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Copyright information for Photographs Taken by Jonathan Zander[edit]

This page regards Pictures taken by User:Digon3 (Jonathan Zander) Rights relate to pictures tagged with the template found here

Rights Retained
By publishing my work on wikipedia I lose some rights that I would have had to that piece of creative property. I retain some (most) of the rights to these pieces. Under the Creative Commons 2.5 attribution license, one is allowed to distribute and modify the work provided that it is released under that license and provided that the author, me, Jonathan Zander, is attributed in the way specified by the author, me, Jonathan Zander.

The attribution relates to any of my photos with licenses where attribution is required.

Attribution on my CC-BY-SA-2.5 works must be as follows:

  1. All portions of the attribution credit must be near the area of the photograph, etc.
  2. Read: Photograph by Jonathan Zander
  3. A copy of the attribution 2.5 license or link to the Creative Commons website must appear with the photograph, etc. in a way that it is easily visable.
  • These rules do not apply to the wikimedia foundation.

Buying rights
If all this sounds a bit crazy, email me. If you do not want to use attribution, I am happy to sell partial or commercial to any of my photographs at reasonable prices. I simply don't want my donations being exploited. You can also leave a message on my talk page. Thanks.