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About Me[edit]

Hi, I'm Jean-Christophe Destailleur. I live in France and hugely enjoy the beautiful landscape and views.

I started with photography when i was a kid, with a Polaroid camera. Like many people, my first subjects were landscapes and architectural monuments. Over the years i had a lot of experience in all types of photographic aspects, and my specialities now include Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Corporate, Commercial and Advertising photography.

In 2004 i decided to concentrate on Fine-art nudes as it proved to be the most difficult of photography challenges. In 2007 i switched to the digital world and most photos you can see now are taken with a Nikon FX-format.

I see Wikipedia as a great resource, possibly the greatest resource on the web. I give my pictures to Wikipedia (and the commons) because I want to give something that will help people see the beauty of the human body.

Of course I appreciate being attributed if you do use my pictures.

Thanks for viewing my page !

My interests[edit]

...include but aren't limited to: Portrait, Boudoir and Fine-Art nudes

Please message me if you've got any questions or requests.


Jean-Christophe Destailleur

Some of my Images[edit]

Fine artistic nude with angel wings
Artistic Nude
Artistic Nude