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nb-N Denne brukeren behersker norsk (bokmål)morsmålsnivå.
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de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
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Hi, I'm Danmichaelo. I'm mostly active on Norwegian Wikipedia, where I'm administrator, but I spend quite some time on other wikis as well. On Commons, most of the photos I've uploaded are transferred from other free sources. Sometimes I also scan figures I happen to come across in old books, or extract them from PDFs scanned by others. I've done a few figures myself using matplotlib and Inkscape. Of course, I'm also tempted to upload my own photographs from time to time, but I have this bad feeling they are the least useful contributions I make here :) Apart from uploading, I do categorization, template work and localization to nb.

Todo: Template:Technique/list

Note on translation to Norwegian Bokmål[edit]

  • For historical reasons there are two language codes for Norwegian Bokmål: "no" and "nb"
  • On Commons "no" is used in templates, etc. "nb" is aliased to "no" somewhere (I don't remember where), so "no" messages will show up for both users with "no" and "nb" as their user language. On the other hand, "nb" messages will not show up for users with "no" as their user language, so that is not a good idea. Ideally, the aliasing should have been the other way around ("no"→"nb"), but since so many templates already use "no" it would require lot's of work to change I guess.
  • On translatewiki, only "nb" is used
  • For timed text, "nb" should be used (, not Files can be categorized in Category:Files with closed captioning in Norwegian Bokmål


Institutions (list, edit)
Key Institution Category Media cat. Part of
BAR Institution:Oslo byarkiv Category:Oslo byarkiv Category:Media from the collection of Oslo City Archives
EM Institution:Eidsvoll 1814 Category:Eidsvoll 1814 Category:Media from the collection of Eidsvoll 1814 Norsk Folkemuseum (NF)
GM Institution:Glomdalsmuseet Category:Glomdalsmuseet Category:Media from Glomdalsmuseet Anno museum (HFM, formerly Hedmark fylkesmuseum)
HFM Institution:Hedmark fylkesmuseum Category:Hedmark fylkesmuseum Category:Media from the collection of Hedmark fylkesmuseum
HH Institution:Domkirkeodden (formerly Hedmarkmuseet) Category:Domkirkeodden Category:Media from Domkirkeodden Anno museum (HFM, formerly Hedmark fylkesmuseum)
HS Institution:Hvalfangstmuseet i Sandefjord Category:Hvalfangstmuseet Category:Media from the Whaling Museum in Sandefjord Hvalfangstmuseet i Sandefjord (HS)
KFS - - - (DEXTRA Photo) Norsk Teknisk Museum
LAR Institution:Larvik Museum Category:Larvik Museum Category:Media from the collection of Larvik Museum Vestfoldmuseene (VFM)
NF Institution:Norsk Folkemuseum Category:Norsk Folkemuseum Category:Photos from Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
NF-A Institution:Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum Category:Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum Category:Media from the collection of Norwegian Pharmacy Museum Norsk Folkemuseum
NM Institution:Nordlandsmuseet Category:Nordlandsmuseet, Bodø Category:Images from Nordlandsmuseet
NSK Institution:Norsk Skogmuseum Category:Norsk Skogmuseum Category:Media from Norsk Skogmuseum Anno museum (HFM, formerly Hedmark fylkesmuseum)
NSM Institution:Norwegian Maritime Museum Category:Norwegian Maritime Museum Category:Media from the Norwegian Maritime Museum
NTM Institution:Norsk Teknisk Museum Category:Norsk Teknisk Museum Category:Media from the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
OMU Institution:Oslo Museum Category:Oslo Museum Category:Media from the collection of Oslo Museum
ROM Institution:Romsdalsmuseet Category:Romsdalsmuseet Category:Media from Romsdalsmuseet Musea i Møre og Romsdal
SKU Institution:Saviomuseet Category:Saviomuseet Category:Media from the collection of Saviomuseet
SKMS Institution:Stavanger kunstmuseum Category:Stavanger kunstmuseum Category:Media from the collection of Museum Stavanger Museum Stavanger
TFM-SVB Institution:Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum Category:Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum Category:Media from Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum


Other nice finds[edit]

Places I would like to visit[edit]

Categories to browse[edit]

Tips 'n tricks[edit]

Extract images from pdfs using pdfimages (can be installed on mac using macports: port install xpdf-tools) and convert non-png files to png:

pdfimages -j input.pdf output
ls | grep output | grep -v .png | sed 's/\..\{3\}$//' | tr \\n \\0 | xargs -0 -I {} convert '{}*' '{}.png' ;

Random things I should remember[edit]

  • {{Artwork}} is an alternative to {{Information}} template used for the description of images of artworks, especially those residing in museums or galleries. Faithful reproductions (without specific creative contribution from the photograph) of 2D art only require a license for the artwork, like {{PD-art}}. Copyrightable photos of 2D art and photos of 3D art (sculptures, structures, coins, gems, etc.) require a licence for the depicted artwork and a licence for the photograph itself. In such cases, {{Art Photo}} is recommended.
  • {{Photograph}} is an alternative used mostly for the detail descriptions of historical photographs, especially those residing in museums or galleries.
| Description  = 
| Source       = {{own}}
| Author       = 
| Date         = {{Other date|~|1900}}
| Other fields = {{Credit line |Author = | Other = Wikimedia Commons |License = CC-BY-3.0 & GFDL}}
| Other versions = {{Other|<filename>}}

 |artist          = {{creator:…}}
 |title           = {{title|no=…|en=…}}
 |description     = 
 |date            = 1887
 |medium          = {{technique|painting}}
 |dimensions      = {{size|cm|…|…}}
 |institution     = 
 |location        = <!-- within the institution-->
 |inscriptions    = {{inscription|…|type=signature|position=lower right}}
 |references      = 
 |object history  = <!-- {{provenanceEvent|date=|type=purchase|newowner=}}-->
 |credit line     = 
 |notes           = alternative version
 |accession number= 
 |source          = 
 |permission      = 
 |other_versions  = 
 |other_fields    =