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I forgot to update my email. If you sent me an email through Commons and got no reply, please try again.

So I need some photos for Wikipedia articles, and so I guess I need to figure out how to put them here. I guess I'm technically a professional photographer—I was paid USD 200 once by a Japanese magazine for a flower photo that they didn't use.

I don't participate in Category Wars.



  1. Image:Chara gametangia WM.jpg


  1. Image:Marchantia antheridiophores 2003-05-15.jpg
  2. Image:Marchantia antheridiophores preserved.jpg
  3. Image:Marchantia archegoniophores with sporophytes preserved.jpg
  4. Image:Porella archegoniophore LS.jpg
  5. Image:Porella archegoniophore WM.jpg
  6. Image:Porella gametophyte with archegoniophores preserved.jpg
  7. Image:Porella gametophyte with sporophytes preserved.jpg


  1. Image:Anthoceros gametophyte sporophyte WM.jpg
  2. Image:Anthoceros gametophyte sporophytes preserved.jpg
  3. Image:Anthoceros sporophyte foot WM.jpg


  1. Image:Moss peristome WM.jpg


  1. Image:Lycopodium gametophyte with sporophyte preserved.jpg
  2. Image:Lycopodium strobilus LS high.jpg
  3. Image:Lycopodium strobilus LS low.jpg
  4. Image:Lycopodium strobilus wm.jpg
  5. Image:Selaginella sporeling WM.jpg
  6. Image:Selaginella sporphyll with megasporangium LS.jpg
  7. Image:Selaginella strobilus LS high.jpg
  8. Image:Selaginella strobilus LS.jpg
  9. Image:Selaginella strobilus wm.jpg


  1. Image:Azolla lvs LS with Anabaena.jpg
  2. Image:Equisetum gametangia.jpg
  3. Image:Equisetum strobilus wm.jpg
  4. Image:Equisetum strobilus xs of wm showing sporangiophores.jpg
  5. Image:Fern young gametophyte.jpg
  6. Image:Fern young sporophyte WM 1.jpg
  7. Image:Fern young sporophyte WM 2.jpg
  8. Image:Marsilea expanded sporocarp.jpg
  9. Image:Marsilea expanded sporocarp2.jpg
  10. Image:Marsilea megaspores microspores.jpg
  11. Image:Marsilea sporocarp XS.jpg
  12. Image:Osmunda stem XS.jpg
  13. Image:Psilotum foliar appendage.jpg
  14. Image:Psilotum rhizome with rhizoids.jpg
  15. Image:Psilotum stem and synangia.jpg


  1. Image:Ceratozamia microsporophylls.jpg
  2. Image:Cycas coralloid root preserved.jpg
  3. Image:Cycas coralloid root XS high.jpg
  4. Image:Cycas coralloid root XS low.jpg
  5. Image:Cycas microsporangia.jpg
  6. Image:Cycas microsporophyll microsporangia.jpg
  7. Image:Cycas microsporophyll microsporangia2.jpg
  8. Image:Ephedra cf californica Carrizo Plain CA.jpg
  9. Image:Ephedra ovule LS.jpg
  10. Image:Ephedra pollen cone wm.jpg
  11. Image:Ephedra pollen cones.jpg
  12. Image:Ginkgo embryo and gametophyte.jpg
  13. Image:Ginkgo microsporangia preserved.jpg
  14. Image:Ginkgo microsporophyll with sporangia LS.jpg
  15. Image:Ginkgo microsporophyll with sporangia LS2.jpg
  16. Image:Ginkgo pollen cone wm.jpg
  17. Image:Ginkgo stem XS.jpg
  18. Image:Oedogonium gametangia.jpg
  19. Image:Oedogonium oogonium and antheridia.jpg
  20. Image:Pine wood TLS.jpg
  21. Image:Pine young stem XS.jpg
  22. Image:Pine young stem XS2.jpg
  23. Image:Pinus edulis cone with seeds 2005-10-15.jpg
  24. Image:Pinus embryo in female gametophyte.jpg
  25. Image:Pinus fertilization high.jpg
  26. Image:Pinus fertilization low.jpg
  27. Image:Pinus germinating pollen.jpg
  28. Image:Pinus monophylla juvenile leaves and fascicles 2003-07-30.jpg
  29. Image:Pinus pollen cone LS.jpg
  30. Image:Pinus young Seed cone LS.jpg
  31. Image:Pinus young seed cone preserved LS.jpg
  32. Image:Pinus young seed cone WM.jpg
  33. Image:Zamia ovule LS.jpg


  1. Image:Abutilon palmeri flower 2002-10-14.jpg
  2. Image:Achillea millefolium capitula 2002-11-18.jpg
  3. Image:Aesculus californica seeds in basket 2003-12-01.jpg
  4. Image:Allium haematochiton inflorescence 2002-11-18.jpg
  5. Image:Amsinckia intermedia 2003-03-04.jpg
  6. Image:Anthriscus caucalis 2004-04-07.jpg
  7. Image:Aquilegia formosa flower 2003-08-11.jpg
  8. Image:Argemone corymbosa flowers 2002-10-10.jpg
  9. Image:Aristida purpurea fruits with awns 2003-07-03.jpg
  10. Image:Aristolochia californica flower 2004-02-23.jpg
  11. Image:Asclepias fascicularis flowers 2003-06-05.jpg
  12. Image:Baileya multiradiata head 2003-07-03.jpg
  13. Image:Bloomeria crocea 2003-05-19.jpg
  14. Image:Bloomeria crocea voorhis.jpg
  15. Image:Bouteloua gracilis 2004-08-22.jpg
  16. Image:Bromus hordeaceus 2003-04-07.jpg
  17. Image:Bromus hordeaceus with anthers 2005-03-15.jpg
  18. Image:Calystegia macrostegia 2003-04-07.jpg
  19. Image:Carex spissa inflorescences203-07-03.jpg
  20. Image:Cercis occidentalis flowers 2004-03-10.jpg
  21. Image:Chilopsis linearis flowers 2003-07-03.jpg
  22. Image:Claytonia perfoliata 2003-05-19.jpg
  23. Image:Claytonia perfoliata basal leaves 2003-02-04.jpg
  24. Image:Coreopsis maritima head 2003-03-11.jpg
  25. Image:Cornus sericea leaves and inflorescence 2003-08-11.jpg
  26. Image:Cucurbita foetidissima fruit 2003-02-04.jpg
  27. Image:Cucurbita foetidissima staminate flower 2003-05-19.jpg
  28. Image:Cuscuta pentagona flowers 2003-11-08.jpg
  29. Image:Cuscuta pentagona stems 2003-06-02.jpg
  30. Image:Cylindropuntia whipplei 2005-10-12.jpg
  31. Image:Cymopterus purpurascens 2004-03-26.jpg
  32. Image:Cymopterus purpurascens umbel 2004-03-26.jpg
  33. Image:Datura wrightii flower 2002-10-08.jpg
  34. Image:Datura wrightii fruit 2002-10-14.jpg
  35. Image:Dendromecon harfordii flower and leaves 2003-07-09.jpg
  36. Image:Descurainia pinnata 2005-02-20.jpg
  37. Image:Dicentra chrysantha 2004-05-17.jpg
  38. Image:Dichelostemma capitatum 2003-02-04.jpg
  39. Image:Emmenanthe penduliflora flowers 2004-05-17.jpg
  40. Image:Emmenanthe penduliflora inflorescences 2004-05-17.jpg
  41. Image:Encelia californica head 2003-04-10.jpg
  42. Image:Encelia farinosa 2005-02-20.jpg
  43. Image:Encelia farinosa capitulum 2005-02-20.jpg
  44. Image:Encelia farinosa on slope 2005-02-20.jpg
  45. Image:Encelia farinosa var. radians head 2002-10-10.jpg
  46. Image:Encelia frutescens 2005-04-01.jpg
  47. Image:Encelia frutescens capitulum 2005-04-01.jpg
  48. Image:Encelia resinifera plant.jpg
  49. Image:Epilobium canum flowers 2002-11-18.jpg
  50. Image:Epilobium canum fruits with comose seeds 2003-01-21.jpg
  51. Image:Eremalche rotundifolia 2005-04-01.jpg
  52. Image:Erigeron glaucus head 2003-04-25.jpg
  53. Image:Eriogonum cinereum leaves and inflorescences2003-04-08.jpg
  54. Image:Eriophyllum confertiflorum 2003-04-07.jpg
  55. Image:Eriophyllum confertiflorum 2004-04-07.jpg
  56. Image:Erodium botrys 2004-04-07.jpg
  57. Image:Erodium botrys 2005-02-20.jpg
  58. Image:Erodium botrys frs 2005-03-15.jpg
  59. Image:Erodium cicutarium fls 2005-03-15.jpg
  60. Image:Eschscholzia caespitosa 020.jpg
  61. Image:Eschscholzia hypecoides 044.jpg
  62. Image:Eschscholzia lemmonii 013.jpg
  63. Image:Eschscholzia minutiflora 2005-04-01.jpg
  64. Image:Eschscholzia minutiflora fl 2005-04-01.jpg
  65. Image:Eschscholzia minutiflora minutiflora 009.jpg
  66. Image:Eschscholzia minutiflora twisselmannii 007.jpg
  67. Image:Eschscholzia ramosa 112.jpg
  68. Image:Eschscholzia rhombipetala 041.jpg
  69. Image:Escobaria vivipara 2004-03-27.jpg
  70. Image:Escobaria vivipara 2004-07-25.jpg
  71. Image:Eucalyptus globulus fruits 2003-02-04.jpg
  72. Image:Fallugia paradoxa 2004-08-22.jpg
  73. Image:Fallugia paradoxa 2005-10-12.jpg
  74. Image:Fallugia paradoxa fruits and flower 2003-04-22.jpg
  75. Image:Fragaria vesca flower 2004-02-23.jpg
  76. Image:Fragaria vesca fruit 2005-03-24.jpg
  77. Image:Galium angustifolium 2003-05-19.jpg
  78. Image:Galium aparine 2004-04-07.jpg
  79. Image:Geraea canescens 2005-02-20.jpg
  80. Image:Geraea viscida San Diego County.jpg
  81. Image:Glandularia bipinnatifida 2004-08-22.jpg
  82. Image:Gnaphalium californicum 2003-04-07.jpg
  83. Image:Gnaphalium californicum capitula 2003-05-19.jpg
  84. Image:Gnaphalium californicum capitulescence 2004-04-07.jpg
  85. Image:Grindelia stricta head 2003-03-12.jpg
  86. Image:Heuchera maxima inflorescence 2004-03-10.jpg
  87. Image:Hordeum murinum 2003-04-07.jpg
  88. Image:Hordeum murinum callus at tip of spikelet cluster SEM.jpg
  89. Image:Hordeum murinum callus at tip of spikelet cluster.jpg
  90. Image:Hordeum murinum disarticulating spikelet cluster.jpg
  91. Image:Hordeum murinum in Voorhis Ecological Reserve,Cal Poly Pomona.jpg
  92. Image:Hordeum murinum retrorse barbs and hairs SEM.jpg
  93. Image:Hordeum murinum retrorse barbs SEM.jpg
  94. Image:Hordeum murinum spikelet cluster SEM.jpg
  95. Image:Hordeum murinum spikelet cluster.jpg
  96. Image:Hunnemannia fumariifolia flowers 2002-10-10.jpg
  97. Image:Hymenoxys acaulis head 2003-03-11.jpg
  98. Image:Hypochoeris glabra capitulum 2003-05-19.jpg
  99. Image:Hypochoeris glabra fruits 2003-05-19.jpg
  100. Image:Iris douglasiana flower 2003-03-17.jpg
  101. Image:Langloisia setosissima 2005-04-01.jpg
  102. Image:Langloisia setosissima flower 2005-04-01.jpg
  103. Image:Lavatera assurgentiflora 2005-06-09.jpg
  104. Image:Lilium androecium gynoecium XS.jpg
  105. Image:Lilium mature anther XS.jpg
  106. Image:Limonium californicum inflorescence 2003-06-09.jpg
  107. Image:Malacothrix saxatilis 2003-05-19.jpg
  108. Image:Malva parviflora fruits 2003-01-24.jpg
  109. Image:Marah macrocarpa pistillate flower 2004-03-10.jpg
  110. Image:Marah macrocarpa root 2004-02-23.jpg
  111. Image:Marah macrocarpa staminate flowers 2004-03-10.jpg
  112. Image:Marah macrocarpus fruit 2004-04-07.jpg
  113. Image:Mimulus aurantiacus flowers 2003-03-11.jpg
  114. Image:Mimulus cardinalis flower 2003-03-12.jpg
  115. Image:Mimulus guttatus flower 2003-03-13.jpg
  116. Image:Mirabilis californica 2003-04-07.jpg
  117. Image:Mirabilis californica 2003-05-19.jpg
  118. Image:Mirabilis multiflora 2004-08-22.jpg
  119. Image:Mirabilis multiflora plant 2004-08-22.jpg
  120. Image:Mirabilis multiflora side view 2004-08-22.jpg
  121. Image:Monoptilon bellioides 2005-04-01.jpg
  122. Image:Muhlenbergia rigens flowers with exserted stamens 2002-11-18.jpg
  123. Image:Opuntia littoralis flower 2003-09-04.jpg
  124. Image:Opuntia phaeacantha 2005-10-13.jpg
  125. Image:Palafoxia linearis 2005-02-20.jpg
  126. Image:Phacelia campanularia 2003-05-12.jpg
  127. Image:Phacelia campanularia 2003-04-11.jpg
  128. Image:Phacelia tanacetifolia 2 2003-04-07.jpg
  129. Image:Phacelia tanacetifolia 2003-04-07.jpg
  130. Image:Phaseolus fr XS.jpg
  131. Image:Phaseolus fr XS2.jpg
  132. Image:Pluchea sericea heads 2003-07-03.jpg
  133. Image:Prosopis pubescens inflorescence 2003-06-02.jpg
  134. Image:Prunus ilicifolia flowers 2005-03-24.jpg
  135. Image:Quercus agrifolia acorns and leaves 2002-08-30.jpg
  136. Image:Rafinesquia neomexicana 2005-04-01.jpg
  137. Image:Rafinesquia neomexicana capitulum 2005-04-01.jpg
  138. Image:Ranunculus testiculatus 2005-04-02.jpg
  139. Image:Ranunculus testiculatus frs 2005-04-02.jpg
  140. Image:Raphanus sativus 2004-04-07.jpg
  141. Image:Ribes aureum flowers 2004-03-10.jpg
  142. Image:Ribes malvaceum flowers 2004-02-23.jpg
  143. Image:Ribes speciosum flowers 2004-02-23.jpg
  144. Image:Romneya trichocalyx flower 2003-04-10.jpg
  145. Image:Romneya trichocalyx fruit 2003-08-11.jpg
  146. Image:Rosa californica 2004-07-20.jpg
  147. Image:Rosa californica flowers 2002-11-18.jpg
  148. Image:Salix exigua staminate catkin 2003-06-04.jpg
  149. Image:Salvia columbariae 2003-04-11.jpg
  150. Image:Salvia mellifera calyces enclosing fruits 2003-06-09.jpg
  151. Image:Salvia mellifera 2003-04-07.jpg
  152. Image:Salvia mellifera flowers 2003-03-12.jpg
  153. Image:Salvia spathacea inflorescence 2003-04-10.jpg
  154. Image:Sambucus mexicana flowers 2004-02-23.jpg
  155. Image:Sambucus mexicana fruits 2003-07-09.jpg
  156. Image:Sarcostemma cynanchoides 2004-05-24.jpg
  157. Image:Scirpus californicus flowers 2005-03-24.jpg
  158. Image:Senecio flaccidus head 2003-03-11.jpg
  159. Image:Silybum marianum 2003-04-07.jpg
  160. Image:Simmondsia chinensis staminate flowers 2003-03-13.jpg
  161. Image:Sisyrinchium bellum flower 2002-10-10.jpg
  162. Image:Solanum douglasii 2004-04-07.jpg
  163. Image:Solanum douglasii 2005-03-15.jpg
  164. Image:Sonchus oleraceus 2005-03-15.jpg
  165. Image:Sphaeralcea ambigua flower 2003-11-18.jpg
  166. Image:Stellaria media 2003-02-04.jpg
  167. Image:Tiquilia nuttallii 2005-04-02.jpg
  168. Image:Trichostema lanatum flowers 2005-03-24.jpg
  169. Image:Triticum fl WM low.jpg
  170. Image:Triticum fl WM.jpg
  171. Image:Triticum grain LS.jpg
  172. Image:Typha angustifolia inflorescences 2002-10-14.jpg
  173. Image:Venegasia carpesioides 2003-04-08.jpg
  174. Image:Verbesina encelioides 2004-08-22.jpg
  175. Image:Yucca whipplei flowers 2005-03-24.jpg


  1. Image:Polysiphonia cystocarp WM.jpg
  2. Image:Polysiphonia cystocarps preserved.jpg
  3. Image:Polysiphonia spermatangia WM.jpg
  4. Image:Polysiphonia spermatangia WM2.jpg
  5. Image:Polysiphonia tetraspores preserved.jpg
  6. Image:Polysiphonia tetraspores WM.jpg
  7. Image:Polysiphonia tetraspores WM2.jpg


  1. Image:Diatomaceous_earth_2001-10-18.jpg
  2. Image:Diatomaceous_earth_closeup_2001-10-18.jpg
  3. Image:Ectocarpus plurilocular structure.jpg
  4. Image:Ectocarpus unilocular structure.jpg
  5. Image:Ectocarpus unilocular structure2.jpg
  6. Image:Fucus antheridia with archegonia.jpg
  7. Image:Fucus archegonia with antheridia.jpg
  8. Image:Fucus conceptacle XS3.jpg
  9. Image:Fucus conceptacles XS1.jpg
  10. Image:Fucus conceptacles XS3.jpg
  11. Image:Fucus receptacle preserved.jpg
  12. Image:Fucus receptacle preserved2.jpg
  13. Image:Laminaria meiosporangia on blade LS.jpg
  14. Image:Pelagophycus San Clemente Island.jpg

Fungi and lichens

  1. Image:Boletus pores section high.jpg
  2. Image:Boletus pores section low.jpg
  3. Image:Coprinus basidia.jpg
  4. Image:Phycomyces zygospores.jpg
  5. Image:Phycomyces zygospores2.jpg
  6. Image:Physcia apothecium LS high.jpg
  7. Image:Physcia apothecium LS.jpg
  8. Image:Rhizopus clonal sporangia.jpg
  9. Image:Rhizopus zygospores.jpg
  10. Image:Rhizopus zygospores2.jpg
  11. Image:Umbilicaria thallus XS low.jpg
  12. Image:Umbilicaria thallus XS.jpg
  13. Image:Uncinula cleistothecia on lf.jpg


  1. Image:Danaus plexippus adult 2003-09-03.jpg
  2. Image:Danaus plexippus chrysalis 2003-10-16.jpg
  3. Image:Pastern flexion.jpg
  4. Image:Pogonomyrmex californicus 2003-05-19.jpg


  1. Image:Fire lookout atop Red Butte, Arizona 2004-10-19.jpg
  2. Image:Moenkopi sandstone on Red Butte, Arizona 2004-10-19.jpg
  3. Image:Red Butte, Arizona 2003-11-15.jpg
  4. Image:Red Butte, Arizona 2003-12-12.jpg
  5. Image:Red Butte, Arizona 2004-10-19.jpg

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