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Trung Quoc Don - 徵國單
Ch'i Kuk-Sŏn - Chō Kokutan
Hello 👋🏻, my name is Donald Trung (chữ Hán: 徵國單), and I am here mostly to upload pictures 📷 of coins and paper money 💴. 😉 I collect coins and banknotes from all over the world 🗺 but take a special interest in those from the Far-East. 🌏
I have a Trungfession to make, I really love 💘 seeing the pictures 📷 I upload here on Wikipedia, however that doesn't mean that I would replace a picture superior to mine, or that I would insert a picture 📷 I perceive as inferior in an article. I mostly stumble upon them in articles I have little prior interest in, and I rarely am the one to actually put them in Wikipedia. 😅 (update: Or I will look for subjects in Wikipedia and take pictures specifically for the articles. 📸)
Generally speaking I will actively look for items, objects, places, and companies that already have Wikipedia articles but don't have an image and will take a photograph of them, however I am limited by my geography and will only realistically look for what I can find. I will occasionally help with categorising items here on Wikimedia Commons, but when I create a new category it's usually for photographs that I will upload myself. I have seen pictures I’ve uploaded with previous accounts used outside of Wikimedia projects such as in Indian, Finnish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, and American newspapers 📰, used on websites for local projects and even a charity. Reusing my content doesn't require my permission, but it would be most kind to inform me when you do (you know, for bragging rights Face-wink.svg).
If you want to use my pictures 📷 then you can attribute them as "Donald Trung Quoc Don (徵國單) / Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0", this is the license only for the pictures I took, those I uploaded that were taken by other people have their own respective licenses..
If you want me to take a picture 📷 of something just ask. 😉🖼
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Explaining my reasoning behind my Wikipedian expansions and how it relates to my “mission” here on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

System-search.svgSee also: User:Donald Trung/Defunct websites on Oriental numismatics (and why it’s important to import images to Wikimedia Commons).
The type of picture 📷 Wikimedia Commons is missing… although ironically the example I use are Northern Song dynasty coins which Wikimedia Commons DOES have enough of. 😅

Primal Trek (primaltrek) by Gary Ashkenazy (גארי אשכנזי )[edit]

In response to what's written below I had acted hostile towards Beetstra, I see that my response wasn't how I should have handled it and apologised. I preserve what's written below for historical value.

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