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I am am an Australian matriarch born in Adelaide, Australia.

My formative years were spent in Hong Kong, China, and I have also lived in Fairmont, West Virginia, in Melbourne, Australia, and in the United Kingdom. I now live in New Zealand.

Interests include choral composition, choral singing, writing, rowing, snorkeling, chess, sustainability and being a geek. I have been a member of AICSA since 1992, and attended every InterVarsity Choral Festival from 1993 to 2007 inclusive.

Qualifications include degrees in Politics and English (Flinders University), and postgraduate work in Software Engineering (RMIT University). I'm a professional writer by trade, and am cross-dominant (mixed-handed), and almost completely ambidextrous.

I'm a practicing slackarse whole foods vegetarian primarily for environmental reasons. I love dark chocolate, organic food and country music.

=Memberships and Affiliations[edit]

  • [1] - City of Dunedin Choir
  • [2] - St Paul's Cathedral Choir, Dunedin
  • [3] - Member of AICSA and IV attendee
  • [4] - RMIT Occasional Choral Society (ROCS)

Other stuff I do[edit]

  • [5] - Choral composition
  • [6] - Blogging at 'Cluttercut' (environment and sustainability issues)
  • [7] - Blogging at 'The Chorister' (choir, singing and composition)
  • [8] - Blogging at 'Daharja' (personal, publicly readable blog)
  • [9] - Livejournal (friends only)