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Who am I?/Qui suis-je?

I am a 2 year old babyman who have been a Wikipedian since June 4, 2005 and I've become an addicted Wikipedian 16 days later. I contribute a lot to the English Wikipedia, even though I speak Quebec French, living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I also contribute to the French Wikipedia. Outside of Wikipedia, I study in infographie en préimpression at Collège Ahuntsic with its equivalent being desktop publishing for english speaking people.

Technical abilities/Habiletés techniques

My technical abilities include a high knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2, more than good knowledge of typography and pre-press. I'd like to contribute any images I do myself or based upon an existing free image or things which obviously can't be copyrighted such as a basic circle. I can take personal requests for digital image editing, I should be able to answer to your demands.