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Mathematical illustrations[edit]

I've placed most of the following mathematical illustrations in the public domain. If you see an illustration I've drawn for one of my other web sites, and want it to be uploaded to the commons for whatever reason, please ask by email: if I upload it myself, it can be more properly licensed, and it's likely that I still have the vectorized source instead of the rasterized version I use for web images.

Configurations and point-line incidences[edit]

Geometric graph theory[edit]

Cayley graphs and symmetric graphs[edit]

Dessins d'enfants[edit]

Miscellaneous graph theory and graph drawing[edit]

Miscellaneous geometry[edit]

Number theory and combinatorics[edit]

Order theory[edit]

Cellular automata[edit]

Algorithms and data structures[edit]




Most of my photos here are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. See Flickr for some of my other photos, and my web site for almost all of them; if it's not listed here, it's probably not yet publically licensed, but I may be willing to share anyway.

Mendocino County[edit]

Orange County[edit]

Theoretical computer scientists[edit]

Wall poems in Leiden[edit]


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