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These are images that I have created and uploaded to Commons.

I have also uploaded many images by others.



File:Katherine Hayles.jpg
File:Willie Evans 1 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Willie Evans 2 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Willie Evans 3 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Alan Zweibel 1 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Alan Zweibel 2 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Alan Zweibel 3 - UB 2009.jpg
File:Dan Sandin Shinjuku2001.jpg

File:Michael Nyman - Klangpark - Ars Electronica 99.jpg
File:Albert Collins at Reunion on the Mall.jpg
File:Ben Miller 1 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Ben Miller 2 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Ben Miller 3 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Ben Miller 4 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Ben Miller 5 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Ben Miller 6 - BIF2010.jpg
File:Didier Pasquette BIWNY 1.jpg

File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 01.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 02.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 03.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 04.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 05.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 06.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 07.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 08.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 09.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 10.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 11.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 12.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 13.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 14.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 15.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 16.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 17.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 18.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 19.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 20.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 21.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 22.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 23.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 24.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 25.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 26.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 27.jpg
File:Zongo Junction - Nietzsches 2012 - 28.jpg

Buffalo, NY


File:Darwin D. Martin House - Pergola.jpg
File:Darwin D. Martin House.jpg
File:Frank Lloyd Wright - Barton House.jpg
File:Kleinhans Music Hall.jpg
File:Albright-Knox Art Gallery 1.jpg
File:Albright-Knox Art Gallery 2.jpg
File:Asbury Delaware Church, Buffalo 1.jpg
File:Asbury Delaware Church, Buffalo 2.jpg
File:Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.jpg
File:Roycroft printing press.jpg
File:Roycroft Copper Shop.jpg
File:Oishei Bell - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Blocher Memorial - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Blocher Memorial interior - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Birge Memorial - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Crane Monument - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Dorothy Goetz Berlin grave.jpg
File:Red Jacket monument.jpg
File:Blue Sky Mausoleum 1.jpg
File:Blue Sky Mausoleum 2.jpg
File:Blue Sky Mausoleum 3.jpg
File:Blue Sky Mausoleum 4.jpg
File:Fakir of Ava - Forest Lawn, Buffalo.jpg
File:Canada Goose head - Tifft Nature Preserve.jpg
File:Canada Goose nesting - Tifft Nature Preserve.jpg
File:Canada Goose nesting 2 - Tifft Nature Preserve.jpg

File:Buffalo Central Terminal 1.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal 2.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal 3.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal 4.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal 5.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal 6.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal detail 1.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal detail 2.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal detail 3.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal concourse 1.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal concourse 2.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal concourse 3.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal concourse 4.jpg
File:Buffalo Central Terminal concourse 5.jpg
File:Maple sugar demonstration 1.jpg
File:Maple sugar demonstration 2.jpg
File:Maple sugar demonstration 3.jpg
File:Maple sugar demonstration 4.jpg
File:Sugar shanty - Beaver Meadow Audubon Center.jpg
File:Maple syrup evaporator - Beaver Meadow Audubon Center.jpg
File:Maple sap buckets - Beaver Meadow Audubon Center.jpg
File:Coccothrinax crinita - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Adromischus poellnitzianus - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Bowiea volubilis - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Cibotium schiedei - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Crassula lycopodioides - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg

File:Cyperus papyrus 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Cyperus papyrus 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Echinocactus visnaga 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Echinocactus visnaga 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Euphorbia grandicornis 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Euphorbia milii 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Graptopetalum paraguayense - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Pedilanthus tithymaloides 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Pedilanthus tithymaloides 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Sedum dasyphyllum 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Sedum dasyphyllum 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Wodyetia bifurcata - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Buffalo Botanical Gardens central dome 1.jpg
File:Buffalo Botanical Gardens central dome 2.jpg
File:Buffalo Botanical Gardens fern house.jpg
File:Orontium aquaticum 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Orontium aquaticum 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Strelitzia reginae 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Strelitzia reginae 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Thunbergia mysorensis 1 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Thunbergia mysorensis 2 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Thunbergia mysorensis 3 - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Tillandsia albertiana - Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Buffalo Botanical Gardens.jpg
File:Buffalo Lighthouse.jpg

Buffalo Zoo


File:Japanese Macaques grooming.jpg
File:Macaca nigra juvenile (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Princess Parrot (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Plesiotrygon iwamae underside (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Plesiotrygon iwamae (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Blaberus giganteus (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Blaberus giganteus 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Heloderma horridum pair (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Red-footed tortoise (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Cnemidophorus uniparens (Buffalo Zoo).jpg
File:Baby Gemsbok - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Coendou prehensilis - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Coendou prehensilis 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Choloepus didactylus - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Choloepus didactylus 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Corucia zebrata - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Atelopus zeteki - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Atelopus zeteki 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Furcifer balteatus - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Desert iguana - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Golden tiger 1 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Golden tiger 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Golden tiger 3 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Ophisaurus apodus - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Malacochersus tornieri - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Indian Rhinoceros - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Clemmys guttata - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Mantella aurantiaca - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:River Otter - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Snow leopard sleeping - Buffalo Zoo.jpg

File:Spectacled Bear - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Polar Bear - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Kodiak Bear - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Barnardius zonarius macgillivrayi - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Dasyprocta leporina - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Neopsephotus bourkii - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Platycercus eximius - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Sceloporus undulatus undulatus - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Gopherus agassizii - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Sauromalus ater - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Crotaphytus collaris - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Crocuta crocuta - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Hippotragus equinus cottoni - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Hippotragus equinus cottoni 2 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Basiliscus plumifrons - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 01 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 02 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 03 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 04 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 05 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 06 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 07 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 08 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 09 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 10 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 11 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 12 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 13 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg

File:Panthera tigris altaica 14 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 15 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 16 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 17 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 18 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 19 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 20 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 21 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 22 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 23 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 24 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 25 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 26 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 27 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 28 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 29 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 30 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 31 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 32 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Panthera tigris altaica 33 - Buffalo Zoo.jpg
File:Ramphastos swainsonii -back -Buffalo Zoo-8a.jpg
File:Ramphastos swainsonii -upper body -Buffalo Zoo -8a.jpg
File:Platycercus eximius -Buffalo Zoo-8.jpg
File:Platycercus eximius -Buffalo Zoo-8-3c.jpg
File:Platycercus eximius -Buffalo Zoo-8c.jpg
File:Eos bornea -Buffalo Zoo-8a.jpg
File:Mouflon in zoo.jpg

Syracuse, NY


File:Macaw hybrid - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Caloenas nicobarica - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Phanaeus difformis - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Bos grunniens - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Bos grunniens 2 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Cryptoprocta ferox 1 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Cryptoprocta ferox 2 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Cryptoprocta ferox 3 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Larosterna inca - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Tockus deckeni - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Varecia variegata - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Ailurus fulgens - Syracuse Zoo.jpg

File:Aix sponsa - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Canis rufus 1 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Canis rufus 2 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Capra falconeri 1 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Capra falconeri 2 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Cervus albirostris 1 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Cervus albirostris 2 - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Falco peregrinus - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Haliaeetus leucocephalus - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Mergellus albellus - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Rangifer tarandus - Syracuse Zoo.jpg
File:Tayassu tajacu - Syracuse Zoo.jpg

New York State Fair




File:Chainsaw carving 1 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 2 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 3 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 4 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 5 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 6 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 7 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 8 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 9 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 10 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 11 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 12 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 13 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 14 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 15 - NYSFair.jpg
File:Chainsaw carving 16 - NYSFair.jpg
File:RoundUp - NYSFair.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 1 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 2 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 3 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 4 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 5 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 6 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 7 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 8 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 9 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 10 - NYSFair 2010.jpg
File:Trailer Choir 11 - NYSFair 2010.jpg

Phoenix, AZ


File:Dodonaea microzyga - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Coryphantha calipensis - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Coryphantha pycnacantha - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria geminispina Cristata - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria magnimamma - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria mystax - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria polythele - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria polythele ssp durispina - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria spinosissima - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Mammillaria standleyi - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Myrtillocactus geometrizans - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Opuntia ficus-indica - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Opuntia fulgida 1 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Opuntia fulgida 2 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Opuntia fulgida 3 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Stenocereus thurberi - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg

File:Stetsonia coryne - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Fouquieria columnaris 1 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Fouquieria columnaris 2 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Dryas julia - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Eurytides marcellus 1 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Eurytides marcellus 2 - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Heliconius charitonius - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Papilio cresphontes - Desert Botanical Garden.jpg
File:Catagonus wagneri 1 - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Catagonus wagneri 2 - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Chrysocyon brachyurus - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Cyclura cornuta - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Myrmecophaga tridactyla - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Saimiri sciureus - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Savanna - Phoenix Zoo.jpg
File:Watusi cattle - Phoenix Zoo.jpg

Hilton Head, SC


File:Ardea herodias 1 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 2 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 3 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 4 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 5 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 6 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 7 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 8 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 9 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 10 - Hilton Head.jpg
File:Ardea herodias 11 - Hilton Head.jpg

File:Uca pugilator 1 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 2 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 3 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 4 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 5 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 6 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 7 - Pinckney Island.jpg
File:Uca pugilator 8 - Pinckney Island.jpg



Peak District / Derbyshire


File:Derwent Dam tower.jpg
File:Derwent Dam, lower.jpg
File:Derwent Dam, upper.jpg
File:Derwent Valley aqueduct.jpg
File:Ladybower Dam, lower.jpg
File:Ladybower Dam, upper.jpg
File:Ladybower Reservoir, south.jpg
File:Castleton from Peveril Castle.jpg
File:Peveril Castle corner.jpg
File:Peveril Castle dale.jpg
File:Peveril Castle from Castleton.jpg
File:Peveril Castle gate.jpg
File:Peveril Castle keep 1.jpg
File:Peveril Castle keep 2.jpg
File:Peveril Castle keep 3.jpg
File:Peveril Castle keep interior.jpg
File:Peveril Castle keep latrine.jpg
File:Peveril Castle wall.jpg
File:Winnats Pass, Castleton.jpg
File:St Peters Parish Church, Hope.jpg
File:Mam Tor from Peveril Castle.jpg
File:Back Tor from Peveril Castle.jpg
File:Back Tor from Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Hope Cement Works.jpg
File:Church of St Edmund, Castleton 1.jpg
File:Church of St Edmund, Castleton 2.jpg
File:Castleton Methodist Church.jpg
File:Blue John fragments - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Blue John pillar - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Flowstone - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Fossils - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Stalactites and flowstone - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg
File:Stalactites - Treak Cliff Cavern.jpg

File:Stalagmites - Treak Cliff Cavern 1.jpg
File:Stalagmites - Treak Cliff Cavern 2.jpg
File:Dry stone wall sheep fields - Castleton.jpg
File:Eyam Celtic Cross, east side.jpg
File:Eyam Celtic Cross, west side.jpg
File:Eyam Mechanics Institute.jpg
File:Eyam Parish Church 1.jpg
File:Eyam Parish Church 2.jpg
File:Eyam Parish Church 3.jpg
File:Grindleford Methodist Church.jpg
File:Thomas Stanley memorial.jpg
File:Wall sundial - Eyam Parish Church.jpg
File:Eyam Hall 1.jpg
File:Eyam Hall 2.jpg
File:Eyam Hall stables.jpg
File:Eyam plague cottages 1.jpg
File:Eyam plague cottages 2.jpg
File:Eyam plague cottages 3.jpg
File:Eyam stocks.jpg
File:Buxton Crescent 1.jpg
File:Buxton Crescent 2.jpg
File:Buxton Octagon.jpg
File:Buxton Pavilion Gardens 1.jpg
File:Buxton Pavilion Gardens 2.jpg
File:Buxton Pavilion Gardens bandstand.jpg
File:St Anns Well 1 - Buxton.jpg
File:St Anns Well 2 - Buxton.jpg
File:Buxton Opera House.jpg
File:Samuel Turner monument - Buxton.jpg
File:Cressbrook Dale 1.jpg
File:Cressbrook Dale 2.jpg
File:Peters Stone 1 - Cressbrook Dale.jpg
File:Peters Stone 2 - Cressbrook Dale.jpg

File:Revolving roasting jack - Eyam.jpg
File:Tideswell Church 1.jpg
File:Tideswell Church 2.jpg
File:Tideswell Church altar 1.jpg
File:Tideswell Church altar 2.jpg
File:Tideswell Church baptismal font 1.jpg
File:Tideswell Church baptismal font 2.jpg
File:Tideswell Church stained glass 1.jpg
File:Tideswell Church stained glass 2.jpg
File:De Bower tomb 1 - Tideswell Church.jpg
File:De Bower tomb 2 - Tideswell Church.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 1.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 2.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 3.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 4.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 5.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 6.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 7.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 8.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 9.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 10.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 11.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 12.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 13.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 14.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 15.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern 16.jpg
File:Pooles Cavern entrance.jpg
File:Devonshire Dome 1.jpg
File:Devonshire Dome 2.jpg
File:Devonshire Dome 3.jpg
File:Devonshire Dome 4.jpg

Isle of Wight


File:Charles I window - Carisbrooke Castle.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 1.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 2.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 3.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 4.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 5.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 6.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle 7.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle chapel.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle gate 1.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle gate 2.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle well house 1.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle well house 2.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle well house 3.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Castle well house 4.jpg
File:Carisbrooke Church.jpg
File:Wightlink Cenred.jpg
File:Wightlink Cenwulf.jpg
File:Wightlink Caedmon.jpg

File:Hurst Castle Lighthouse.jpg
File:38 ton gun 1 - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:38 ton gun 2 - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:38 ton gun shell - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:6 pounder gun - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Armstrong 9in rifled muzzle loader.jpg
File:Blomefield 9 pounder - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Fog signal clock.jpg
File:Lighthouse carbide grinder.jpg
File:Lighthouse ventilator - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Needles Lighthouse fog signal bank.jpg
File:Neil Robertson stretcher.jpg
File:Ninas hat rack.jpg
File:Quick Firing 12 pounder - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Quick Firing 12 pounder (rear) - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Twin 6 pounder 1 - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Twin 6 pounder 2 - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Hurst Castle Lighthouse top.jpg
File:Hurst Castle Low Lighthouses 1.jpg

File:Hurst Castle Low Lighthouses 2.jpg
File:Hurst Castle Low Lighthouses 3.jpg
File:Hurst Castle west bastion 1.jpg
File:Hurst Castle west bastion 2.jpg
File:QF gun emplacement - Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Solent Rose Hurst Ferry.jpg
File:Fort Albert from Hurst Castle.jpg
File:Freshwater Bay 1.jpg
File:Freshwater Bay 2.jpg
File:Tennyson Cross 1.jpg
File:Tennyson Cross 2.jpg
File:Tennyson Cross 3.jpg
File:Tennyson Cross inscription.jpg
File:Tennyson Down 1.jpg
File:Tennyson Down 2.jpg
File:Tennyson Down 3.jpg
File:Nodes Beacon replica.jpg
File:Alum Bay.jpg
File:The Needles from Alum Bay.jpg

Hampshire / Dorset


File:Bubo capensis mackinderi - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Bubo virginianus nacurutu - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Muntiacus reevesi - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Sus scrofa 1 - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Sus scrofa 2 - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg

File:Sus scrofa 3 - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Lutra lutra 1 - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Lutra lutra 2 - Otter, Owl, and Wildlife Park.jpg
File:Lymington Parish Church.jpg
File:Lymington Flyer.jpg

File:Highcliffe Castle 1.jpg
File:Highcliffe Castle 2.jpg
File:Highcliffe Castle 3.jpg
File:Highcliffe Castle 4.jpg



File:Canary Wharf at night, from Shadwell.jpg
File:Commercial Road Lock, Regents Canal.jpg
File:Salmon Lane Lock, Regents Canal.jpg

File:Shadwell Basin.jpg
File:St Pauls Shadwell.jpg
File:Wapping Hydraulic Power Station 1.jpg

File:Wapping Hydraulic Power Station 2.jpg
File:Coots on Regents Canal.jpg
File:Palace of Westminster viewed from the London Eye.jpg



File:Beethoven and Schubert graves - Zentralfriedhof Vienna.jpg
File:Beethoven grave and Mozart memorial - Zentralfriedhof Vienna.jpg
File:Beethoven grave - Zentralfriedhof Vienna.jpg
File:Strass and Brahms graves - Zentralfriedhof Vienna.jpg

File:Karl-Borromaus-Kirche - Zentralfriedhof Vienna.jpg
File:Burggarten Palmenhaus 1996.jpg
File:Karlskirche Vienna 1996.jpg
File:Stephansdom organ.jpg

File:Stephansdom pulpit.jpg
File:Theseustempel Vienna.jpg
File:Linz Danube Park sculpture.jpg
File:Postlingberg Kirche.jpg



File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 01.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 02.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 03.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 04.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 05.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 06.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 07.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 08.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 09.jpg

File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 10.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 11.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 12.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 13.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 14.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 15.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 16.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 17.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 18.jpg

File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 19.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 20.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 21.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 22.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 23.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 24.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 25.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 26.jpg
File:Ubirr rock art Jul2013 27.jpg

Computers / VR / Electronic Art


File:CAVE Crayoland.jpg
File:CrystalEyes shutter glasses.jpg
File:Cray Y-MP GSFC.jpg
File:MasPar GSFC.jpg
File:Klangpark - Ars Electronica 99.jpg
File:Bugrace99 - Ars Electronica 99.jpg
File:Eduardo Kac - Genesis - Ars Electronica 99.jpg
File:Ars Electronica 99 - Global Village.jpg
File:Ars Electronica Center lobby 1996.jpg
File:Ars Electronica Center Telegarden 1996.jpg
File:DisneyQuest CyberSpace Mountain.jpg
File:DisneyQuest Ride the Comix.jpg
File:DisneyQuest Aladdin.jpg
File:DisneyQuest Aladdin 2.jpg
File:DisneyQuest Aladdin HMD mount.jpg
File:Panoram GVR-120 at Siggraph99 - projectors.jpg
File:Panoram GVR-120 at Siggraph99.jpg
File:NTT ICC entrance.jpg
File:Karl Sims - Galapagos - ICC.jpg
File:NTTICC ImmersaDesk.jpg
File:Sega BOX.jpg
File:Sega BOX 2.jpg
File:Nissho ImmersaDesk and CAVE.jpg
File:Nissho ImmersaDesk.jpg
File:FHW ImmersaDesk2.jpg

File:FHW REACTOR 1.jpg
File:FHW REACTOR 2.jpg
File:Iowa State C6 1.jpg
File:Iowa State C6 2.jpg
File:VPL Eyephone and Dataglove.jpg
File:VPL DataSuit 1.jpg
File:VPL DataSuit 2.jpg
File:Tokyo University CABIN 1.jpg
File:Tokyo University CABIN 2.jpg
File:Tokyo University CABIN interior.jpg
File:Tokyo University CABIN side projector.jpg
File:Tokyo University CABIN Onyxes.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS 1.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS 2.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS 3.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS interior.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS rear.jpg
File:Gifu COSMOS side projectors.jpg
File:Polhemus Long Ranger.jpg
File:CAVE projection alignment.jpg
File:Christie Mirage 5000.jpg
File:Circularly polarized glasses.jpg
File:CAVE Wanda.jpg



File:InFocus IN26plus.jpg
File:InFocus IN34.jpg
File:Mitsubishi XD300U.jpg
File:Mitsubishi XD300U side.jpg


Misc photos


File:A963 Stern.jpg
File:M915 Aster.jpg
File:Ano Nuevo seals.jpg
File:BadIschl Kaiservilla.jpg
File:British Soldiers Grave - Old North Bridge.jpg
File:Broodhuis - Brussels.jpg
File:Carnival glass vase.jpg
File:Clinton inauguration 1993 - campaign bus.jpg
File:Clinton inauguration 1993 crowds.jpg
File:Grand Place northwest - Brussels.jpg
File:Hancock Cannon.jpg
File:Holmes stereoscope.jpg
File:KSC rocket garden.jpg
File:Lineman changing transformer.jpg
File:Lunar module at KSC.jpg
File:Lunar eclipse - 2008-02-21 233814 - Buffalo, NY.jpg
File:Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro.jpg

File:Maison des Brasseurs statue - Brussels.jpg
File:Memorial obelisk - Old North Bridge.jpg
File:Mercury Redstone at KSC.jpg
File:Minuteman statue 1 - Old North Bridge.jpg
File:Minuteman statue 2 - Old North Bridge.jpg
File:Minuteman statue 3 - Old North Bridge.jpg
File:Nashville Parthenon from south.jpg
File:Palace Guard's tent at Chinese Pavilion.jpg
File:Random orbit sander.jpg
File:Tent caterpillar group.jpg
File:Jonathan Swift death mask.jpg



File:Blue Marble rotating 1024x1024.ogg
File:South America - Blue Marble orthographic.jpg
File:Antarctica 6400px from Blue Marble.jpg
File:Corliss evolution CA.jpg
File:MPP stereo analysis.jpg