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David McJonathan having
lunch with Robert Denning at
P.J. Clarke's in New York City

David Clarkson McJonathan-Swarm likes to think of himself an Edwardian in his eclecticism and eccentricity and his interests reflect this. Technically 'retired' and collecting a pension following the physically disabling injuries sustained from the impact of a tractor trailer to his Mazda RX-7 in 1991. His wife alleges that "he is busier now than when he worked full-time and we had five sons at home." To many he is known simply as "Mack" or "Doc."

Fascinated by history his entire life, a medical researcher, photographer, and biographer he started writing bios for some of the 'famous' listings at Find A Grave which he discovered from a Google search on Erik Rhodes. Finding many persons that he had known, socially and through broadcasting in New York City listed, he started to submit 'Better Bios' on the Find A Grave Forums thread. Many times his reference searches would bring up Wikipedia which finally led to his presence here. After his friend and partner Robert Dennings's obituary appeared in The New York Times and on AP wire feed it was included in recent deaths on Wikipedia, but the lack of a biography was noted for both him and their common mentor Edgar de Evia. These were his first new articles.

Contestant on To Tell The Truth playing himself. "Numerologist" Episode 152-2 Sequence 757 taped 2/20/73 Host: Garry Moore Panel: Tom Kennedy, Peggy Cass, Bill Cullen, Kitty Carlisle.

Guest on What's My Line? playing himself. U.S. syndication (1968-1975) Panel included: Arlene Francis,

A frequent guest on the Long John Nebel Show, in the early 1970s, both before and after Nebel's marriage to Candy Jones. He did over 600 radio and television shows during this period which included ABC News, The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, The Amazing Kreskin, The Joey Adams Show and was represented for broadcasting by Patricia Kurland of Patrician Productions.

Most of his new pages are persons he has known or of whom he has personal knowledge, that would not otherwise be available, and which can be added to the research of public information. His interest in obsession with both Find A Grave and now Wikipedia are driven by the desire to see that the past be remembered and its lessons learned.

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