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Recursive hair! I'll get an actual face shot in here soon.

Sophia Lafergola


I'm a twenty five year old Bioinformatics student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I graduated from Hudson Valley Community College in 2005 with an Associates of Science in Biotechnology and enrolled into RIT afterwards. I am currently working on a dual degree, a BS/MS in Bioinformatics and will most likely graduate in 2010 with both degrees. I've expanded into a little bit of game design this spring but I can't share more details until after our release date. I'm a generally cheerful and bubbly girl, not to mention very geeky, whose hobbies include abstract and surreal art, writing, D&D, videogames and programming (yes, I actually like programming, gasp and horror).

Project Work
Please check out my wikibooks profile for my wikibooks project work