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Hey together,

the most time I'm working at the german platform of Wikipedia, there I use the same nickname since 2007. I won't use Wikimedia that much, only for uploading files to use in Wikipedia. I also have an Global Account, you find information about that right there!

Until January 2013 I uploaded following files:

Infotafel Barmen Werth.jpg Info panel on a pedestrian street

Karte.png All the countries I visited up to now

Ruhmeshalle Barmen Rückbau.jpg One side of a historic building in Wuppertal

100px A football magazine, published before UEFA Euro 2012

Hafenstrasse Osttribuene.jpg The eastern tribune of Georg-Melches-Stadium in Essen, GER

Hafenstrasse Suedtribuene.jpg The southern tribune of the same stadium

Doenberg Winterbergerweg.jpg View from from Donberg at Winterberg (both Wuppertal)

Doenberg Fettenberg.jpg View from Donberg at Fettenberg

Bengalisches Feuer Dortmund.jpg Pyrotechnic flares in Dortmund, GER

Dortmund Südtribuene.jpg Dortmund's Südtribüne while match vs Dresden

ThierG Blick hoch.jpg Inside Thier Galerie in Dortmund, GER

Blombachtalbrücke Kastenberg.jpg View from Kastenberg at Blombachtalbrücke

Blombachtalbrücke Blick.jpg View from Blombachtalbrücke in northern direction

Barmer Anlagen.jpg A part of 'Barmer Anlagen'-park in Wuppertal, GER

Blick auf Barmen.jpg View at Wuppertal-Barmen

Uferstrasse20 weiss.JPG A villa next to suspension railway in Wuppertal

Brauerei Bremme neu.JPG An old brewery in Wuppertal and its new use as a super market

Kirchturm Gemarker Kirche.jpg Front of a church in Wuppertal

Wegweiser Partnerstädte.jpg Sign with all the twin towns of Wuppertal in front of the city hall

Barmer Ruhmeshalle 2012.JPG "Ruhmeshalle" in Wuppertal nowadays

Alter Markt Wuppertal Platz.JPG A central place of a market in Wuppertal-Barmen

BUW Windraeder.JPG Wind turbines at the main campus of University Wuppertal

BUW Haus B.JPG House B of University Wuppertal

BUW Mensa Trakt.JPG House ME with dining hall of University Wuppertal

BUW Bib Nord.JPG Northern side of academic library in Wuppertal

BUW Bib Sued.JPG Southern side of same library

BUW Trakt Nord.JPG Nothern part of University Wuppertal

BUW Trakt K.jpg Houses K and I of same university