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I am contributing my own photographs (natural history subjects and environmental health) as well as public-domain material to Commons.

Favorite photographs contributed to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

See all of my photographs on Commons.

All of my photogrphs here are licensed under the cc-by-sa-2.5 license, and are not public domain, per se. If your planned use requires other licensing, contact me via my talk page. More of my photographs of insects are available on BugGuide, though with a creative-commons-noncommercial license, not completely "free".

Favorite public domain art contributed to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

I am particularly proud of a little trick I discovered in Photoshop for cleaning up old art-work. Using the "levels" histograms, one can take the yellow cast right out of old prints. This turns the background to their original white and also increases the apparent saturation of the colors. This technique was put to good use, I feel, with the prints above from the United States and Mexican Boundary and Pacific Railroad Surveys--hand-colored lithographs digitally restored to something like their original colors.

See all of my uploaded art. Detailed information on reasons for public domain status is included with each image. I have done my best to document this for each source.

I have a particular interest in the work of Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927), and hope to contribute scans of much of his published work that is in the public domain.


In progress[edit]

Pages needing media from me...

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