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Imagine someone had uploaded this file Cinnabar moth caterpillar 02.jpg, calling it "File:Gypsy moth caterpillar 02.jpg" (instead of "File:Cinnabar moth caterpillar 02.jpg"). Imagine countless multilingual articles featuring this photo, all captioning it as a "gypsy moth caterpillar". Which, as you might happen to know, actually looks like this: IC Caterpillar1.JPG. Personally, I know almost nothing about caterpillars, so to me, someone requesting a rename might also seem to be busy with petty personal schemes of no consequence – but try to reread your arguments with this set up in mind: "These are not names of articles, they are just handles for referencing their contents"? Dan Pelleg (talk) 13:33, 19 June 2011 (UTC)

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This file was moved to File:Early Aramaic characters.png, see discusssion: