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Who are you deadlyhappen?[edit]

Ahoi! My name is deadlyhappen I am a 22 years old IT technician. I have the Matura and study now computer science and English at the AAU to become a teacher! :)

I am a huge fan of FLOSS and also of creative commons. ^_^

Why are you here?[edit]

I am here, because I want to help humanity with every fibre of my body! :-)

How is the software called you use for your diagrams?[edit]

I just use the plain and simple Libreoffice Draw for the diagrams.

How is the software called you use for geolocalisation?[edit]

I use the software that is provided on this website

Wait! I still want to know something else[edit]

If you have questions just write me! Don't worry, I won't bite :)

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