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Computer systems in use by myself[edit]

At the moment I use a variety of PCs and Macs for different things. I started out about five years ago with an old beige Fujitsu computer running Windows XP (it was actually quite high end in its heyday!) and progressed from there.

  • A few Pentium 3 boxes for testing new operating systems
  • A few Pentium 4 boxes as my backup machines
  • A pair of Core 2 Duo boxes as my main machines and also as my servers (one running Windows XP and the other running openSUSE 11.2)
  • A MacBook Pro as my laptop

The whole kaboodle is linked together by either Gigabit Ethernet or 802.11n wireless.

Where I can be found[edit]

I can be found on quite a few websites, mainly YouTube and

On YouTube I am at YouTube - Classicmacintosh's channel

On I am (not surprisingly) at Classicmacintosh on