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About my being here[edit]


Okay, I'm not the world's greatest photographer. I've uploaded some shots I've taken to make them available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

On occasions it may be so I can use in an article I wish to contribute to.

I understand with time it is likely others will be able to replace it with a better image and I welcome people to do so.

Sometimes I will find a better image has already been contributed to the public domain. Actually I have got someone to be a little better at understand licensing and bringing in images from other sources such as older books. I try to understand and applying licensing stuff correctly.

I feel I may occasionally need to add categories or information to someone elses image if I find that image could do with (re)categorization or additional information. But that is not generally my mission (Unless separating Bracklesham from East Wittering for example).

If you think I've done something stupid it is likely unintentional and please let me know to discuss and reach consensus,

I have alternative accounts Djm-mobile & bigddelboy and while they I wouldn't normally use them on Commons it can happen (usually by mistake).

(Late declaration): I also have an alternative account Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga, used predominately in relation to Irish language articles on the Irish Wikipedia. I had originally not planned to use on commons, but decided it was a convenient way to add a group of Ireland-related Flickr photo's while tracking through my previous uploads to add positioning information, which made sense up to the point where I've been unable to resist suspending the location co-ordinates process to add new uploads of my own images.


Devices I use/have used for images can include E7i, J6, sx240, ixus275, 60D, 20D ... (the last 2 currently rare) and its possible something else will come out the woodwork especially if I did out some earlier images.

June 2022[edit]

I am indefinitely blocked on the English Wikipedia however have continued to contribute to Commons. I may at some point move away from loading to Commons and generally switch to Flickr, Geograph or whatever while leaving a CC-BY-SA license for own images, inherited images, images bought with copyright provenance etc., etc. However I need to plan what I want to do any why, and am in general remaining in commons at least for present. With uploaded commons images there is often a fair bit of work with selection and pre-load processing. It is also the case I am putting effort to negative scanning (and cataloging) which is not showing here yet. With originals there is also the question of stewardship of fragile materials, its not simply a question of editing out spelling mistakes. In general I am concentrating on:

  • categorising/diffusing Geographbot uploads to local targets: In particular cats Havant, Chichester are under control, Borough of Havant is next main target. At some point a names review might be needed, but in general the grouping should mean things are more manageable. I have been working on adding position data to my own images that I have uploaded ... I had planned to do that prior to uploading any more images but I have a large number of (pending) uploads to work with (far fewer will actually result in an upload), and I'd feel uncomfortable with leaving those longer. That said I might return to small batches of categorisation & position additions to previous uploads if I am too brian dead to do anything else.