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Poor decisions[edit]

Item Verdict By Why it was a poor decision
Commons:Deletion requests/File:Wana Decrypt0r screenshot.png Delete User:Jameslwoodward This file is in public domain. It is a screenshot of malware and is not copyright protected in US. Ex turpi causa non oritur actio. Someone in the English Wikipedia pointed out how ridiculous would be if malware were copyright protected: Everyone infected with it would automatically become a copyright violator! Also, as I stated, if malware were eligible for any protection, antivirus companies were violators of Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is a criminal law and does not take fair use into account. The closing admin did mention that the cited book for Ex turpi causa non oritur actio was about English law, not U.S. law. Of course, he did so to say that the claim was irrelevant, because he assumed the image's country of origin is not U.K. He was wrong. That said, U.S. also has its own Title 18 of U.S. Code, Chapter 113B which addresses malware.
Commons:Deletion requests/File:ACDSee logo.png Keep User:Yann The file was kept on the ground that it is a simple geometric shape. It is neither simple nor a single geometric shape. In addition, the source given is fake, which is by itself, a ground for deletion.
Commons:Deletion requests/File:HoloLens Minecraft (15716942894).png Keep User:Jameslwoodward The closing admin failed to recognize license-laundring. It was closed on the grounds that "Microsoft owns Mojang and, therefore, Minecraft. As a general rule, a corporation does not need to prove that it has the right to license material from a wholly owned subsidiary". Perhaps so, but:
  1. A Flickr account very well needs to prove that it is being authoritative source. A shifty Flickr account with a history of copyright violation must not so easily be granted the assumption of authenticity.
  2. The issue of potential mislabeling of licensing must have been considered per COM:PCP
  3. The precedent given in Commons:Deletion requests/File:Windows 10 start screen (16337613651).jpg must have been taken into account
  4. The cascade licensing effect in the given discussion must have been taken into account

Fortunately, this mistake was later corrected in Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Files from Microsoft Sweden.

Commons:Deletion requests/File:Google Chrome Screenshot.png Keep User:Josve05a and User:Daphne Lantier Screenshot of a non-free app is kept! Josve05a has commented "it is not original nough [sic] not to be considered close enough to the "normal" Windows toolbars and window frames." Problem: "Normal" Windows toolbars and window frames are copyright-protected. The toolbar icons alone are copyright-protected, let alone the layout that holds three such icons.
Commons:Deletion requests/File:Google Chrome Screenshot.png again! Keep, again User:Jon Kolbert I cited both the copyright laws to show that the outcome of previous nomination is wrong. I also cited Commons:Deletion requests/File:Chrome in Windows 7.png to show that deletion has precedence. Jon Kolbert was simply uninterested in reading what I said.

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