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Cinder Cone at Lassen Volcanic National Park.jpg

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My name is Dimitri and I go by the global username DimiTalen. I am a student in the Humanities from Belgium. I am also a user and editor at the Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Dutch-language Wikipedia, where I work on articles concerning the California and the United States. I have been sporadically uploading pictures since 2006 and have now made some more serious photo contributions. For more information on my former uploading habits, see the About section.

About my uploads[edit]

I have uploaded pictures in three phases:

  1. Jun 2005 - Feb 2007: Uploading to Wikipedia NL, using this account. Uploads from this period have been moved to Commons by a bot.
  2. Aug 2006 - Nov 2011: Uploading to Commons, using the DimiCalifornia account.
  3. Dec 2011 - present: Uploading to Commons, using my current global account.

Furthermore, there are a number of pictures and drawings of mine from my Flickr profile that were uploaded by other users. The total of my pictures (those made by me) are collected in this category.


Newest files first. Uploads of images from the English Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons are not included in this overview, neither are images from Flickr or elsewhere.

Other files (not self-uploaded)[edit]

These files are made by me, but were uploaded by other users from my Flickr page, for example.