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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Welcome at my photopage,

Flag of the Netherlands.svg Welkom op mijn foto pagina,

Flag of Germany.svg Wilkommen auf meine Bilderpagina,

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Flag of the Netherlands.svgMijn Profiel

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My pictures[edit]


Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina[edit]

Buenos Aires[edit]

Flag of England.svg England[edit]


Big Ben Dubble Decker Picadilly Circus Tate Modern and Millenium Bridge


College in Cambridge Cambridge's King College (taken from the Cambridge

Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania[edit]


Flag of Poland.svg Poland[edit]

Wigry Wigry Jaczno

Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay[edit]

La mano de Punta del Este 2.JPG, La mano de Punta del Este.JPG, Los Academicos 1.JPG, PalacioSalvoMontevideo.JPG, Estatuadeartigasmontevideo.JPG, Fortaleza Montevideo.JPG, Estadio centenario 1.JPG, Estadio centenario 2.JPG, Estadio centenario 3.JPG, Estadio centenario 4.JPG, Monumentodelgaucho.JPG, PalacioMunicipalMontevideo.JPG, Omnibus en mvd.JPG

=== Surroundigns of where I (have) live(d) ===

Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands[edit]


Maasheggen october Maasheggen (october) Maasheggen Extra1.jpg

Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay[edit]


Puente Internacional de la Concordia.JPG, Carnaval de Artigas.jpg