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Rail transport[edit]

Corail Lunéa night trains, 2007 
Greek railways 
Regional railways around Barcelona 
Maximum speeds by railway in the Netherlands 
High-speed lines in Spain 
High-speed lines in France 
The City Tunnel in Malmö 
Dutch intercity network, 2012 
Dutch intercity network, 2010 
Dutch intercity network, 2011 
German ICE network 
New tram lines in Groningen 
Railways of Morocco 
Regional trams to the west and north of Amsterdam 
Main lines in the UK 
The Regional Rail Link in Melbourne 
Railways in Sweden, with high-speed stretches 
Trams in Utrecht, 1933 
Services on the Madrid-Barcelona high speed line (remake of a diagram by Javi82) 

Other transport[edit]

Location of the different airports Berlin has had over time; note that a better map is now available at File:Lage der Berliner Flughäfen.svg 
Location of (and illustration of transport options to) Ciampino airport 
Stenaline ferries (UK area) 
Stenaline ferries (Scandinavia area) 
Rivers and canals in and around Rotterdam 
A605 near Liège, currently under construction 
German A22, planned 
A planned bridge in Nijmegen 
Routes of the Hong Kong Star Ferry 
Annotated version of standard SVG motorway map of Denmark 

Other topics[edit]

The 'kerkenkruis' of Utrecht 
Overview of ministerial HQs in The Hague 
Map showing the access to Amsterdam Zuid station, and the location of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
Natural gas concessions in the Netherlands 
Map of the Gulf of Mexico, to be used to show oilfields 
Overview of the Deltawerken in Zeeland 
New towns in the Netherlands 
Maritime zones (all I did was update this) 
Simple map of the Czech Republic 
Historical map of the Italian invasion of Somaliland, 1942 
Places in Syria with significant Christian populations 


The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City 
A panorama of Rome from the Gianiculo 
The main square of Olomouc, Czechia 
Church in Mistras, Greece 
A panorama of Ostia Antica 
A panorama of Rome from the Palatine hill 
Sfakteria, an island off Pylos in Greece 
Eroded stone at Linn of Quoich, Schotland