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All your base are belong to us

See my page on English wikipedia, my photo gallery (incomplete) and Category:Photographs and images by David Monniaux.

I also have a page on with many more photos.

My wife and I own several digital cameras including a Panasonic FZ5 and a FZ20. We shoot photographs for tourism, fun, work, and sometimes just for Wikipedia. I also occasionally scan stuff.

Retired admin


I'm an administrator on Commons. However, I have noticed that the project has turned into a bureaucratic morass, with people bickering on end about byzantine rules on copyright that actually do not make sense legally-wise. As a consequence, I've put my adminship on hiatus and will not respond to admin requests.

OTRS upload permission


I have a generic permission from Mai-Linh Doan to upload her pictures to the commons. See OTRS ticket.



If you are a (commercial) publisher and you want me to write you an email or paper mail giving you an authorization to use my works in your products: I can do so... for a fee. Use the "E-mail this user" link on the left sidebar or contact me using the information on my home page.

Si vous êtes un éditeur (commercial) et que vous voulez que je vous écrive un courrier électronique ou papier vous autorisant à utiliser mes travaux dans vos produits, je peux le faire moyennant finances. Veuillez utiliser le lien "E-mail this user" à gauche ou me contacter en utilisant les informations de ma page personnelle.

Specific topics




French milouf


De si beaux garçons, si bien habillés (Eddy Mitchell)

Mapping tools


Mapping toolbox



Instructions for getting free pictures:

  1. Go to the main site and use "busca" to look for articles look at dates of the articles
  2. Go to the picture site and select the correct date download images by clicking on B under them (the search engine is broken)