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For now see my English Wikipedia user page.



On the morning of 2009-02-05, I dreamed that there was a "Commons" brick-and-mortar bookstore, carrying all kinds of public domain classics that one might find on the Wikisource or Commons web sites except in hard copy.


Green copyright.svg With regard to my own work that I have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, I have released all rights under copyright in some works, and the rest are hereby made available for use under your choice of the following licenses:
  • GNU Free Documentation License (version 1.2 or later, no cover texts or invariant sections, no Wikimedia disclaimers) (terms)
  • GNU General Public License (version 2 or later) (terms)
  • Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (deed | terms), with the right to request removal of credit under section 4(a) waived

If I forgot to apply {{self3|GFDL|GPL|cc-by-2.5}} to each original image that I upload, feel free to correct the tags.

Why the GPL?
Free software needs free documentation. Using the same license for a program and its documentation simplifies using documentation from within the program. (See also Debian's position statement and Nathaniel Nerode's essay.) For the same reason, free game software needs free assets (graphics, sound, etc.).
Why waive credit removal?
Credit removal is the biggest obstacle to compatibility between Creative Commons licenses and other licenses that do not permit the removal of attributions, such as GNU licenses. See discussion on wikisource-l.