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Colleen Morgan[edit]

Lecturer in Digital Archaeology and Heritage in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York.

"Think about the kind of revolution you want to live and work in. What do you need to know to start that revolution. Demand that your teachers teach you that." -Tim Kerr

About Me[edit]

I'm a digital archaeologist.

I received my PhD in Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley and my BA in Anthropology/Asian Studies at the University of Texas. Since that time, I have worked both as a professional and academic archaeologist in Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, England, Greece, Texas, Hawaiiand California, excavating sites 100 years old and 10,000 years old and anything in-between.

My Work[edit]

I conduct research on digital media and archaeology, with a special focus on embodiment, avatars, genetics and bioarchaeology. I am interested in building archaeological narratives with emerging technology, including photography, video, mobile and locative devices.


twitter: @clmorgan

website: Colleen Morgan (formerly Middle Savagery)