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I am the author of The Drug Users Bible (ISBN: 978-0995593695), the first edition of which was known as The Honest Drug Book (ISBN: 978-0995593602). I am currently based in the North-West of England.

I noticed previously that Wikimedia is distinctly lacking with respect to images of individual psychoactive and recreational drugs and related issues. I have therefore uploaded some of the photographs I took for the book project. Prior to this these were generally superimposed with the name of the drug (usually top left) and the source (usually bottom right), for generic use on Flickr and elsewhere. Given the nature of the license (attribution) these can of course be edited if this is problematic here.

The photographs can be viewed via the following page:

I took many thousands of photographs during travel and research for this project. I am seeking to organise them, and where appropriate will upload here as I categorise them. This is an ongoing effort and may take a significant period of time.