)  (uKRZl+l)
  •   (KRZrd)  (KRZr+r)
  •   (eKRZrd)  (eKRZxr+xr)
  •   (uKRZrd)  (uKRZr+r)
  •   (uexKRZrd)  (uexKRZxr+xr)

  •   (KRZdf)  (KRZlr)
  •   (uKRZdf)  (uKRZlr)
  •   (KRZrfg)  (KRZr+l)
  •   (eKRZrfg)  (eKRZxr+xl)
  •   (uKRZrfg)  (uKRZr+l)
  •   (uexKRZrfg)  (uexKRZxr+xl)
  •   (eKRZxrfrg)  (eKRZxr+l)

  •   (KRZdg)  (KRZ+lr)
  •   (uKRZdg)  (uKRZ+lr)
  •   (uexKRZdg)  (uexKRZ+xlr)
  •   (KRZlfg)  (KRZl+r)
  •   (eKRZlfg)  (eKRZxl+xr)
  •   (uKRZlfg)  (uKRZl+r)
  •   (uexKRZlfg)  (uexKRZxl+xr)
  •   (eKRZxlglf)  (eKRZl+xr)

  •   (KRZ4d)  (KRZlr+lr)
  •   (KRZ5-lf)  (KRZr+lr)
  •   (KRZ5-rf)  (KRZl+lr)
  •   (KRZ5-lg)  (KRZlr+l)
  •   (KRZ5-rg)  (KRZlr+r)
  •   (KRZ Arg)  (KRZxlr+rxl)

Complex junctions[edit]

The crossing of a compound junction function as in the past: figure out the hypothetical KRZ icon you are reproducing, then prefix it with K-. Icons without crossing have either the K- prefix combined with WYE or with STR. In the latter case corners are specified. This section only includes KSTR, KWYE and KABZ icons

Note however:   (kKRZoxlr) vs.   (kKRZolxr)/  (kKRZorxl) (with one corner used only). -xlr usually does not happen elsewhere:   (eABZqlr)  (eWYEg+lr),   (eABZdf)  (eABZlr) etc.

Center icons[edit]

Since there are some potential naming conflicts (see Talk:BSicon/Renaming#kSTRq+r: Naming conflict), corners should be explicitly denoted on KSTR icons.
  •   (kSTRl+l)  (KWYEl+fg)
  •   (xkSTRl+l)  (xKWYEl+fg)
  •   (exkSTRl+l)  (exKWYEl+fg)
  •   (kBHFl+l)  (KWYEl+fg+BHF)
  •   (kSTRq+r)  (KSTRc3)
  •   (kSTRq+lr)  (KWYEf+lr)
  •   (kSTRr+r)  (KWYEr+gf)
  •   (exkSTRr+r)  (exKWYEr+gf)


Approaches fall in two categories: ABZ or 90° curves shifted to a special form of the 45° angles. These have their base names prefixed with K-. STR icons have q- or g- suffixed to indicate the corner that is unaffected. If an icon combines a corner and a 90° approach or two corners, only the corner approaches are treated as a 45° angle and the icon still has its K- prefix. -k may be used as a suffix if the necessity comes to separate a normal and an a modified 45° approach.
  •   (kSTRg+l)  (KSTRg+l)
  •   (exkSTRg+l)  (exKSTRg+l)
  •   (ukSTRq+l)  (uKSTRq+l)
  •   (ukSTRq+l)  (uKSTRq+r)
  •   (kABZgl)  (KABZl)
  •   (kABZgr)  (KABZr)
  •   (kABZlr)  (KABZg+lr)
  •   (kABZglr)  (KABZlr)
  •   (kABZg+l)  (KABZ+l)
  •   (kABZ+lr)  (KABZf+lr)
  •   (kABZg+lr)  (KABZ+lr)
  •   (kABZl+l)  (KABZl+fg)


  •   (kABlg)  (KABZ+4r)
  •   (kABrg)  (KABZ+1l)
  •   (kABrf)  (KABZ3r)
  •   (kABlf)  (KABZ2l)
  •   (kABlr)  (KABZ+12)