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Dave Pape

Associate Professor
Department of Media Study
University at Buffalo


See User:Davepape/Images and User:Davepape/Images by others for all my image contributions; the list is a bit long, and mainly for my own reference. I've spent a fair amount of time mining the Library of Congress for useful images, especially the Brady-Handy, NYWT&S, and Baseball card collections.

I use the account User:DavepapeBot for some python-scripted operations.

Selected contributions[modifier]

My photos & renderings[modifier]

Scanned Images & Images from the web[modifier]

Frequently Asked Question[modifier]

"Where did you get the high resolution versions of Library of Congress photos (e.g. Image:Louis Armstrong NYWTS 4.jpg)?"

  • The Library has high resolution copies on of virtually everything for which there's a thumbnail, even when they don't make an image page linking to it. The trick is to figure out the standard naming scheme; for example, the picture with digital ID "cph 3c18976" is at - the series of directories after 'cph' just zero out the last 4, then 3, then 2 characters of the ID. The file name consists of the ID number, with "u.tif" added to the end.