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My awarded pictures[edit]

Zepper-BK 117-C2-(EC145)-SchweizerischeRettungsflugwacht.jpg
EC-145 Rescue Helicopter Featured pictures
Swiss rescue helicopter in action. Model: BK 117-C2.

Porsche 997 GT3 Cup - Car Collection Motorsport.jpeg
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Quality images
Porsche 997 GT3 Cup during the "6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen" tournament.


My personal favorites among my own pictures - decide for yourself[edit]

The Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium.
Snow-covered Royal Palace with christmas decoration.
Sunrise above Bonn, Germany
Cold winter morning in Bonn.
Wise Guys - Relativ im Tanzbrunnen 2009.jpg
Wise Guys im Tanzbrunnen
The german acapella group “Wise Guys” during an concert.
Opel Astra GTC (VLN, Sp3).jpeg
Opel Astra GTC
Kissling Motorsport's Opel Astra GTC during the "6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen" tournament.
Zepper-Tony Sly (NUFAN).jpeg
Tony Sly
Rhytm-guitarist and vocalist Tony Sly from No Use For A Name performing
Zepper - Episyrphus balteatus male on the fly.jpeg
Marmelade fly
Episyrphus balteatus male