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David S. Soriano is a chemistry professor in the USA and amateur (self-trained) artist. He works with pastels and aqua-gouache paint formulations, the latter, being developed currently.He also combines his chemistry and art interests by formulating novel paint formulations for testing. Currently, he is developing so-called "oil bars" (oil sticks), oil pastels and "cold wax" formulations. Impasto acrylics with oil pastels together (acrylics on undercoat oil pastel) offers distinctive possibilities. As another example, castor wax and castor oil combinations with drying oil-based paints has been overlooked and has great potential. He also is studying inclusion of kaolin clay family members such as pozzolana thermal derivatives. The latter type of clay can be found neat Mt. Vesuvius and was used by the ancient Romans to make concrete- material still being studied by modern researchers in terms of strength, durability, etc. He also will begin the study of selected paints with 'reflectance visible spectroscopy'. Samples of his novel paints are sent to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Paint and Pigments Collection), the second largest in the world after Harvard University's like collection.

 Visual art and chemistry connections go back to the European cave art works by modern humans and the Neanderthal. Synthetic dyes and pigments go back to Perkin's discovery of synthetic purple and the beginning of the chemical industry.

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He has  been with the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford (PA., USA) since 1984. Before that, he was a senior research chemist with "Allied-Signal Corporation in Buffalo, N.Y from 1980-84. He received his Ph.D. in 1980 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the late professor Norman H. Cromwell.

David S.Soriano (2018)

(Novel Oil Bar Test Paint Formulation being evaluated).