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Best to contact me at my Wikipedia Talk page: User talk:Doncram

Doncram is a Wikipedia Commons user who has posted photos of historic sites in the United States, from HABS or taken by self.

Copyright of National Park Service website photos[edit]

Copyright of photos in the U.S. National Park Service webpages are especially difficult to interpret. Specifically all photos within their PDF Focus system, both public domain and non-public domain ones are labelled by a known, general system error as "Public domain".This error in labelling has been specifically acknowledged in correspondence multiple times. See Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places#some but not all National Park Service photos are public domain. The actual policy is this disclaimer, which states "Not all information on this website has been created or is owned by the NPS. If you wish to use any non-NPS material, you must seek permission directly from the owning (or holding) sources." Their own mislabelling does not change the status of copyrighted photos which they display.

Posted at Commons:Licensing#Works by the US Government. Doncram (talk) 04:35, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

Requesting category moves (renames)[edit]

Relating to my request and discussion at bottom of Commons:Help_desk page (permalink): In cases where you want to move all of the content of a category, use CommonsDelinker. As a non-admin, you can put in requests at User talk:CommonsDelinker. This will even move category itself, and moves both subcats and files. Only two provisos

  • If (as in some of these cases) you want to move to a category name that is currently a soft or hard redirect, delete the redirect first.
  • Use this only for changes that should be uncontroversial.
Unless I'm mistaken, as a filemover, you can't delete the category redirects. (User:Jmabel offered to delete such when pinged.)
IMHO the instructions at User talk:CommonsDelinker and at linked pages are terse, including that they presume a requestor knows a "move" is a "rename" and also what Commons DeLinker does. At the first page I didn't see any mention of a "category move" there. I see now that I could have gone from there to find instructions for a "category rename", and that it amounts to making a bot request by putting, on the talk page of the category I want moved [I think, or maybe at the User talk:CommonsDelinker page?], a filled-out version of the template {{move cat|Old name|New name|3=Explanation|user=Your username}} I think it's not clearly stated that a category rename request has the effect of getting all the contents recategorized. I dunno if it has the effect of updating Wikidata (and don't care really). Keeping this for future reference.

Filemover actions[edit]

1. File:Southern_Song_Bodhisattva_Head_(22225570420).jpg: I denied request at first as naming was "Bodhisattva" not "Buddha" in source for file but opened discussion, continuing, at User_talk:Invokingvajras#about_rename_of_File:Southern_Song_Bodhisattva_Head_(22225570420).jpg.

2. File:Western Maryland Railway Steam Locomotive No. 205.jpg should be renamed to use "202" not "205". But there's pic at File:Western Maryland Railway Steam Locomotive No. 202.jpg. So is first a duplicate that should be deleted? No..., but in fact there are 8 photos in Category:Western Maryland 202 which should be renamed. 9 pics of same unit 202 got assigned increasing numbers 202, 203, ... 210 in uploading apparently. --Doncram (talk) 23:40, 18 August 2022 (UTC)

category:Quail Lake, California

this rename of an Odd Fellows building file to fix a typo, June 2023

Photos by Doncram[edit]

Special:ListFiles?limit=50&user=Doncram Photos and any other files uploaded by Doncram. Or this.

Doncram photos include all in contributions, including some or all photos in:

Plus certain ones uploaded while not logged in, including:

See also: