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In addition to the photos I've contributed to commons, I have geolocated or corrected the gelocation of hundreds of photos contributed by others using the Teslaton Geolocator.

Photo Gallery[edit]

The following are original photos I took and contributed.

B'nai Jacob Synagogue (Ottumwa, Iowa)[edit]

Ned Ashton House[edit]

Electronic Voting[edit]





Other nature photography[edit]


Odds and Ends[edit]

Miscellaneous Technology[edit]

Computers and Electronics[edit]

Historical Photos and Documents[edit]

The following are generally older documents I have imported into commons from a variety of sources. In most cases, I did some work on them to bring them forward, cleaning up spots, moving captions, and sometimes adding color to bring out detail. In several cases, I have combined multiple scans of the same image published in different sources in order to create a version that more closely reflects the original than any of the publications in which it was found.

Historic Mining Photos[edit]

Historic Coal Mine Maps and Plans[edit]

Chicago Tunnel Company[edit]

Odds and Ends[edit]

Photos by Lawrence W. Jones[edit]

Photos by Lawrence W. Jones are indexed here.