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User:Denisramirezonline is Denis Ramírez a.k.a. Bloodshot Eyez musician, the wikipedia and wikimedia user.

Denis Ramírez a.k.a. Bloodshot Eyez was born in the South of the former USSR on 21 February 1986. Being a great-grandson of Latin Spanish communist and war emigrant from Cuba and Spain Juan Ramírez Serrano, Denis did not inherit his name by birth. Just as his grandfather and father, he was named Lavrinenko, which is his great-grandmother’s Russian surname.

Living in Russia of 90s, he witnessed the surviving and the rise of criminality, and constant lies while the enormous gap between people and celebrities was only widened in the beginning of new century. However, he did not become another criminal though he was very close. The Street taught him how to choose the way and keep it real. Being told how to act in that game Denis never took the actual place or it was never proved though many of his friends did and that is the reason why some people still consider him an activist of one or another gang set.

The first expression of Hip Hop came with songs of Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm and Funkdoobiest when Denis was ten years old, that expression was reanalyzed and lasts still. Now Rap occupies a special place in his life. The experience of youth he delivers in lyrics.

Comparing life in Europe and the US with Russia, Denis finds no big difference. The Street is something that lasts still no matter where you are. If you were banged in LA just know the same thing could happen to you in Moscow or wherever in the whole world. Life is not proof but death is – that is the message.