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Thomas Bresson[edit]

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Thomas Bresson - Punaise mangeant une chenille sur des orties (by).jpg ComputerHotline - Danaus plexippus (by) (3).jpg Thomas Bresson - Aeshna cyanea-1 (by).JPG 2013-08-07 04-23-26-foudre-belfort.jpg
2014-09-07 10-37-55 La-Resurrection.jpg 2014-10-08 13-48-24 ouv-g.jpg 2014-08-03 20-51-38 arc-en-ciel-belfort.jpg 2014-08-01 11-30-47 belfort.jpg

Predatory shieldbug (Picromerus bidens) devouring a caterpillar (Inachis io) on a nettle leaf, Danaus plexippus, Aeshna cyanea, Lightnings, La Résurrection by Pieter Pourbus, Inside an old RADAR base, Rainbows over Belfort, A footway in Belfort.
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