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These are images that I have scanned or found on the web and uploaded to Commons.

Scans from books[edit]

Official Views of Pan-American Exposition[edit]

File:Pan-American Exposition - The Electric Tower.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Esplanade, Band Stand, and Triumphal Bridge.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Triumphal Bridge.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electric Tower at Night.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Base of Electric Tower.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Temple of Music Illuminated.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Looking East on the Mall.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Looking West on the Mall.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Triumphal Bridge on Dedication Day.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Ethnology and Government Buildings.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electric Tower, View from North.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Machinery Building Illuminated.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - A Sham Battle in the Stadium.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Triumphal Bridge Illuminated.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Midway from the Electric Tower.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Agriculture, by Phinister A. Proctor.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Midway, Looking North.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Midway, Looking West.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Horticulture Building and Temple of Music.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Ethnology Building at Night.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Lowney Building.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Main Building of U. S. Government Group.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - View from Electric Tower, Looking South.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Mines Building from Mirror Lake.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Womans Building.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Agriculture Building from Southwest.jpg

File:Pan-American Exposition - Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electricity Building at Night.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - On the Midway.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Temple of Music.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Statue of Gen. Sherman.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Luncheon Hour at Alt Nurnberg.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Base of Tower at Night.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - In the Philippine Village.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Lincoln Parkway Entrance.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - West Wing of Electric Tower.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Gondolas on Grand Canal.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - A Scene in Fair Japan.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Midway.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Court of Fountains.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Fountain of Abundance and Music Temple.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Trellis between Machinery Building and Music Temple.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electric Tower and Buildings of Main Court.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Horse Tamer.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - New York State Building.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - The Propylaea.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - A Colonnade.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electric Tower from Esplanade.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Fair Japan and Geisha Girls.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - A Glimpse at the Indian Congress.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - View on the Plaza at Night.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electric Tower seen through the Approach.jpg
File:Pan-American Exposition - Electricity Building from the Southeast.jpg

Views of Old-Time Buffalo[edit]

File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p01.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p02 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p02 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p03 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p03 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p04 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p04 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p05 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p05 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p06 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p06 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p07 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p07 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p08 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p08 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p09 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p09 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p10 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p10 b.jpg
File:Southeast corner of Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York, some time between 1887 and 1900 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg

File:Lafayette Square as seen looking southeast from the corner of Main and Court Streets, Buffalo, New York, circa 1860s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p12 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p12 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p13 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p13 b.jpg
File:Northward along Main Street from the corner of Seneca Street, Buffalo, New York, circa early to mid-1890s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Shelton Square as seen looking southwest from the corner of Main and North Division Streets, Buffalo, New York, 1881 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Wonderland Theatre aka Arcade Building, Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York, circa late 1880s or early '90s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Erie County Courthouse and east side of Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York, before 1876 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Looking southeastward from the spire of St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, New York, 1870 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Washington Street Baptist Church, Buffalo, New York (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Northward along Main Street from the corner of Swan Street, Buffalo, New York, 1891 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Mouth of the Buffalo River, circa 1876 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:East side of Main Street between Mohawk Street and Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York, circa early to mid-1850s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Tifft House, Buffalo, New York, some time between 1894 and 1903 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Northwest corner of Main and Genesee Streets, Buffalo, New York, c. early to mid-1870s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Buffalo Medical College, Main Street at Virginia Street, Buffalo, New York, c. early 1890s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:East side of Main Street between Eagle Street and Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York, c. early to mid-1870s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:St. Joseph's Cathedral, Erie Street, and Buffalo Harbor as seen from St. Paul's Cathedral, c. early 1860s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1849 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg

File:City Police Headquarters (former Western Hotel), Buffalo, New York, 1888 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p22 a.jpg
File:Trinity Episcopal Church (1841 building), Buffalo, New York (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Elevator Alley viewed from across City Ship Canal, Buffalo, New York, circa 1870s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Evans Elevator and mills, Buffalo, New York, before 1862 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Hazard Block, Buffalo, New York, c. early to mid-1870s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Southeastward along Ohio Street from the foot of Main Street, Buffalo, New York, before 1907 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Volunteer fire department drill, Main Street between Swan and Seneca Streets, Buffalo, New York, 1858 (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Buffalo Sängerhalle, c. early to mid-1880s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Commercial Hotel Block, Buffalo, New York, c. late 1860s (from Views of Old-Time Buffalo).jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p26 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p27 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p27 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p28 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p28 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p29.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p30 a.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p30 b.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p31.jpg
File:Views of Old-Time Buffalo p32.jpg

The Boy's King Arthur[edit]

File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - cover.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - title page.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p4.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p16.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p38.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p52.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p82.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p102.jpg

File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p130.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p162.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p190.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p214.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p246.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p278.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p306.jpg
File:Boys King Arthur - N. C. Wyeth - p316.jpg

Clara Barton: A Centenary Tribute[edit]

File:Clara Barton tribute frontispiece.jpg
File:Harrison Gray Otis - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Isaac R. Sherwood - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Joseph Taggart - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Warren G. Harding - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Charles F. Curry - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg

File:Denver S. Church - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Leonard Wood - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:William R. Shafter - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Abraham Lincoln - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:John J. Pershing - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg
File:Nelson A. Miles - Clara Barton Centenary.jpg

King Albert's Book[edit]

File:St. Michael of Belgium - J. J. Shannon.jpg
File:A Glass of Wine with Caesar Borgia - John Collier.jpg
File:St. George and the Dragon - Briton Riviere.jpg
File:The Harvest Moon - E. A. Waterlow.jpg

File:The Crown of Peace - W. B. Richmond.jpg
File:Motherless - Luke Fildes.jpg
File:The Walls of Old England - E. J. Poynter.jpg

Martin Chuzzlewit[edit]

File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus1.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus2.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus3.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus4.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus5.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus6.jpg

File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus7.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus8.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus9.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus10.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus11.jpg

File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus12.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus13.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus14.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus15.jpg
File:Martin Chuzzlewit illus16.jpg

Optic Projection[edit]

File:Optic Projection fig 102.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 17.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 32.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 33.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 34.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 36A.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 38A.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 41.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 42.jpg

File:Optic Projection fig 48A.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 48B.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 55.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 77.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 88.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 89.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 169.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 221.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 222.jpg

File:Optic Projection fig 224.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 225.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 226.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 227.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 233.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 236.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 404.jpg
File:Optic Projection fig 411.jpg

Descent of Man[edit]

File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Title.png
File:Descent of Man 1874 - Fig 1.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 2.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 3.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 4.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 5.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 8.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 9.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 10.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 11.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 12.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 13.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 14.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 15.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 16.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 17.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 21.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 23.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 24.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 25.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 26.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 27.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 28.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 29.png

File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 30.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 31.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 32.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 33.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 34.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 35.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 36.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 37.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 38.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 39.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 40.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 41.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 42.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 44.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 45.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 46.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 47.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 48.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 49.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 50.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 51.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 52.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 53.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 54.png

File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 55.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 57.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 58.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 59.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 60.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 62.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 63.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 64.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 65.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 66.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 67.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 68.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 69.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 70.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 71.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 72.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 73.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 77.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 78.png
File:Descent of Man 1874 - Fig 1 editDP1.png
File:Descent of Man - Burt 1874 - Fig 78 edited.png

Miscellaneous Charles Darwin images[edit]

File:Charles Darwin - 1837 notebook page.jpg
File:Charles Darwin by Elliott and Fry.jpg
File:Charles Darwin by Julia Margaret Cameron 2.jpg

Stars in Blue: Movie Actors in America's Sea Services [edit]

File:Betty Hutton - USN.jpg
File:Bill Cosby - USN.jpg
File:Buddy Ebsen - USCG.jpg
File:Buddy Rogers - USAAF.jpg
File:Carole Landis - USN.jpg
File:Cesar Romero - USCG 1.jpg
File:Cesar Romero - USCG 2.jpg
File:Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - USN.jpg
File:Gene Kelly - USN.jpg

File:Glenn Ford - USN 1.jpg
File:Glenn Ford - USN 2.jpg
File:Henry Fonda - USN.jpg
File:Jack Benny - USN 1.jpg
File:Jack Benny - USN 2.jpg
File:Robert Montgomery - USN.jpg
File:Robert Taylor - USN.jpg
File:Victor Mature - USCG.jpg
File:Wayne Morris - USN.jpg

Buffalo & Erie County government publications[edit]

File:Snow fighting equipment - 1977 NFTA Report.jpg
File:Hugh Carey - 1977 NFTA Report.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 logo.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 01.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 02.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 03.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 04.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 05.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 06.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 07.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 08.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 09.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 10.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 11.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 12.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 13.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 14.jpg
File:NFTA Annual Report 1974-1975 15.jpg
File:Liberty Building - Port of Buffalo handbook.jpg
File:Daniel J Kenefick - Buffalo War Council.jpg
File:Joseph C Grew arrives at Buffalo, June 1943.jpg
File:Joseph J Kelly - Buffalo War Council.jpg
File:Buffalo City Council - 1920directory.jpg
File:George S Buck - 1920directory.jpg
File:Buffalo City Council - 1922directory.jpg
File:Frank X Schwab - 1922directory.jpg

File:Buffalo Airport - Judges and Police Executives Conference.jpg
File:Buffalo City Hall - Judges and Police Executives Conference.jpg
File:Canisius College - Judges and Police Executives Conference.jpg
File:Downtown Buffalo - Judges and Police Executives Conference.jpg
File:Downtown Buffalo 2 - Judges and Police Executives Conference.jpg
File:Austin J Roche - 1932 BPDReport.jpg
File:Charles E Roesch - 1932 BPDReport.jpg
File:Chester Kowal - 1962 BPDReport.jpg
File:Chester Kowal - 1963 BPDReport.jpg
File:Frank A Sedita - 1965 BPDReport.jpg
File:Frank N Felicetta - 1965 BPDReport.jpg
File:Howard E Finney - 1962 BPDReport.jpg
File:Stanley M Makowski - 1973 BPDReport.jpg
File:Thomas R Blair - 1973 BPDReport.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 01.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 02.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 03.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 04.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 05.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1965 - 06.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1973 - 01.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1973 - 02.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1973 - 03.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1973 - 04.jpg
File:Buffalo Police Department Annual Report 1973 map.jpg


File:Sheldon Thompson - History of Buffalo.jpg

File:Milburn house - History of Buffalo.jpg
File:Ansley Wilcox - History of Buffalo.jpg

Scans from microfilm[edit]

File:Robert L Ketter - UB 1967.jpg
File:Martin Meyerson - UB 1967.jpg
File:Jerry Rubin - Spectrum 13Mar1970.jpg
File:Jerry Rubin (edit) - Spectrum 13Mar1970.jpg
File:Tom Toles - Buffalonian 1970.jpg
File:Robert Creeley 1 - Buffalonian 1970.jpg
File:Robert Creeley 2 - Buffalonian 1970.jpg

File:William Carpenter - Buffalo Evening News 28Dec1885.jpg
File:Philip Becker - Buffalo Evening News 28Dec1885.jpg
File:Virgil Miller - American Cinematographer 1Feb1922.jpg
File:James Van Trees - American Cinematographer 15Jan1922.jpg
File:Eugene Gaudio - American Cinematographer 1Feb1922.jpg
File:Philip Rosen - American Cinematographer 1Nov1921.jpg


File:Tab Benoit 8Feb2008.jpg
File:Curtis Salgado 12April2008.jpg
File:Ray Benson 15April2008.jpg
File:Asleep at the Wheel 15April2008.jpg
File:Coco Montoya 7Dec2007.jpg

File:Tommy Castro 14Mar2008.jpg
File:Nick St. Nicholas.jpg
File:Scott Thunes 20Aug2007.jpg
File:Alex Ligertwood.jpg


Remote sensing[edit]

File:Singapore - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Cape Cod - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Ekarma - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Antsiferova - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Atlasov - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Paramushir, Atlasov, Shumshu - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Ilots des Apotres - Landsat 7.jpg
File:Crozet Islands eastern group - STS088.jpg
File:Walpole Island - ISS006.JPG
File:Faial - Cabeco Gordo - ISS002.JPG
File:Kharimkotan - ISS005.jpg

File:Manhattan on September 12 - Landsat7.jpg
File:Suez Canal, Port Said - ISS.jpg
File:Souris River, Estevan - STS098.JPG
File:La Cumbre - ISS.JPG
File:Rabaul Volcano - STS064.jpg
File:Waw An Namus - STS052.JPG
File:Adonara Island - STS008.jpg
File:Ubinas ash cloud - ISS.jpg
File:Landsat GlacierBay 01aug99.jpg
File:Biosphere CZCS NDVI.jpg
File:Tasmania 27nov81.png

Hubble Space Telescope[edit]

File:M15 - Hubble 1998.jpg
File:Spirograph Nebula - Hubble 1999.jpg
File:Keyhole Nebula - Hubble 1999.jpg

File:Tarantula Nebula - Hubble.jpg
File:Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic.jpg


File:Hoover Ames Collier Trophy.jpg
File:H Julian Allen.jpg
File:Alfred J Eggers.jpg
File:Arthur Godfrey - George Cooper - Smith de France.jpg
File:X-Ray Explorer Satellite.jpg
File:Explorer 32.jpg
File:Gordon Cooper - Gemini V recovery.jpg
File:NASA Langley paper airplane.jpg
File:Pete Conrad - egress training.jpg
File:Lewis supersonic wind tunnel.jpg
File:Thomas P. Stafford patting Snoopy.jpg
File:Soyuz TMA-7 approach.jpg
File:Langley hypersonic wind tunnels.jpg

File:Piers Sellers spacewalk.jpg
File:Nancy Roman OSO.jpg
File:John Griffith X-1.jpg
File:XV-15 takeoff.jpg
File:John B. McKay X-15.jpg
File:Joe Walker X-1E.jpg
File:Robert A. Rushworth.jpg
File:Gordon Fullerton 1989.jpg
File:PUMA robot arm.jpg
File:Goodyear MPP.jpg
File:MPP hardware.png
File:Human computers - Dryden.jpg
File:NASA Differential Analyzer.jpg
File:Neil deGrasse Tyson - NAC Nov 2005.jpg


File:Boston 1872 fire ruins.jpg
File:Valentine McGillycuddy.jpg
File:Mount Pelée 1902 - Morne Rouge.jpg
File:Mount Pelée 1902 refugees.jpg
File:Mount Pelée 1902.jpg
File:Ellis Island arrivals.jpg
File:Child coal miners (1908).jpg
File:Inez Milholland 1913.jpg
File:Suffrage pageant Washington 1913.jpg
File:Gertrude Ederle parade NYWTS.jpg
File:Bank of the United States failure NYWTS.jpg
File:German American Bund NYWTS.jpg
File:Gordon Parks - American Gothic.jpg
File:Suribachi flag NYWTS edited.jpg
File:Suribachi flag NYWTS.jpg

File:V-J Day Times Square NYWTS.jpg
File:WWII Food Rationing.jpg
File:S S Hope.jpg
File:1952 Republican National Convention.jpg
File:Little Rock integration protest.jpg
File:Little Rock Nine protest.jpg
File:James Meredith OleMiss.jpg
File:Vivian Malone registering.jpg
File:March on Washington - Reflecting Pool.jpg
File:Women Strike for Peace NYWTS.jpg
File:Ford National Security Council.jpg
File:Crowds listening for news on Kennedy NYWTS.jpg
File:CORE members NYWTS.jpg
File:Eisenhower parade NYWTS.jpg

Old media[edit]

File:Stereograph as an educator.jpg
File:Stereograph as an educator - anaglyph.jpg
File:Mareorama (Scientific American).jpg
File:Cineorama camera.jpg
File:Cineorama projectors.jpg
File:The Horse in Motion.jpg
File:Muybridge baboon climbing.jpg
File:Muybridge baboon running 1.jpg
File:Muybridge baboon running 2.jpg
File:Muybridge elk running.jpg

File:Edison and phonograph.jpg
File:Gertie stacks of drawings.jpg
File:Gertie dinner party.jpg
File:Gertie with cartoon McCay.jpg
File:Gertie the Dinosaur poster.jpg
File:GoodMorningToAll 1893 song.jpg
File:Sensorama patent fig5.png
File:Fleischer stereoptical camera fig1.png
File:Fleischer stereoptical camera fig1 edit.png
File:Fleischer stereoptical camera fig2.png
File:Fleischer stereoptical camera fig2 edit.png


File:Isaac Blessing Jacob - Govert Flinck.jpg
File:Jan Asselijn - The Threatened Swan.jpg
File:Tiglath-Pileser II - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Paeonius Nike - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Ludovisi Ares - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Otricoli Zeus - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Dannecker - Ariadne - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Koryusai - Hinagata wakana no hatsu moyo.jpg
File:Sukenobu - The Doll Ceremony.jpg
File:Okumura Masanobu - The nobleman Sugawara Michizane.jpg
File:Torii Kiyonobu - Courtesan painting a screen.jpg
File:Torii Kiyomasu - Actor Sanjo Kantaro.jpg
File:Torii Kiyomasu II - Ichikawa Ebizo.jpg
File:Kunichika - Scene in a villa.jpg
File:Utagawa Kunisada II - Fukigusa sono no yuran.jpg
File:Improve the present hour - Winslow Homer.jpg
File:Flyfishing - Winslow Homer.jpg

File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 1 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 3 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 4 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 5 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 6 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 7 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 8 - Andreani.jpg
File:Triunphus Caesaris plate 9 - Andreani.jpg
File:Baptism of Pocahontas.jpg
File:Declaration of Independence (John Trumbull).jpg
File:Discovery of the Mississippi.jpg
File:Embarkation of the Pilgrims.jpg
File:General George Washington Resigning his Commission.jpg
File:Surrender of General Burgoyne.jpg
File:Surrender of Lord Cornwallis.jpg
File:Landing of Columbus (2).jpg


File:Mark Twain's Joan of Arc.jpg
File:John Wilkes Booth wanted poster.jpg
File:Ringling poster 1898.jpg
File:Ringling poster 1898 edited.jpg
File:Ringling poster Raschetta Brothers.jpg
File:John T Raymond - Risks.jpg
File:Bartley Campbell - The White Slave.jpg
File:Bronson Howard - Shenandoah.jpg
File:Charles Frohman presents John Drew.jpg
File:Maude Adams in The Little Minister.jpg
File:Annie Russell - Mice and Men.jpg
File:Ben-Hur (Klaw & Erlanger).jpg
File:William Gillette - Secret Service.jpg
File:Pirates of Penzance (A.S. Seer, 1880).jpg
File:Fiske's The Privateer.jpg
File:Belasco's The Heart of Maryland.jpg

File:Hoyt's A Milk White Flag.jpg
File:Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin - Eliza.jpg
File:Louise Dresser - Orpheum Show.jpg
File:Hurly-Burly Extravaganza.jpg
File:OBrien and Havel - Joseph Hart Vaudeville.jpg
File:Ah Wilderness poster.jpg
File:Lets Censor Our Conversation.jpg
File:Build for your Navy.jpg
File:WPA Blackout poster.jpg
File:Polk Dallas campaign banner.jpg
File:Cass Butler campaign.jpg
File:James G. Blaine - John A. Logan.jpg
File:Free Soil campaign banner.jpg

Diagrams / Maps[edit]

File:Juvenile fish bypass.jpg
File:Huperzia porophila drawing.png
File:Asplenium platyneuron drawing.png
File:Jeannette crew map.png
File:Channel Islands NMS map.jpg

File:Cordell Bank NMS map.jpg
File:Flower Gardens NMS map.jpg
File:Gulf of the Farallones NMS map.jpg
File:Olympic Coast NMS map.jpg
File:Stellwagen Bank NMS map.jpg
File:Thunder Bay NMS map.jpg

Cartoons / Drawings / Engravings[edit]

File:Betty Boop patent fig1.jpg
File:Betty Boop patent fig2.jpg
File:Jan van Leiden by Aldegrever.jpg
File:James Sadler - 1812 engraving.jpg
File:James Sadler - 12 Aug 1811 ascent.jpg
File:Antoine Deparcieux (1703-1768).jpg
File:Mutt and Jeff - motorcycle cop.jpg
File:Robert Frederick Blum - Man before grilled entrance.jpg
File:John White Alexander - Alexander Stephens portrait.jpg
File:Jessie Willcox Smith - The Water Babies - p140.jpg
File:Jessie Willcox Smith - The Water Babies - p236.jpg
File:The Prince and the Pauper 1881 p20.jpg
File:Tom Sawyer 1876 frontispiece.jpg
File:Connecticut Yankee frontispiece by Beard.jpg
File:Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich buffalo hunt.jpg
File:Awful conflagration of the steam boat Lexington.jpg

File:BombastesFurioso Cruikshank.jpg
File:Citizen Know Nothing.jpg
File:Our Countrymen in Chains.jpg
File:Siege of Vicksburg - Logan.jpg
File:Hugh Judson Kilpatrick - Chancellorsville Campaign.jpg
File:Clay vs Polk campaign.jpg
File:Scott vs Pierce campaign.jpg
File:Zachary Taylor - Cock of the walk.jpg
File:Grand Presidential sweep-stakes for 1849.jpg
File:The modern Gilpins.jpg
File:Smoking him out.jpg
File:Death of Locofocoism.jpg
File:Storming the castle (1860 election).jpg
File:Whig harmony.jpg


File:Erie County Hall (HABS).jpg
File:Randolph Air Force Base - Taj Mahal Building.jpg
File:Southern Virginia University.jpg
File:Stonewall Jackson statue - Valentine.jpg
File:Lee Chapel.jpg
File:Stonewall Jackson House.jpg
File:Hull's Drive In.jpg
File:Martin House complex 1916.png
File:Crossroads of the World.jpg
File:Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.jpg

File:Chrysler Building Midtown Manhattan New York City 1932.jpg
File:Pie town homesteader dugout.jpg
File:Shasta dam under construction.jpg
File:Sing Sing old cell block.jpg
File:White Horse Tavern NYWTS.jpg
File:Sing Sing old cell block.jpg
File:Gothic capital - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Romanesque capitals - 1889 drawing.jpg
File:Byzantine capital - 1889 drawing.jpg


File:Adelocosa anops.jpg
File:California Least Tern.jpg
File:Rhaphiomidas terminatus abdominalis.jpg
File:Colorado Pikeminnow.jpg
File:Red wolf pups - captive breeding.jpg

File:Tiger salamander.jpg
File:Bombay Hook NWR - birds.jpg
File:Bombay Hook NWR wetlands.jpg
File:San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.jpg


Civil Rights Movement[edit]

File:Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lyndon Johnson.jpg
File:Lyndon Johnson meeting with civil rights leaders.jpg
File:Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lyndon Johnson 2.jpg
File:Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lyndon Johnson 3.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr with medallion NYWTS.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS 4.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS 5.jpg
File:Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS 6.jpg
File:Hubert Humphrey and Martin Luther King NYWTS.jpg
File:Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King and Robert F. Wagner NYWTS.jpg
File:Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. - Voting Rights Act.jpg
File:Asa Philip Randolph NYWTS.jpg
File:Whitney Young and Lyndon Johnson.jpg
File:Whitney Young NYWTS.jpg

File:James L Farmer Jr.jpg
File:Malcolm X NYWTS.jpg
File:Malcolm X NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Malcolm X NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Malcolm X NYWTS 4.jpg
File:Bayard Rustin NYWTS 1.jpg
File:Bayard Rustin NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Bayard Rustin NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Bayard Rustin before demonstration NYWTS.jpg
File:Bayard Rustin and Eugene Reed.jpg
File:Rustin Young Ryan Farmer Lewis.jpg
File:James L. Farmer, Jr. NYWTS 1.jpg
File:James L. Farmer, Jr. NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Walter Francis White.jpg
File:Robert F. Wagner with Little Rock students NYWTS.jpg
File:NAACP leaders with poster NYWTS.jpg
File:H Rap Brown - USNWR.jpg

New York World-Telegram and Sun[edit]

File:Abe Stark and Watermelon Queen.jpg
File:Abraham Cahan NYWTS.jpg
File:Adolf Augustus Berle NYWTS.jpg
File:Albert Einstein citizenship NYWTS.jpg
File:Albert Shanker NYWTS.jpg
File:Alfred Hitchcock NYWTS.jpg
File:Althea Gibson NYWTS.jpg
File:Andy Warhol and Tennessee Williams NYWTS.jpg
File:Angela Lansbury NYWTS.jpg
File:Anna Louise Strong NYWTS.jpg
File:Annie Oakley NYWTS.jpg
File:Ann Landers.jpg
File:Ann Remington NYWTS.jpg
File:Ann Ronell NYWTS.jpg
File:Barbra Streisand 1962.jpg
File:Ben Hogan NYWTS.jpg
File:Bengt Strömgren NYWTS.jpg
File:Benjamin J. Davis NYWTS.jpg
File:Benny Goodman rehearsal NYWTS.jpg
File:Betty Friedan 1960.jpg
File:Bill Bradley NYWTS.jpg
File:Bill Mauldin NYWTS.jpg
File:Bill McKechnie, John H. McCooey, and Max Carey NYWTS.jpg
File:Billy Bitzer NYWTS.jpg
File:Blair Niles.jpg
File:Bob Cousy NYWTS.jpg
File:Bonnie Prudden leading class.jpg
File:Brendan Behan and Jackie Gleason NYWTS.jpg
File:Brendan Behan NYWTS.jpg
File:Bridget Dowling Hitler NYWTS.jpg
File:Carlos Montoya NYWTS.jpg
File:Carl Sandburg NYWTS.jpg
File:Charles Lindbergh testifying.jpg
File:Charles Schulz NYWTS.jpg
File:Charlotte Greenwood NYWTS.jpg
File:Clare Boothe Luce and Henry Luce NYWTS.jpg
File:David O. Selznick NYWTS 2.jpg
File:David O. Selznick NYWTS.jpg
File:Dick Gregory.jpg
File:Dorothy Fields and Arthur Schwartz NYWTS.jpg
File:Dorothy Nyswander NYWTS.jpg
File:E. E. Cummings NYWTS.jpg
File:Elia Kazan NYWTS.jpg
File:Elijah Muhammad and Cassius Clay NYWTS.jpg
File:Elijah Muhammad NYWTS.jpg
File:Elisabeth Bergner.jpg
File:Elizabeth Arden NYWTS.jpg
File:Elizabeth Bentley.jpg
File:Elizabeth Kenny NYWTS.jpg
File:Ellery Queen NYWTS.jpg
File:Emanuel Celler NYWTS.jpg
File:Emmeline Pankhurst arrested.jpg
File:Erika Mann NYWTS.jpg
File:Estee Lauder NYWTS.jpg
File:Ethel Merman NYWTS.jpg
File:Fats Waller NYWTS.jpg
File:Federico Fellini NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Federico Fellini NYWTS.jpg
File:Fiorello LaGuardia.jpg
File:Fiorello LaGuardia with halibut.jpg
File:Four Miss America contestants NYWTS.jpg
File:Frank Costello - Kefauver Committee.jpg
File:Frank Lloyd Wright NYWTS 1.jpg
File:Frank Lloyd Wright NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Frank Lloyd Wright NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Frank Lloyd Wright NYWTS 4.jpg
File:Frank Sinatra NYWTS.jpg
File:Fulton J. Sheen NYWTS.jpg
File:Gimbels with Hearst antique NYWTS.jpg
File:Grandma Moses NYWTS.jpg
File:Gypsy Rose Lee NYWTS 1.jpg
File:Gypsy Rose Lee NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Harry Hopkins NYWTS.jpg
File:Helen Gurley Brown 1964.jpg
File:Helen Tamiris NYWTS.jpg
File:Henry Wade 1963 press conference NYWTS.jpg

File:Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf NYWTS.jpg
File:Irving Berlin NYWTS.jpg
File:Irwin D. Davidson NYWTS.jpg
File:Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith.jpg
File:Jack Zelig NYWTS.jpg
File:James R. Hoffa and James P. Hoffa NYWTS.jpg
File:James Thurber NYWTS.jpg
File:James Walker NYWTS.jpg
File:Janet Collins NYWTS.jpg
File:Jean Balukas NYWTS.jpg
File:Jim Braddock.jpg
File:Joe Jackson NYWTS.jpg
File:Joe Louis - Max Schmeling - 1936.jpg
File:Joe Tinker NYWTS.jpg
File:John F. Kennedy on gurney NYWTS.jpg
File:John Gates.jpg
File:John Lindsay NYWTS 1.jpg
File:John Lindsay NYWTS 2.jpg
File:John Lindsay NYWTS 3.jpg
File:João Goulart NYWTS.jpg
File:Jose Garcia Villa NYWTS.jpg
File:Joseph Hergesheimer.jpg
File:Joseph Profaci NYWTS.jpg
File:Joyce Brothers NYWTS.jpg
File:Jules Feiffer.jpg
File:Julius and Ethel Rosenberg NYWTS.jpg
File:Katherine Dunham.jpg
File:Kay Boyle NYWTS.jpg
File:Laurance S. Rockefeller NYWTS.jpg
File:Leonard Bernstein NYWTS 1945.jpg
File:Leonard Bernstein NYWTS 1955.jpg
File:Lepke Buchalter and J. Edgar Hoover NYWTS.jpg
File:Lepke Buchalter handcuffed NYWTS.jpg
File:Lillian Eugenia Smith NYWTS.jpg
File:Lindbergh after grand jury.jpg
File:Louis Armstrong NYWTS2.jpg
File:Louis Armstrong NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Louis Armstrong NYWTS 4.jpg
File:Louis Armstrong NYWTS.jpg
File:Louis Buchalter.jpg
File:Louis Buchalter sentencing.jpg
File:Louis Capone and Emanuel Weiss.jpg
File:Lynda Lee Mead NYWTS.jpg
File:Lyndon B. Johnson NYWTS.jpg
File:Mae West NYWTS.jpg
File:Makarios III and Robert F. Wagner NYWTS.jpg
File:Margaret Caroline Anderson NYWTS.jpg
File:Margaret Mead NYWTS.jpg
File:Margaret Mitchell NYWTS.jpg
File:Maria Telkes NYWTS.jpg
File:Mari Sandoz.jpg
File:Marisol Escobar NYWTS.jpg
File:Marjorie Merriweather Post Hutton Davies NYWTS.jpg
File:Martha Argerich NYWTS.jpg
File:Marty Allen (comedian).jpg
File:Mary Lasker.jpg
File:Mary Therese McCarthy NYWTS.jpg
File:Matthew Henson NYWTS.jpg
File:Max Elitcher.jpg
File:Max Schmeling NYWTS.jpg
File:Maxwell Perkins NYWTS.jpg
File:Mel Allen NYWTS.jpg
File:Meyer Lansky NYWTS 1.jpg
File:Meyer Lansky NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Meyer Lansky NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Millette Alexander NYWTS.jpg
File:Morris Hillquit NYWTS.jpg
File:Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya NYWTS cropped.jpg
File:Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya NYWTS.jpg
File:Muhammad Ali NYWTS.jpg
File:Murray Kempton.jpg
File:Neil Simon NYWTS.jpg
File:Nelson Algren NYWTS.jpg

File:Nikolai Vavilov NYWTS.jpg
File:Norman Vincent Peale NYWTS.jpg
File:Otto Kerner NYWTS.jpg
File:Oveta Culp Hobby NYWTS.jpg
File:Paddy Chayefsky NYWTS.jpg
File:Paddy Chayefsky NYWTS edited.jpg
File:Paul Green.jpg
File:Peggy Cass and James Thurber and Joan Anderson.jpg
File:Perry Como NYWTS.jpg
File:Pete Seeger NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Pete Seeger NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Pete Seeger NYWTS.jpg
File:Philippa Schuyler NYWTS.jpg
File:Queen Sirikit NYWTS.jpg
File:Red Barber.jpg
File:Robert F. Kennedy NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Robert F. Kennedy NYWTS.jpg
File:Robert Frost NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Robert Frost NYWTS 3.jpg
File:Robert Frost NYWTS 4.jpg
File:Robert Frost NYWTS 5.jpg
File:Robert Frost NYWTS.jpg
File:Robert Moses with Battery Bridge model.jpg
File:Rodgers and Hammerstein and Berlin and Tamiris NYWTS.jpg
File:Rodgers and Hart NYWTS.jpg
File:Roy Cohn NYWTS.jpg
File:Ruth Benedict.jpg
File:Sally Benson.jpg
File:Sally Rand NYWTS.jpg
File:Salvador Dali NYWTS.jpg
File:Selman Waksman NYWTS.jpg
File:Shirley Chisholm NYWTS.jpg
File:Sholem Asch.jpg
File:Sidney Robertson Cowell NYWTS.jpg
File:Soda jerk NYWTS.jpg
File:Sophie Irene Loed NYWTS.jpg
File:Sophie Tucker NYWTS.jpg
File:Stark Young NYWTS.jpg
File:Stefano Magaddino.jpg
File:Suzanne Farrell and George Balanchine NYWTS.jpg
File:Ted Geisel NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Ted Geisel NYWTS.jpg
File:Tennessee Williams NYWTS 2.jpg
File:Tennessee Williams NYWTS.jpg
File:Tennessee Williams with cake NYWTS.jpg
File:Thomas B. Costain.jpg
File:Thomas E. Dewey 1948 campaign NYWTS.jpg
File:Tom Yawkey NYWTS.jpg
File:Truman Capote NYWTS.jpg
File:Umberto Nobile and James Walker NYWTS.jpg
File:Umberto Nobile NYWTS.jpg
File:Vincent Alo.jpg
File:Vincent Coll leaving court NYWTS.jpg
File:Vincent Gigante NYWTS.jpg
File:Virgil Grissom and John Young parade NYWTS.jpg
File:Virginia Apgar.jpg
File:Vito Genovese NYWTS.jpg
File:Vivien Kellems.jpg
File:Vivienne Nearing, Jack Barry, Charles Van Doren NYWTS.jpg
File:Walt Disney NYWTS.jpg
File:Wendell Willkie NYWTS.jpg
File:Wendell Willkie with Thorne and Cowles NYWTS.jpg
File:Whittaker Chambers.jpg
File:William Gibson (playwright).jpg
File:William Saroyan.jpg
File:William Shea.jpg
File:William Zeckendorf NYWTS.jpg
File:Willie Mays and Roy Campanella NYWTS.jpg
File:Wilt Chamberlain.jpg
File:Woody Guthrie NYWTS.jpg
File:Yolande Betbeze NYWTS.jpg
File:Zora Neale Hurston NYWTS.jpg

Baseball Cards[edit]

File:Al Bridwell.jpg
File:Birdie Cree baseball card.jpg
File:Bob Bescher baseball card.jpg
File:Bob Coulson baseball card.jpg
File:Bob Unglaub baseball card.jpg
File:Boss Schmidt baseball card.jpg
File:Buck Herzog baseball card.jpg
File:Bud Sharpe baseball card.jpg
File:Charley O'Leary baseball card.jpg
File:Charlie Buffinton baseball card.jpg
File:Charlie Getzein baseball card.jpg
File:Chief Meyers baseball card.jpg
File:Chief Zimmer baseball card.jpg
File:Chris von der Ahe baseball card.jpg
File:Claude Rossman baseball card.jpg
File:Cupid Childs baseball card.jpg
File:Cy Morgan baseball card.jpg
File:Cy Seymour baseball card.jpg
File:Dave Brain baseball card.jpg
File:Dave Foutz baseball card.jpg
File:Dave Orr baseball card.jpg
File:Davy Jones baseball card.jpg
File:Deacon McGuire.jpg
File:Dick Egan.jpg
File:Dixie Walker.jpg
File:Doc Adkins baseball card.jpg
File:Doc Casey baseball card.jpg
File:Donie Bush baseball card.jpg
File:Dummy Hoy baseball card.jpg
File:Earl Hamilton baseball card.jpg
File:Ed Killian baseball card.jpg
File:Ed Morris baseball card.jpg
File:Ed Reulbach baseball card.jpg
File:Ed Summers baseball card.jpg
File:Ed Willett baseball card.jpg
File:Eddie Ainsmith baseball card.jpg
File:Fielder Jones baseball card.jpg
File:Frank Bowerman baseball card.jpg

File:Frank Dwyer baseball card.jpg
File:Frank Fennelly baseball card.jpg
File:Frank Isbell baseball card.jpg
File:Frank Owen baseball card.jpg
File:Fred Carroll baseball card.jpg
File:Fred Merkle baseball card.jpg
File:Gabby Street baseball card.jpg
File:George Davis baseball card.jpg
File:George Gibson baseball card.jpg
File:George Gore baseball card.jpg
File:George McBride baseball card.jpg
File:George Moriarty baseball card.jpg
File:George Stone baseball card.jpg
File:George Stovall baseball card.jpg
File:Grover Hartley baseball card.jpg
File:Guy Hecker baseball card.jpg
File:Hank ODay baseball card.jpg
File:Hank Severeid baseball card.jpg
File:Harry Coveleski baseball card.jpg
File:Harry Wolverton baseball card.jpg
File:Heinie Smith baseball card.jpg
File:Heinie Wagner baseball card.jpg
File:Henry Gruber baseball card.jpg
File:Henry Larkin baseball card.jpg
File:Hugh Nicol baseball card.jpg
File:Ira Thomas baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Boyle baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Burdock baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Fournier baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Graney baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Pfiester baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Powell baseball card.jpg
File:Jack Warhop baseball card.jpg
File:Jake Atz baseball card.jpg
File:Jake Weimer baseball card.jpg
File:James Otis Crandall baseball card.jpg
File:Jean Dubuc baseball card.jpg

File:Jersey Bakely baseball card.jpg
File:Jesse Tannehill baseball card.jpg
File:Jim Delahanty baseball card.jpg
File:Jim McCormick baseball card.jpg
File:Jimmy Austin baseball card.jpg
File:Jimmy McAleer baseball card.jpg
File:Jimmy Sheckard baseball card.jpg
File:Joe Birmingham baseball card.jpg
File:John Gaffney baseball card.jpg
File:John Morrill baseball card.jpg
File:Olaf Henriksen baseball card.jpg
File:Lady Baldwin baseball card.jpg
File:Larry Corcoran baseball card.jpg
File:Larry Gardner baseball card.jpg
File:Larry McLean baseball card.jpg
File:Long John Reilly baseball card.jpg
File:Lou Bierbauer baseball card.jpg
File:Matty McIntyre baseball card.jpg
File:Mickey Welch baseball card.jpg
File:Mike Tiernan baseball card.jpg
File:Miller Huggins baseball card.jpg
File:Morrie Rath baseball card.jpg
File:Nat Hudson baseball card.jpg
File:Nixey Callahan baseball card.jpg
File:Oscar Stanage baseball card.jpg
File:Oyster Burns baseball card.jpg
File:Pat Ragan baseball card.jpg
File:Patsy Tebeau baseball card.jpg
File:Paul Hines baseball card.jpg
File:Pop Schriver baseball card.jpg
File:Ray Fisher baseball card.jpg
File:Red Dooin baseball card.jpg
File:Rollie Zeider baseball card.jpg
File:Russ Ford baseball card.jpg
File:Silver Flint baseball card.jpg
File:Steve Yerkes baseball card.jpg
File:Tony Mullane baseball card.jpg
File:Topsy Hartsel baseball card.jpg
File:Wilbur Good baseball card.jpg

Mathew Brady / Levin Handy[edit]

File:Aaron Augustus Sargent - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Abner Doubleday - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Abraham Herr Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Addison H. Laflin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Adele Cutts - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Adlai E. Stevenson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Adolph Sutro by Brady.jpg
File:Ainsworth Rand Spofford - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alanson M. Kimball - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Albert Gallatin Egbert - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Albert G. Brown - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Albert J. Myer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Albert Pike - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Albion P. Howe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alexander Barrow.jpg
File:Alexander G. Cattell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alexander Hays.jpg
File:Alexander Ramsey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alexander William Doniphan.jpg
File:Alfred C. Harmer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alfred Iverson, Sr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alfred Moore Scales - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alfred Moore Waddell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alfred Pleasonton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alfred Terry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Algernon Paddock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Allen G. Thurman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Allen T. Caperton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alonzo J. Ransier - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alpheus S. Williams - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Alvin Saunders - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ambrose Burnside - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Amos T. Akerman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Andrew A. Humphreys - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Andrew H. Hamilton Indiana - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Angus Cameron - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Anna Elizabeth Dickinson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Anson G. McCook - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Anson P. Morrill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Antoine Janis.jpg
File:A. P. Hill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Artemas Ward, Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Arthur I. Boreman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Arthur P. Hayne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:A T A Torbert.jpg
File:August Kautz - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Augustus Hill Garland - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Austin F. Pike - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Azariah C. Flagg.jpg
File:Bainbridge Wadleigh - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Belva Ann Lockwood - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Alvord mathematician - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Dean - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin F. Harding - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin F. Isherwood - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Fitzpatrick by Brady.jpg
File:Benjamin F. Jonas - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Franklin Butler politician - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Franklin Kelley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin F. Rice - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin F. Sands - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Harvey Hill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Parke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Perley Poore - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin S. Roberts - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin S. Turner - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin T. Biggs - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Benjamin Wade - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Beriah Magoffin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:B. Gratz Brown - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Blanche Bruce - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Boston Corbett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Cadwallader C. Washburn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Caleb Lyon.jpg
File:Calvin Willard Gilfillan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Campbell Polson Berry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Carl Schurz - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Carlton Brandaga Curtis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Carter Harrison, Sr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Cassius Marcellus Clay abolitionist - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Cassius Marcellus Clay (abolitionist).jpg
File:Chapman Freeman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Albright congressman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Anderson Dana.jpg
File:Charles Anthon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Astor Bristed - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Clayton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles D. Drake - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles E. Nash - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles F. Manderson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Griffin general - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles H. Adams - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles J. Faulkner 1806-1884 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Leale - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Memorial Hamilton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles OConor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles ONeill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Pettit McIlvaine - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Quintard - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles R. Buckalew - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Stewart Parnell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles Sumner - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charles W. Jones - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Charlotte Saunders Cushman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Chief Ouray - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Christopher C. Augur - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Christopher Columbus Andrews - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Clarkson Nott Potter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Clement Claiborne Clay.jpg
File:Clement Vallandigham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Clinton D. MacDougall - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Coles Bashford - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Cornelia Adele Strong Fassett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Cwpbh 04312.jpg
File:Daniel Ammen - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel Clark 1809-1891 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel Johnson Morrell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel Myers Van Auken - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel S. Dickinson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel Sickles - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Daniel S. Norton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Darius N. Couch - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Alexander Nunn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David B. Birney - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David C. Broderick - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Davis Supreme Court justice - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Field - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David H. Armstrong - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Levy Yulee - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David M. Key - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Perley Lowe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David Rice Atchison.jpg
File:David Ross Locke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:David S. Stanley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Demas Barnes - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Don Carlos Buell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Donn Piatt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Duff Green - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:D. Wyatt Aiken - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edgar Cowan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edith Roosevelt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edmund G. Ross - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edmund William McGregor Mackey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Eduard de Stoeckl.jpg
File:Edward Bates - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward Clark architect - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward H. Rollins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward K. Valentine - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward Miner Gallaudet - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward M. McCook - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward Ord - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward Overton, Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edward Stanly by Brady.jpg
File:Edwin Booth - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edwin D. Morgan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edwin M. Stanton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Edwin Vose Sumner - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:E. H. Moore - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elbridge G. Lapham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elbridge G. Spaulding - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elias Cornelius Boudinot.jpg
File:Elias W. Leavenworth - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elihu B. Washburne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elijah Babbitt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elijah Ward - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Eli M. Saulsbury - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Eli Thayer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elizabeth Hamilton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Elliott Muse Braxton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ellis Spear - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Emerson Etheridge - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Emerson Opdycke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Erasmus D. Keyes - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ethan A. Hitchcock general - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Eugene Casserly - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Eugene Hale - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Felix Salm-Salm - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Fernando C. Beaman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Fernando Wood - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Fitzhugh Lee - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Fitz John Porter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis Burton Craige - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis C. Barlow - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis Cockrell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis Kernan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis Lieber - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis Preston Blair, Jr. and staff - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Francis William Kellogg - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frank Hereford - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frank Hiscock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frank Welch - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frederic Edwin Church - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frederick A. Conkling - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frederick T. Frelinghuysen - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Frederick W. Seward - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:French Forrest - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Galusha A. Grow - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Garrett Davis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:General James Garfield - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:General Jefferson Davis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Armstrong Custer and Elizabeth Bacon Custer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Augustus Henry Sala - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George B. Loring - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George B. McClellan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Briggs - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Crook - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George E. Spencer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George F. Edmunds - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Frisbie Hoar - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Funston Miller - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Gibbs Dibrell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Gilbert Hoskins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Graham Vest - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Henry Thomas - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George H. Pendleton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George M. Bibb - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George M. Chilcott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Meade - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Opdyke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Payne Rainsford James - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Peter Alexander Healy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Q. Cannon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Ripley.jpg
File:George R. Riddle - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George S. Houston - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Stoneman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Sykes and staff - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Washington Julian - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Washington Patterson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George Washington Woodward - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George William Curtis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George W. Melville - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:George W. Morgan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Gerrit Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Gershom Mott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Giles Alexander Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Gilman Marston - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ginery Twichell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Glenni William Scofield - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Godfrey Weitzel - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Godlove Stein Orth - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Gordon Granger - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Green Clay Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hamilton Fish - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Harrison H. Riddleberger - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Harry White Pennsylvania - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Haywood Yancey Riddle - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry B. Anthony - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Benjamin Whipple - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry B. Payne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Cooper U.S. Senator - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Cornelius Burnett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry G. Davis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Inman.jpg
File:Henry Jackson Hunt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Jarvis Raymond.jpg
File:Henry L. Pierce - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry M. Hoyt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry M. Mathews - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Theodore Tuckerman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Wager Halleck - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Waldron - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Ward Beecher - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Warner Slocum - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Watterson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry W. Blair - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry W. Corbett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry Whitney Bellows - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Henry William Herbert.jpg
File:Herbert Baxter Adams - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hernando Money - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hiester Clymer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hiram B. Warner - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hiram Lawton Richmond - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hiram Rhodes Revels - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Hopkins Lacey Turney.jpg
File:Horace Austin Warner Tabor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horace Greeley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horace Harrison - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horace Maynard - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horace Porter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horatio King - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horatio Potter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horatio Seymour - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Horatio Wright - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Innis N. Palmer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ira B. Hyde - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ira Harris - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Irvin McDowell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isaac Ferris - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isaac Newton Evans - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isaac P. Christiancy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isaac Stevens - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isaac Toucey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Isham G. Harris - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Israel Washburn, Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Dolson Cox - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Hale Sypher - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob M. Howard - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Miller Campbell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Montgomery Thornburgh - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Thompson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jacob Turney - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James A. Bayard, Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James B. and Fannie Ricketts - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Barnet Fry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James B. Beck - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Bernard Reilly - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James B. Ricketts - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Buchanan Eads - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Cavanaugh - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Dixon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James D. Williams - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James E. Bailey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Falconer Wilson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James F. Simmons - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James G. Blaine - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James G. Blunt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Gordon Bennett Sr.jpg
File:James Graham Fair - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Grant Wilson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Henderson Blount - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Henry Randolph - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Hepburn Campbell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Herron Hopkins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James H. Lane Senator - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James H. Slater - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James K. Kelly - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James L. Alcorn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Lawrence Orr - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Madison Leach - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Mitchell Ashley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Moore Wayne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Murray Mason - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James OBrien U.S. Congressman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Ronald Chalmers - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Roosevelt Bayley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Shields - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Speed - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Strong theologian - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Watson Webb - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James Weaver - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. Flanagan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James William Forsyth.jpg
File:James Williams Delaware representative - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. McDill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. Nesmith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. Nye - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. Patterson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:James W. Throckmorton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:J A Mower.jpg
File:Jay Abel Hubbell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jefferson F. Long - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jeremiah Clemens.jpg
File:Jeremiah Haralson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jeremiah McLain Rusk - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jeremiah S. Black - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jerome B. Chaffee - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Jesse Finley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:J. Hyatt Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joaquin Miller - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Aaron Rawlins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Adams Gilmer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Alexander Anderson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Alexander Magee - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Alexander McClernand - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Allison Representative - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John A. Logan (general).jpg
File:John A. Macdonald - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Archibald Campbell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John B. Henderson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Bigelow - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Black Packer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Brougham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Brown Gordon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Bullock Clark - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Cardinal McCloskey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Cardinal McCloskey.jpg
File:John Catron - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John C. Breckinridge - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John C. Caldwell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Cessna - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John C. Frémont - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Clem - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Cleveland Robinson.jpg

File:John Covode - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John C. Ten Eyck - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Davis (Massachusetts Governor).jpg
File:John DeWitt Clinton Atkins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Dodson Stiles - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Edward Bouligny - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Edward McCullough - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John E. Kenna - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John F. Farnsworth - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John F. Lewis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Ford House - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John George Nicolay - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John G. Foster - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Godfrey Saxe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Goode - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Griffin Carlisle - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John G. Schumaker - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Hancock Texas politician - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Henninger Reagan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John H. Mitchell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Houston Savage - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Hughes archbishop - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Hughes burial - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John I. Mitchell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John James Ingalls - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Jay Knox - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John J. Crittenden - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Joseph Abercrombie - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John J. Patterson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Keane archbishop - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Lorimer Worden - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Lothrop Motley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John McCunn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Mercer Langston - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Milton Thayer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Newton ACW - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Palmer Usher - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Parke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Parker Hale by Brady.jpg
File:John Peter Van Ness.jpg
File:John Philip Newman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John P. Stockton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Randolph Tucker 1823-1897 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John R. McPherson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Robbins congressman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Rodgers naval officer, Civil War - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Schofield - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Sedgwick - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John S. Harris - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John S. Mosby - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John S. Phelps - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John T. Deweese - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John T. Raymond - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Tyler Morgan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Van Buren.jpg
File:John W. Daniel - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John W. Forney - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John W. Geary - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Winfield Wallace - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John W. Johnston - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John W. Stevenson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:John Y. Brown 1835-1904 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Abbott Texas politician - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Bradford Carr - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Carter Abbott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Clay Stiles Blackburn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph E. McDonald - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Gurney Cannon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Henry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Holt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Hooker - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Jefferson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph John Martin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Philo Bradley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Rainey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Roswell Hawley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joseph Vance.jpg
File:Joseph W. McClurg - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joshua Chamberlain - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Joshua Reed Giddings - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Josiah Bushnell Grinnell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Josiah Gardner Abbott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Josiah T. Walls - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:J. Proctor Knott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Julia Grant - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Julia Grant with family - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Julius C. Burrows - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Justin Smith Morrill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:J. Warren Keifer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Kate Chase - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:La Fayette Grover - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lafayette S. Foster - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Larkin Goldsmith Mead - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Laura Keene - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Laurence S. Baker - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Lavinia Warren - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lazarus W. Powell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Leonard Myers - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Levi A. Mackey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lewis Cass - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lewis E. Parsons - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lewis Findlay Watson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lewis Tillman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lewis V. Bogy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lew Wallace - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lorenzo Crounse - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lorenzo Thomas - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Louis M. Goldsborough - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Louis Moreau Gottschalk - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lucien B. Caswell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lucretia Garfield - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lucy Webb Hayes - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Luther Bradish - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lydia Sigourney - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lyman Beecher - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lyman Tremain - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Lyman Trumbull - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Margaret ONeill Eaton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mark Dunnell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mark S. Brewer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Marshall Jewell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Marshall Spring Bidwell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mary Surratt house - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mary Theodosia Palmer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mathilde Deslonde Slidell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Matthew H. Carpenter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Matthew Simpson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Matt Whitaker Ransom - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Michael C. Kerr - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Michael Corcoran - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Middleton P. Barrow - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mills Gardner - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Milton A. Candler - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Montgomery C. Meigs - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Morgan C. Hamilton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mortimer Dormer Leggett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Morton S. Wilkinson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Mrs. F. S. Chanfrau - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathan Bangs - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathan B. Bradley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathan Clifford - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathan Goff, Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathaniel Boyden - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathaniel Herbert Claiborne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathaniel P. Hill - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nathaniel Prentice Banks - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Newton Booth - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:New York City Police Commissioners - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:New York Tribune editorial staff by Brady.jpg
File:Nicholas Muller - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Nicholas Patrick Wiseman.jpg
File:Nicholas Philip Trist - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Norton P. Chipman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Oakes Ames - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Oliver Hazard Perry Morton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Oliver H. Dockery - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Oliver James Dickey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Omar D. Conger - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Orlando B. Willcox - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Orris S. Ferry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Orville E. Babcock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Orville Hickman Browning - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Osman Cleander Baker - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Othniel Charles Marsh - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Patrick Lynch bishop - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:P. B. S. Pinchback - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Pedro II of Brazil - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Peter G. Van Winkle - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Philetus Sawyer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Philip Phillips.jpg
File:Philip S. Crooke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Philip Sheridan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Phineas Hitchcock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Phoebe Cary.jpg
File:Pierre-Jean De Smet - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Pierre Soule.jpg
File:Pliny Earle (physician).jpg
File:Portus Baxter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Preston B. Plumb - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Preston King - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Queen Emma of Hawaii - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Randall L. Gibson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Randolph B. Marcy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Rembrandt Peale - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Reuben Fenton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Coke - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Cunningham McCormick - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Grant White - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Jacobs Haldeman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard James Oglesby - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Jordan Gatling - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard L. T. Beale - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard L. T. Beale - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Richard March Hoe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard M. Bishop - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard P. Bland - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard W. Thompson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Yates governor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Richard Yates.jpg
File:Robert C. DeLarge - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Charles Winthrop - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Cooper Grier - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert C. Schenck - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert E. Withers - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert F. Stockton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert G. Ingersoll - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert H. Milroy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Kingston Scott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Klotz - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Love Taylor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Roosevelt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Smalls - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Stell Heflin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Robert Toombs - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Roger B. Taney - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Roger Q. Mills - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Romeyn B. Ayres - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Romualdo Pacheco - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Rufus Bullock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Rufus King Civil War General - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Russell Errett - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Arnold - Lincoln conspirator - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Samuel Augustus Bridges - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Bernard Dick - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel B. Maxey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel C. Pomeroy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel D. Sturgis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Freeman Miller - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Griswold Goodrich.jpg
File:Samuel J. Randall - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel J. R. McMillan - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Nelson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel P. Heintzelman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Price - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel Stehman Haldeman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Samuel W. Crawford - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Shelby Moore Cullom - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Silas Casey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Simon Barclay Conover - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Simon Cameron - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Smith Ely Jr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Sobieski Ross - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Solomon Foot - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Solomon L. Spink - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Solomon Meredith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Solomon Newton Pettis - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Solomon Weathersbee Downs.jpg
File:Solon Borland.jpg
File:Spencer Fullerton Baird - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Stephen A. Hurlbut - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Stephen C Rowan.jpg
File:Stephen Mallory - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Stephen Taber - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Stewart Van Vliet - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Sydenham Elnathan Ancona - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Terence J. Quinn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thaddeus C. Pound - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thaddeus S. C. Lowe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thaddeus Stevens - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Theodore Fitz Randolph - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Theodore Frelinghuysen - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Theodore Medad Pomeroy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Amos Rogers Nelson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Baldwin Peddie - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Brackett Reed - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas C. Cornell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas C. McCreery - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas C. Platt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Devin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Dilward - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Gallaudet 1822-1902 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas J. Robertson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Kinsella New York - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Lanier Clingman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Leonidas Crittenden - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Lilbourne Anderson.jpg
File:Thomas M. Norwood - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Moonlight - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Nast - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Ruffin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Samuel Ashe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Settle judge - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Stanley Matthews - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Starr King.jpg
File:Thomas Theodore Crittenden - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas Tipton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas U. Walter - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas W. Bennett territorial governor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas W. Ferry - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thomas W. Osborn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thornton A. Jenkins - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Thurlow Weed - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Timothy O. Howe - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Truman Smith.jpg
File:Ulysses Mercur - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Valentine Mott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Vinnie Ream - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Wade Hampton III - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Waitman T. Willey - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Walter Leak Steele - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Walter Q. Gresham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Walt Whitman - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ward Hill Lamon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Ward Hunt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Washington C. Whitthorne - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Washington Hunt.jpg
File:Washington Monument circa 1860 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Washington Townsend - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Wayne MacVeagh - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:W Curtis Noyes.jpg
File:Wendell Phillips by Brady.jpg
File:Whitelaw Reid - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Wilkinson Call - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Willard Saulsbury, Sr. - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Adams (minister).jpg
File:William Alexander Duer.jpg
File:William Alexander Graham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Alexander Richardson - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Alexander Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Alfred Buckingham - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Allen governor - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William A. Wallace - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Babcock Hazen - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Ballard Preston.jpg
File:William B. Allison - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William B. Franklin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Brickly Stokes - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William B. Washburn - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William C. Bouck - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Claflin - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William C. Preston - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Crawford Sherrod - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Crutchfield - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William D. Kelley - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William E. Chandler - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Ephraim Smith - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Farquhar Barry - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:William Gannaway Brownlow - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Gilmore Simms - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Godshalk - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Harrell Felton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William H. Emory - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Henry Barnum - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Henry Fry.jpg
File:William Henry Koontz - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Henry Moody - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William H. French - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William H. Hunt - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William H. Prescott - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William King Sebastian.jpg
File:William Lawrence Ohio - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William L. Dayton.jpg
File:William Lewis Cabell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William L. Marcy - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Mahone - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William McFarland - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William McKendree Gwin.jpg
File:William McKendree Springer - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William M. Evarts - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William M. Stewart - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Orlando Butler - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Parker Caldwell - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William P. Frye - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William P. Kellogg - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Porcher Miles - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Rosecrans - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Sharon - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William S. King - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Sprague 1830-1915 - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Stenger - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Strong judge - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Tecumseh Sherman and staff - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Vandever - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Walker by Brady.jpg
File:William Walter Phelps - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William W. Eaton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Wetmore Story - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Wilkins United States Senator - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Wilson Corcoran - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:William Winston Seaton - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Willis Gorman and wife.jpg
File:Winfield Scott Hancock - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Zachariah Chandler - Brady-Handy.jpg
File:Zebulon Baird Vance - Brady-Handy.jpg

Misc 19th Century[edit]

File:James O'Neill as Abbe Busoni.jpg
File:Charles Francis Adams, Jr. - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Andrew E.K. Benham.jpg
File:Charles Vernon Gridley (USS Olympia).jpg
File:USS Miantonomoh officers.jpg
File:Albert Smith Barker.jpg
File:Francis Munroe Ramsay.jpg
File:French Ensor Chadwick (USS New York).jpg
File:Victor Blue.jpg
File:Hilary A. Herbert and Robert Lees Phythian.jpg
File:Charles Edgar Clark.jpg
File:Colby Mitchell Chester (USS Kentucky).jpg
File:Joseph Bulloch Coghlan.jpg
File:Henry Clay Taylor (USS Indiana).jpg

File:George Lippard.jpg
File:Benjamin Franklin Tracy.jpg
File:George Balch.jpg
File:William Eustis.jpg
File:Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich.jpg
File:Christina Nilsson from stereocard.jpg
File:George A Atzerodt.jpg
File:John Surratt.jpg
File:Thomas Ewing, Jr.jpg
File:James Scott Negley.jpg
File:John Ancrum Winslow.jpg
File:James Thornton (naval officer).jpg
File:Francis Asbury Roe.jpg
File:Alfred W Ellet.jpg

File:Gustave Paul Cluseret (U.S.).jpg
File:Hugh Judson Kilpatrick Sep 1863.jpg
File:Hugh Judson Kilpatrick and 3d Division staff.jpg
File:David Roberts (1844).jpg
File:James G. Birney.jpg
File:Sarah Moore Grimke.jpg
File:Angelina Emily Grimke.jpg
File:John Barry by Gilbert Stuart.jpg
File:Gustavus Conyngham.jpg
File:James Wickersham and chiefs.jpg
File:John A. Logan funeral.jpg
File:Richard L. T. Beale - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Laurence S. Baker - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Samuel Arnold - Lincoln conspirator - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:Charles Francis Adams, Jr. - LoC Civil War.jpg
File:James Harman Ward.jpg

Southern Campus (UCLA yearbook)[edit]

File:Barbara Dane - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Ben Schwartzwalder - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Ben Schwartzwalder - Southern Campus 1960 crop.jpg
File:Bill Barnes - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:C K Yang - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:C K Yang - Southern Campus 1960 crop.jpg
File:Craig Dixon - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Deke Bracket - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Donald Cressey - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:J D Morgan - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:John Wooden - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Lawrence Powell - Southern Campus 1960.jpg

File:Lukas Foss - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Marv Luster - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Mike Connors - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Mike Connors - Southern Campus 1960 crop.jpg
File:Neil Jacoby - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Sam Boghosian - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Scatman Crothers - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Tom Lehrer - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Vern Knudsen - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Vern Knudsen - Southern Campus 1960 crop.jpg
File:Wilbur Johns - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:William Gould Young - Southern Campus 1960.jpg
File:Scatman Crothers - Southern Campus 1960 crop.jpg


File:Al Lopez - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Al Lopez and Ernie Harwell - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Ernie Harwell - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Jerome Cavanagh - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:John Buzhardt - WJROneOfAKind.jpg

File:J. P. McCarthy - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:J. P. McCarthy 2 - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Karl Haas - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Lowell Thomas - WJROneOfAKind.jpg
File:Norm Cash - WJROneOfAKind.jpg


File:Gustav Mahler 1909 2.jpg
File:Gustav Mahler 1909 3.jpg
File:Levin Handy.jpg
File:Edward Bennett Williams.jpg
File:Glynn R. Donaho.jpg
File:John L Hall Jr during Normandy.jpg
File:Jay Norwood Darling.jpg
File:Lois Moran.jpg
File:Nickolas Muray.jpg
File:Cathleen Nesbitt.jpg
File:Frederick ONeal.jpg
File:Ada Bricktop Smith.jpg
File:Sidney Franklin.jpg
File:Katharine Cornell.jpg
File:Tiny Bradshaw.jpg
File:John A. Williams.jpg
File:Leo Stein.jpg
File:George Shirley.jpg
File:Marian Seldes.jpg
File:Gilbert Seldes.jpg
File:Edith S. Sampson.jpg
File:Alexandra Danilova - VanVechten.jpg
File:Charles Greeley Abbot.jpg
File:James H. Glennon.jpg
File:James Jonas Madison.jpg
File:Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.jpg
File:Clarence Hudson White by Ulmann.jpg
File:Clarence Hudson White.jpg
File:Max Weber (artist).jpg
File:Edward Steichen.jpg
File:Ralph Adams Cram.jpg
File:Joseph Pennell.jpg
File:Minnie Maddern Fiske.jpg
File:Mary Roberts Rinehart.jpg
File:Maud Ballington Booth.jpg
File:Octave Chanute.jpg
File:Thomas Burke (judge).jpg
File:William J. Burns.jpg
File:Alice Brown (writer).jpg
File:Jim Morrison fsa8a25862.jpg
File:Harriot Stanton Blatch.jpg

File:Mary Dimmick Harrison.jpg
File:Germany Schaefer 1911.jpg
File:Patrick Joseph Moran 1908.jpg
File:Patsy Donovan 1910.jpg
File:Hans Lobert Joe Schultz.jpg
File:Charles Albert Bender 1910.jpg
File:Paul Robeson 1942.jpg
File:Marian Anderson - DOI 1943.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - Duke directing 1.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - Duke directing 2.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - Johnny Hodges.jpg
File:Juan Tizol 1943.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - Juan Tizol.jpg
File:Sonny Greer 1943.jpg
File:Ray Nance 1943.jpg
File:Lawrence Brown 1943.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - tenor saxophone.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - trumpet player.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - rhythm section.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - trio.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - orchestra.jpg
File:Duke Ellington - Hurricane Ballroom - ties.jpg
File:Rex Stewart 1943.jpg
File:Khalid and Faisal of Saudi Arabia - 1941.jpg
File:Faisal of Saudi Arabia - 1941.jpg
File:Khalid of Saudi Arabia - 1941.jpg
File:Robert C. Weaver.jpg
File:Nguyen Van Thieu with map.jpg
File:Nguyen Van Thieu with map (cropped).jpg
File:Dean Acheson.jpg
File:Harold Holt and Lyndon Johnson.jpg

File:Lyndon Johnson and Robert Komer.jpg
File:Lyndon Johnson and Richard Russell.jpg
File:McGeorge Bundy.jpg
File:Ellsworth Bunker.jpg
File:Lynda Bird Johnson and Charles Robb wedding.jpg
File:Lady Bird Johnson - National Wildflower Research Center groundbreaking.jpg
File:Muhammad Ali and Jimmy Carter.jpg
File:Robert S. Ingersoll.jpg
File:Aaron Ward (sailor).jpg
File:Adam Clayton Powell Jr 1942.jpg
File:Charles S. Johnson.jpg
File:Walter Nash 1942.jpg
File:Norman McLaren drawing on film - 1944.jpg
File:Pee Wee Reese - Gillette commercial.jpg
File:Gerald Ford and Tip O'Neill - USNWR.jpg‎
File:Gerald Ford and Tip O'Neill (cropped) - USNWR.jpg‎
File:Gerald Ford and Helen Thomas - USNWR.jpg
File:Helen Thomas - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat Carter Begin handshake - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat Carter Begin handshake (cropped) - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat - Joint Session of Congress - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat - Joint Session of Congress (cropped) - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat and Carter - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat and Carter 2 - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat and Begin - USNWR.jpg
File:Sadat and Begin (cropped) - USNWR.jpg
File:Jock Stirrup - Oct 2006.jpg
File:Peter Pace and Jock Stirrup - Oct 2006.jpg
File:William Henry Vanderbilt - Egyptian Obelisks.jpg

Other miscellaneous[edit]

File:Roller Derby 1950.jpg
File:Shaker box maker.jpg
File:Doris Ulmann - Southern mountaineer.jpg
File:Doris Ulmann - Laborers hands.jpg
File:Hunts Point groundbreaking.jpg
File:Oliver Optic - All Adrift.jpg
File:Delta Pride Catfish farm harvest.jpg
File:McCormick spices.jpg
File:Del Monte canned pears.jpg
File:BJs Wholesale Club VA.jpg
File:Civil War Zouave ambulance.jpg
File:Hampton Institute - bricklaying.jpg
File:Hampton Institute - geography.jpg
File:Ringling Brothers trains.jpg
File:Cattle branding (Grabill 1888).jpg
File:Homestake works mine 1889.jpg
File:Frank Carpenter - Russia.jpg
File:Frank Carpenter - Alaska.jpg
File:Buena Vista, Virginia.jpg
File:Million Dollar Highway pass.jpg
File:Santa Fe RR steam drop hammer.jpg
File:Vermont state fair barker bw.jpg
File:Vermont state fair barker.jpg
File:Marine Corps gliders - Parris Island.jpg
File:TVA phosphate smelting furnace.jpg
File:Allegheny Ludlum steel furnace.jpg
File:Allegheny Ludlum foundry ladle.jpg

File:Carnegie-Illinois Steel furnaces.jpg
File:Bingham Canyon mine 1942.jpg
File:Sharecroppers chopping cotton - 1941.jpg
File:Jitterbug dancers NYWTS.jpg
File:Sinatra and Harvey in Manchurian Candidate NYWTS.jpg
File:Garment District NYWTS.jpg
File:Ulysses S. Grant memoirs signature.jpg
File:George Washington University Medical School USNWR.jpg
File:Times Square giant mailbox NYWTS.jpg
File:Jake Kilrain 1898.jpg
File:John L. Sullivan 1898.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain 1.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain 2.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain 3.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain 4.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain 5.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 1.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 2.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 3.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 4.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 1 anaglyph.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 2 anaglyph.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 3 anaglyph.jpg
File:Sullivan - Kilrain stereocard 4 anaglyph.jpg


File:The Enchanted Drawing.ogg
File:Gertie On Tour.ogg


File:JFK inaugural address.ogg