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  • Parts of the Pywikipediabot repertory, jobs and own tasks like following special functions:
    • Content-based Categorization (successful runs)
    • (later may be SubsterBot also...)

Content-based Categorization: I do crawl all old uncategorized files and try to classify them with help of OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) and other libraries. For more information look at User:DrTrigonBot/doc. See User:DrTrigon/User:DrTrigonBot/logging for logs. Special thanks to Multichill for the initial concept, Rillke for the template equipped with js and DaB for installing all needed libraries on the TS (all did a tremendous job).

SubsterBot: I do edits on selected pages whenever they are needed and add text from arbitrary sources (confer also {{User:DrTrigonBot/Subster|...}}). The mechanism for text placement was inspired by User:MerlBot.

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