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User 👥 Talk 💬 Chinese cash coins 🀄 French Indo-Chinese banknotes 💴 Chinese charms, amulets, and talismans 🪙 Nguyễn Dynasty documents 📜 Numismatic books 📚 Weird stuff 😵 Articles 📝 Links 🔗
Trung Quoc Don - 徵國單
Ch'i Kuk-Sŏn - Chō Kokutan
Hello 👋🏻, my name is Donald Trung (chữ Hán: 徵國單), and I am here mostly to upload pictures 📷 of coins and paper money 💴. 😉 I collect coins and banknotes from all over the world 🗺 but take a special interest in those from the Far-East. 🌏
I have a Trungfession to make, I really love 💘 seeing the pictures 📷 I upload here on Wikipedia, however that doesn't mean that I would replace a picture superior to mine, or that I would insert a picture 📷 I perceive as inferior in an article. I mostly stumble upon them in articles I have little prior interest in, and I rarely am the one to actually put them in Wikipedia. 😅 (update: Or I will look for subjects in Wikipedia and take pictures specifically for the articles. 📸)
Generally speaking I will actively look for items, objects, places, and companies that already have Wikipedia articles but don't have an image and will take a photograph of them, however I am limited by my geography and will only realistically look for what I can find. I will occasionally help with categorising items here on Wikimedia Commons, but when I create a new category it's usually for photographs that I will upload myself. I have seen pictures I’ve uploaded with previous accounts used outside of Wikimedia projects such as in Indian, Finnish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, and American newspapers 📰, used on websites for local projects and even a charity. Reusing my content doesn't require my permission, but it would be most kind to inform me when you do (you know, for bragging rights ).
If you want to use my pictures 📷 then you can attribute them as "Donald Trung Quoc Don (徵國單) / Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0", this is the license only for the pictures I took, those I uploaded that were taken by other people have their own respective licenses..
If you want me to take a picture 📷 of something just ask. 😉🖼


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Sample images[edit]

Wikimedia Commons contest awards[edit]

Chữ Nôm quote[edit]

"You are not able to read Chữ Nôm unless you can understand Chữ Hán" is as ridiculous as "You cannot understand 'len', 'ô tô' or 'cà phê' unless you are able to speak French".

- 成員:SaigonSarang - 𣈜9𣎃1𢆥2015 - Vinawiki (韋那威箕).

A joke about a Confucian scholar[edit]

There is a Confucian scholar from the countryside, who only recently decided to learn Latin script. Being proud of being such an innovative thinker, he went to the provincial capital to see if they have a job for him. Suddenly he felt the urge to urinate, but he doesn't know what to do. He then happened to see a wall surrounding a clean whitewashed office, on the wall he can clearly see 4 (four) words written on them in Latin script. The Confucian scholar felt so relieved that he immediately pulled his trousers down and started peeing at the bottom of the wall. Suddenly a policeman (Người cảnh binh) came to arrest him. The Confucian scholar said: "Why punish me? I clearly read the four (4) words "Đái được không cấm" (Urinating is not forbidden)." The policeman then replied with "You're wrong. Latin script is read from left-to-right. It is not read like Chinese characters which are written right-to-left. These four (4) words are read "Cấm không được đái" (It is forbidden to urinate)!".

(Có thày đồ nho ở quê, mới học được chữ Quốc ngữ, tự hãnh diện là mình tư duy đổi mới. Thày ra tỉnh có việc. Gặp lúc thày mót tiểu tiện, loay hoay không biết làm sao. Tình cờ thấy có bức tường bao quanh một công sở quét vôi sạch sẽ, trên đề bốn chữ Quốc ngữ. Thày mừng quá, vạch quần ra đái ngay dưới chân tường. Có người cảnh binh đến bắt phạt. Thày bảo : « Sao lại phạt ? Tôi đọc rõ ràng bốn chữ « đái được không cấm ». Người cảnh binh trả lời: « Ông nhầm rồi. Chữ quốc ngữ đọc từ trái sang phải. Không phải là chữ Nho, mà đọc từ phải sang trái. Bốn chữ này là “cấm không được đái” đấy!».).

Huichang Kaiyuan Tongbao cash coins aren't considered "Arhat money" (羅漢錢)[edit]

  • Huichang Kaiyuan Tongbao: I also destroyed Buddha statues and was cast from them. Why can’t I be called Arhat money?!
    • o(≧口≦)o
  • Zhouyuan Tongbao: Because I am beautiful.
    • ╮(╯▽╰)╭
  • Huichang Kaiyuan Tongbao: Bastard.
    • (*  ̄︿ ̄)
  • Kangxi Arhat money: I didn’t use Buddha statues to be cast, and I'm also called Arhat money.
    • Hi~ o(*~▽~*)ブ
  • Huichang Kaiyuan Tongbao: Get lost! *flips table*
    • (╯' - ')╯︵ ┻━┻

- Talking about the "medicinal value" of ancient Chinese coins - Reynard (2018-03-12 14:56:38).

Mandarin Chinese
  • 會昌開元通寶:我也是毀佛像鑄的,為啥我不能叫羅漢錢?
    • o(≧口≦)o
  • 周元通寶:因為我長得美
    • ╮(╯▽╰)╭
  • 會昌開元通寶:混蛋
    • (*  ̄︿ ̄)
  • 康熙羅漢錢:我沒用佛像鑄,也叫羅漢錢哎
    • Hi~ o(*~▽~*)ブ
  • 會昌開元通寶:滾! 掀桌
    • (╯' - ')╯︵ ┻━┻

- 閒談中國古錢幣的“藥用價值” - Reynard (2018-03-12 14:56:38).

Original "mission" on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Explaining my reasoning behind my Wikipedian expansions and how it relates to my “mission” here on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

See also: User:Donald Trung/Defunct websites on Oriental numismatics (and why it’s important to import images to Wikimedia Commons).
The type of picture 📷 Wikimedia Commons is missing… although ironically the example I use are Northern Song dynasty coins which Wikimedia Commons DOES have enough of. 😅

Primal Trek (primaltrek) by Gary Ashkenazy (גארי אשכנזי )[edit]

In response to what's written below I had acted hostile towards Beetstra, I see that my response wasn't how I should have handled it and apologised. I preserve what's written below for historical value.

When I plan on retiring from Wikimedia Commons[edit]

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