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Hello Brazil and especially Brasilia. A bit about myself; My name is Dennis Asfour, I am an American amateur rphotographer, retired in Brazil. I love this country and the many opportunities I have to capture it's beauty in whatever form I feel like capturing with my camera. I love capturing Oscar Niemeyer's architectual creations as well as Brazil's culture, nature, historical sites andl political historic events as they occur. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my visions of my travels around Brazil and in this case, my many compositions of monuments I visit and have captured over the past decade. As a note, I never copy anyone Elses composition in photography though I have seen many Brazilians duplicate my work. I lean on my photographic training and life-long experience in photography to challenge me in finding the best angle to shoot a subject. What good is a photo if we cannot share it with others, right? In my opinion, WikiLovesMonuments movement is a good place for me to share many of my monument photos. Visit my Instagram profile brasil_infocus for more monument photos.

Contact: Dennis W. Asfour

Instagram - brasil_infocus