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Dan Albert John Koehl 2020.png
Born (age 62)
ResidenceLjusterö, Sweden and Phnom Penh, Cambodia
OccupationElephant trainer
Years active45
Home townStockholm
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DKoehl Irrawaddi Dolphin jumping.jpgJumping Irrawaddi dolphin. Pictured at Mekong river, Kampi, Kratié, in 2011.

Deutsch: Ich bin de:Dan Koehl aus Stockholm, Schweden, und wohnen in Ph,om Penh, und in Schweden auf die Insel Ljusterö, in die Schären Stockholms.
English: Im en:Dan Koehl from Stockholm, Sweden, and spent the last years in SE Asia, presently live in Phnom Penh, and when in Sweden, at the island Ljusterö, in the Stockholm archipelago.
Svenska: Jag är sv:Dan Koehl från Stockholm, och bor sedan tio år i Phnom Penh, och i Sverige på ön Ljusterö, i Stockholms Skärgård. Sista åren är jag mest aktiv med att tillverka och ladda upp över 600 grafiska adelsvapen för särskilt svenska medeltida frälseätter, men jag bidrar även allmänt med vapen för övrig europeisk adel.

I am a member of WikiProject Moving files to Commons, and now and then I upload images to Commons from Wikipedia with the help of For the Common Good or the CommonsHelper. I have pictures from primarily animals and wildlife, as well as normal tourist places in Asia, like temples and likewise. I also have numerous pictures of smaller tropical animals like freshwater and salt water fishes, frogs and toads, reptiles like lizards and snakes etc. Im also interested in heraldry, being a member in the Swedish Heraldry Society, and I have made over 600 Coat of arms for Scandinavian medieval families, as well as many photographs uploaded to Category:Photographs by Dan Koehl.


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  • I made my first two edits on commons 3rd April 2005
  • became active contributor 27th of March 2014
  • rollback and patroller 5th of March 2015
  • filemover 2nd of June 2016.

But I believe I made some input earlier, 29th of November 2002 I described on Meta-Wiki an example of how to systematize animals and organisms on the Wikipedia which I had implemented on the Swedish Wikipedia:

Linné´s System of Organisms: / Domain / Kingdom / Phylum / Class / Family / Genus / Species / Subspecies / Race

This system is more or less used used in the same way today, as Template:Taxonavigation on Commons.


My camera is a Nikon D90, with 18-200 VR lens.


[[Category:Taken with Nikon D90]]

[[Category:Taken with Nokia Lumia 800]]

[[Category:Taken with Nikon D90 and AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm/3.5-5.6G ED VR II]]

Heraldry Project[edit]





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TUSC token: 1df35cc374a5b480a6c60db7eb5c423c[edit]

TUSC token: 1df35cc374a5b480a6c60db7eb5c423c

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Licence: Information.svg

Use of my pictures

For those of my pictures released with the CC BY-SA 3.0 licence
 I would be glad if my name is mentioned when the pictures are used. 
For use within the Wikimedia projects my username Dan Koehl or even 
just the link to the description page at Wikimedia Commons will do nicely. 
For use outside the Wikimedia projects I would prefer that 
"'''Dan Koehl, Wikimedia Commons'''" is mentioned as source 
along with the licence code '''CC BY-SA 3.0'''.

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