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Unchecked, separate creation and use of icons across different Wikiprojects (en:'s Canals and waterways) and Wikipedias has led to wide divergence. They are regularized with the replacement root SKRZ (Strasse), which is root-suffixed the information as to the nature of the crossing, side stepping the fact that many icons are not meant for things that can be covered by "Autobahn" (plus that family of icon is not even used on de:.The icon used is   (SBRÜCKE): "strassenbrucke").


Generic road, dirt, 1-lane, 2-lane, 4+-lane

  •   (RD1u)  (SKRZ-GDu) (To be renamed, sure, but this design seems senseless, given its semantics: See this. -- Tuválkin 16:49, 12 June 2012 (UTC))
  •   (RP1u)  (SKRZ-G1u)
  •   (RP2u)  (SKRZ-G2u)
  •   (RP4u)  (SKRZ-G4u)
  •   (RP2ow)  (SKRZ-G2-Lo)   (SKRZ-G2o-L)
  •   (hRP2qa)  (SKRZ-G2quha)
  •   (hRP2qe)  (SKRZ-G2quhe)
  •   (BUE2)  (BUE+RP2)? (with redesign ✓ Done -- Tuválkin 16:49, 12 June 2012 (UTC))
    • (Better   (SKRZ-G2BUE), with "BUE" (gated level crossing) replacing "u" (road on bridge) and "o" (track on bridge) , all of them describing the manner of road×rail crossing. -- Tuválkin 16:49, 12 June 2012 (UTC))


The MW set simultaneous acts as the ex- form for the Autobahn colors, redirects will be provided. ADE stands for Autobahn, Deutsch

  •   (xAKRZu)  (SKRZ-MWu)/  (eSKRZ-ADEu)
  •   (MWRAILu)  (SKRZ-MWqo)/  (eSKRZ-ADEqo)
  •   (MWRAILo)  (SKRZ-MWqu)/  (eSKRZ-ADEqu)
  •   (AKRZu)  (SKRZ-ADEu)
  •   (AKRZqo)  (SKRZ-ADEqo)
  •   (AKRZo)  (SKRZ-ADEo)
  •   (exAKRZu)  (xSKRZ-ADEu)

  •   (hAKRZoa1)  (hSKRZ-MWoa)
  •   (hBHFa-MWSTR)  (hSKRZ-MWoa+BHF)
  •   (hBHFe-MWSTR)  (hSKRZ-MWoe+BHF)
  •   (HALFhAKRZoel)  (hSKRZ-MW-Roe)
  •   (AKRZor green)  (SKRZ-MW-Fqu #xxxxxx)
  •   (BHF-ELEVe+MWSTRl+TUNNEL CC6600)  (htSKRZ-MW-Rao #CC6600) (this needs to have its design revised)

A set of curves exist:   (AKRZlf)



  (uxAKRZu) is a redundant design for   (uxAROADu), and will eventually have to be replaced wit the correct Autobahn AKRZ icon.

  •   (AROADo)  (SKRZ-AUKo)
  •   (uAROADu)  (uSKRZ-AUKu)
  •   (uxAROADu)  (uxSKRZ-AUKu)
  •   (utAROADu)  (utSKRZ-AUK)
  •   (uHAROADu)  (uSKRZ-AUKqu)
  •   (uxHAROADu)  (uxSKRZ-AUKqu)

A set of curves also exists, duplicating the AKRZ ones:   (AROADlf)


The entire   (AKRZu2) set will have to be redesigned.

  •   (AKRZ-UKu)  (SKRZ-MUKu)
  •   (AKRZ-UKua)  (SKRZ-MUKLu)
  •   (AKRZ-hUKu)  (SKRZ-MUKuh)
  •   (AKRZ-UKue)  (SKRZ-MUKRu)
  •   (AKRZ-UKo)  (SKRZ-MUKo)
  •   (AKRZ-UK-ELEV)  (hSKRZ-MUKo)
  •   (uMROADo)  (uSKRZ-MUKo)
  •   (uAKRZu2)  (uSKRZ-MUKu)
  •   (uxAKRZu2)  (uxSKRZ-MUKu)
  •   (utAKRZu2)  (utSKRZ-MUK)
  •   (uAKRZRu2)  (uSKRZ-MUKqu)
  •   (uxAKRZRu2)  (uxSKRZ-MUKqu)

moved from en:User talk:Oosoom#UK Motorway icons

WRT   (MOTORWAY+BRIDGE)   (uAKRZRu2)   (uAKRZu2)   (uxAKRZRu2) and   (uxSKRZ-MUKu) that you created, what was the reasoning for using the colour      #007cc3 for the roadway? (Other UK motorway icons use      #003399.) If possible, I would like to harmonize the two sets. Useddenim (talk) 14:41, 21 April 2012 (UTC)

As I recall I copied the colours from some other UK motorwy icon. There have been moves to change some main road colours to red/yellow stripe since then, which is non-standard for the UK (at least, not for the UK Ordnance Survey standard, which is historically the UK government-created standard). #003399 is the colour for waterways (eg. canals) and should presumably not be used for motorways. That's my opinion from a water-based perspective. I guess the railways people designed blue for something else. Oosoom Talk 15:33, 21 April 2012 (UTC)

Other roads[edit]

These icons, apparently intended for "unnumbered", are now used on en: for pedestrian overpasses and on no: for county highways. A split of the designs is recommended, one with the   (BL) set, one with the road set:

  •   (KRZun)  (SKRZ-FNOu) (Fylkesvei, Norway)
  •   (KRZon)  (SKRZ-FNOo)
  •   (uHKRZun)  (uSKRZ-FNOqu)
  •   (SKRZ-ÜFRu) etc. (this is currently done with overlays)

This green set seems to have been the first attempt for A-roads, it is hardly used on en:, so it is givem a G- name ("Generic, green")

  •   (AKRZ-AUKu)  (SKRZ-GGu)
  •   (eAKRZ-AUKu)  (xSKRZ-GGu)
  •   (AKRZ-AUKua)  (SKRZ-GGLu) (Bridge continuing to L)
  •   (AKRZ-AUKum)  (SKRZ-GGuh)
  •   (AKRZ-AUKue)  (SKRZ-GGRu) (Bridge continuing to R)
  •   (AKRZ-AUKo)  (SKRZ-GGo)
  •   (BUE-AUK)  (BUE+GG)

These seem to have been intended for B-road, hence the naming scheme

  •   (KRZuy)  (SKRZ-BUKu)
  •   (KRZquy)  (SKRZ-BUKqu)
  •   (BROADo)  (SKRZ-BUKo)
  •   (BROADoq)  (SKRZ-BUKqo)
  •   (BUE-BUK)  (BUE-BUK)

Other combinations[edit]

  •   (AKRZu+MWSTR CC6600)  (hSKRZ+ADEuh CC6600)


removed to Talk:BSicon/Renaming#Road crossings