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Hi. I am Dinesh Kannambadi. I was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. I am a microchip designer (microprocessor) and an Electronics Engineer by education. The surname Kannambadi is from "AneKannambadi" in Hassan district from where my ancestors hail. I am a U.S citizen and have been living in the U.S.A. since 1988 when I left India for graduate studies. My interests are History (especially of Karnataka and Kannada language), Wildlife Photography, birding (including educating myself about habitats, animal behaviour etc). Travelling the back roads of Karnataka, exploring well known and lesser known temples, understanding the various architectural styles, sculptural details and history of the kingdoms that originated there, soaking in the culture and talking to locals are favourite hobbies. I have travelled to most of the wildlife sanctuaries in Southern Karnataka and in East Africa in persuit of wildlife. Currently number of species of birds I have spotted is about 375 and the number of species of mammals exceeds 50 and growing. While in the U.S. I spend time birding and reading history books I purchased in India.