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Circus Divas Artwork[edit]

My name is Carlos Ostos Sabugal, I am a mexican illustrator making an artwork named Circus Divas, this consisting of some pictures about circus acts and characters.

These images collection are only suitable for over 16 years old, because many of them are very raw, bloody and show partially nude women; in other words: "Pretty Girls Doing Ugly Things". Don't to be confused: this work is not pornographic, it does not show sexual acts; but can be controversial and, even, immoral for some people.

I exhibit this project at Wikimedia Commons because I want people to see, enjoy and use freely all images of this gallery. Also, I'm looking for opinions and new ideas that can contribute to the growth of this job.

If you want get more information about this artwork visit this link.


Many other illustrations of this collection are very raw, therefore don't show all set at Wikimedia Commons. If you want see and use the full gallery visite: Circus Divas Gallery.